October 15, 2022

5 Benefits of Video Conferencing for Business Setups with Large Customer Bases

Building a large customer base is every business goal. But, the real issue arises after having a solid customer base. Most businesses struggle to manage customer information when they have many customers. 

But a video conferencing solution can help with it. Still, not many people know the benefits of video conferencing for business setups with a large customer base. 

Today, many video conferencing software comes with mini CRM systems. It enables businesses to manage customer databases and access the correct information on time.

Can video conferencing actually help with customer data management?

Well, it can. But, if you have any doubts, follow this guide to know how video conferencing can benefit customer data management.

What is a Customer Base?

A customer base is a group of people who often buy your products or services. These people are highly interested in your business. As a result, they help increase your company's sales and profits.


It is important to identify your core customer base to improve your sales. Knowing your potential customers, you can create personalized marketing strategies to attract new customers. 

Moreover, you can build a better customer experience to retain your existing customers. To understand your customer base, you must collect data from different sources. 

The data sets can help you understand the behavior of each customer. This way, you can recognize the customer base that brings more revenue. As a result, you can target those potential customer bases and grow your business.

How Large Businesses Struggle to Manage Customer Databases?

The customer database is the decision-making point for marketing and sales teams. Marketers and salespeople use customer data and analytics to design personalized solutions.

Customer database


But, organizing and managing a large customer base is not a simple task. According to a report, 84% of CEOs are concerned about their data. 

Thus, if you are also struggling to manage your customer databases, resulting in poor customer service. In that case, you need to understand what the challenges are with customer database management. 

Most large companies with solid client bases struggle to manage data due to the following reasons:

Filling the data gaps

Omnichannel interaction has made it easy for customers to communicate with brands. But, it has created a data management issue for businesses. 

Customers use various channels to interact with businesses, creating a gap between data sets. As a result, it's a challenge for businesses to fill the data gap and create a proper database for individual customers. 

Suppose a customer connected with your agents through live messaging. But, in between the conversation, they switch to video calling. Now, the challenge is to streamline information shared across both channels. 

And that’s only possible when you have a centralized database management solution.

Keeping data fresh

Customer preferences are always changing. For example, 75% of consumers shopped from different brands and used new methods during the pandemic. 

So, when your customers' preferences change, you cannot rely upon the old data. Instead, you need a constant supply of fresh databases to improve customer experience. 

So, the challenge for large companies is to update their database regularly. They need to interact with customers and update their preferences in real time. 

It is easy to do when you have a few hundred customers. But when you are talking about billions of customers, things are different. 

You cannot communicate and update the customer database in real-time. So, companies need an automatic system to record and store customer information for easy access.

Incorrect data

Incorrect data is a huge hindrance for businesses. As a result, some large companies outsource customer databases from lead generation companies. 

This can save them time in collecting their customer data. But, the authenticity of the data is questionable in this case. 

Foremost, outsourcing companies can't understand your business needs and core customer base the way you do. Plus, you cannot check the quality of every data set. 

Thus, businesses need to collect data from authentic sources. There is no authentic source other than your customer itself. 

So, businesses have to communicate with individual customers and get feedback from them. It is the only way to ensure the quality of your customer database.

Lack of insightful data

Another problem that large companies face while managing databases is a lack of insight. As customer data is collected from different sources, businesses don’t get a horizontal view of the customer database. 

This limits sales and marketing teams from producing personalized strategies. They don’t get a clear customer preferences view. 

This lack of insight can limit businesses from producing customer-centric solutions. As a result, it can further restrict your business growth. 

Inability to access information 

Inaccurate and lack of insight can make it difficult to find the right information. When you can’t access the right customer information, it is impossible to deliver a personalized customer experience. 

You need a solution that can not only organize your customer database. But it can also help you access the right information on time. 

Once again, a centralized data management solution is essential for large companies.

Benefits of Video Conferencing for Business Setups That Struggle to Manage Customer Databases 

As you can see, customer database management is a complex process for large companies. But, exploring the benefits of video conferencing for business setups, you can see that customer database management is easy. 

manage customer data


All you need is a video conferencing system with CRM features. This dual combination can help you update your database. It can also provide you with analytical insight and easy access to information. You can better produce customer-specific solutions with these tools.

Here are the benefits of video conferencing for business organizations to better manage their customer base:

1. Well-organized customer database

Using video conferencing software, you can better organize your customer database. For example, the software allows you to store information related to one customer under its name. 

This allows your team members to access the right information about a customer with one click. Moreover, they don’t need to get third-party cloud storage services. This one software can manage and store entire customer information. It is a perfect feature for remote teams. 

2. Data accuracy 

Video conferencing solutions can help you determine data accuracy. For example, your team members can schedule video meetings with potential clients. They can record those meetings and store them within the software. This can help them ensure that the customer database is always updated. 

They can use those recordings to create marketing and sales strategies. Furthermore, customers can share feedback through contact forms and live chatting.

3. Streamline data flow

The best thing about video conferencing software is that it can streamline your customer data flow. Advanced video calling software includes integrated messaging, contact forms, and other features. 

This allows businesses to collect customer data through different channels. Moreover, since all the channels are integrated with a platform, it stores customer information under the proper heads. 

This way, you don’t have to transfer customer data manually. Instead, you can collect information using various channels, and it will automatically collaborate under one head. 

It can empower agents to provide personalized sales pitches. In the same way, customer support teams can provide faster services when they have streamlined customer data.

4. Improve customer relationships

A well-organized database can help you improve relationships with your customers. For example, you can resolve individual customers' queries faster. 

This can enable you to offer around-the-clock services to your customers. 

For example, sales agents can access customer information during video calls. It enables them to provide the right solution to customers. 

They can also share the media files and other related documents during the call. Agents can further take notes based on customer feedback.

All this can help to improve customer satisfaction. Moreover, it can help you build a personal relationship with your customers. You can also build a loyal customer base with proper data.

5. Target the hot accounts

All the leads that walk into your sales pipeline are not equal. Some leads require more nurturing than others to become your paying customers. 

With the customer relationship management solution, you can target the hot accounts. The accounts which are ready to convert into your customers. 

This happens with the support of analytical data software. For instance, you can integrate your video conferencing software with Google Analytics. 

It can help you understand the behavior of your web visitors. 

This allows you to manage your leads based on their conversion readiness. For example, a lead on your pricing page is more likely to convert faster than a lead on your homepage. 

With video conferencing support, you can book appointments with your potential customers. Further, you can use screen sharing and 3-D sense-like features to nurture those leads. Focusing on hot accounts can improve your sales rate. 

It can also reduce the sales cycle, and you have to make fewer efforts to convert a lead. 

The Best Video Conferencing for Businesses to Manage a Customer Base: Consolto

Now that you have explored the benefits of video conferencing for business organizations to manage their customer base. You must be looking for the best video conferencing software with CRM support. 

You don’t need to look anywhere else because we have a perfect solution for you. Consolto is a dedicated solution for large businesses to manage their customer base.


It is a complete video conferencing solution with mini CRM features. In addition, this software can manage all your customer databases under their respective names. 

Your team can click on the customer name, and they can see all the interactions taking place between customers and your agents. It records the media files and audio notes shared between your team and the customer. 

You can also view all the appointments scheduled with clients. Besides this, the software allows you to:

  • Manage guest users on your website to convert them into paying customers. 
  • Record chat history to make wise decisions to nurture potential clients. 
  • Multiple agents can access customer data and deliver real-time solutions. 
  • Automatic data transfer between different channels. Meeting recordings or contact form details for a customer get stored in a place. There is no need to transfer or get data from various locations. 
  • Custom styling options to organize clients' data. For example, you can use different colors for customers to distinguish their profiles. 
consolto analytics

Consolto is not only great for customer base management. It is also an amazing communication tool. You can embed the Consolto plugin on your website and let customers interact with your agents through a widget. 

It also has screen-sharing and payment-receiving features. You can integrate this software with solutions like PayPal, Stripe, Webhooks, and more.

This is a perfect solution to build relationships with your customers. Almost every business organization can benefit from this tool. For example, legal services, realtors, and other service sectors can use this software.

So, if you want to manage your customers, you must give this software a try. 

Benefits of Video Conferencing for Business: Conclusion

The benefits of video conferencing for business organizations are phenomenal. It can help you manage your customer database to provide a personalized experience to your existing customers. 

This strategy can help you retain your loyal customers and attract new ones. But, you need to find the best software to gain full benefit from video conferencing solutions. The software must have an integrated CRM solution to manage your customer information.

In short, you need Consolto. It is one of the rarest video conferencing solutions with a customer support system. The software has a simple CRM system to manage your customer information and data. 

You can communicate with your customers and record their details within one dashboard. So it cannot only save you time. But also save money as you don’t need the different data management and communication tools.

This awesome tool is available for $8.2 per month. You can also try our 7-day free trial. For more details, you can contact our team anytime.

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