What are the benefits of an appointment scheduling app for small businesses?
What are the benefits of an appointment scheduling app for small businesses?


There are a variety of appointments you'll encounter in life and business. Be it a job interview, an appointment with the doctor, or a business meeting. 

An online appointment scheduler system can help you achieve critical goals. Such as improving punctuality and planning. 

When it comes to small business appointment scheduling apps.

Customers should be able to schedule appointments without speaking to anyone in your company. The software should allow customers to queue remotely via messages, websites, etc.

Appointments are a successful method to improve CX. Many businesses are adapting to meet the demands of customers. As a result, the market for scheduling software is increasing.


What are the features you should look for in Appointment scheduling software?

Businesses can use the app scheduling software to automate. It is used to schedule meetings.

Some of the benefits you can expect from such solutions are as follows:


Online appointment schedule

Reduce no-shows by making cancellations and rescheduling simple for your customers.


Access via multiple channels

Businesses must be able to provide access through many channels. Such as Face to Face, video chat, live chat, or the app. Customers choose virtual media as the most preferred channel to book an appointment.

Time slot and period

Set time slots that limit how many appointments can be scheduled in a day.

Set Reminder

The software should allow users to set up reminders for upcoming appointments. Also, send reminders if any changes are being made to the scheduled appointments. Thus keeping the clients informed.

Calendar view of appointments

View all scheduled appointments in calendar or list mode. The calendar view will give a clear picture and displays a list of all bookings.


What are the top benefits of an Appointment scheduling App for small businesses?

Having trouble creating a business case for appointments? This post can help!

Empowers your customer and employees

Customers can book appointments all day, seven days a week. The software allows them to schedule and update appointments via web-based systems easily. 

It also allows clients to meet at a time and location that suits them best. This gives your customers complete control over the booking process.

Employees can prepare for future appointments with detailed customer information. 

This enables your employees to understand their customers' specific preferences. Thus, allowing them to build stronger relationships. It also saves employees from spending time on booking, rescheduling, and canceling appointments.


Seamless CX with scheduling

Customer experience must be broadly viewed. It is the customer's journey across all touchpoints. And not only about what happens in-store, online, app, or on social media. There are various ways for your brands to exceed customer expectations.

Seamless integration of online and offline channels can help customers to schedule. It also allows them to receive personalized services.


Increase in ROI(Return on Investment)

Businesses that use scheduling software often notice a rise in revenue. Even though there is an advancement in technology, customers still prefer human interaction. 

Appointments can ensure the attentiveness that they need. This also lays the groundwork for employees to develop deeper and consultative relationships. Such acts can lead to higher transaction volumes.

Employees will have an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell with access to customers' analytical data. Such as Purchase history, previous conversations, behavioral patterns, etc.

The statistics give an insight into personal shopping and a bank offering appointments.

  • According to reports by Forrester Consulting. A customer who schedules an appointment is 7 to 8 times more likely to spend than one who walks in.
  • When customers receive personalized shopping experiences. They are 110% more likely to add items to their baskets and spend 40% more than planned. According to the survey reports by Boston Consulting Group.
  • According to the reports by PwC. 64% of customers will engage more in services that provide in-person interaction.
  • According to reports by The Financial Brand. Banks that used appointment software saw 90% of people open accounts and add balances.


Increase in Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Customer satisfaction determines loyalty. Happy customers will not only return to do business with you. But they will display commitment and spread the word to their friends, families, and social media. 

Appointments shape customer experiences based on individual needs and preferences. Hence, your employees can connect with customers in a personalized and memorable way.

Appointment scheduling software enables you to provide personalized experiences. It also shows your customers that you care about their needs and preferences. Such compelling expertise through in-person and remote appointments can win customer loyalty.


Increases operational efficiency

You manage appointments manually of your company that has many locations, workforce, and time zones. Then you should definitely consider using appointment scheduling software. 

It will help you scale the appointment strategy to meet the needs of your business. Also, your employees will spend less time in the manual process of managing appointments.

With the scheduling software you can do the following:

  • Appointments will sync to their calendars
  • customers will be able to schedule at their convenience
  • Reschedule
  • Cancel appointments as and when needed. 

This automated scheduling is beneficial to both your customers and employees!

To ensure operational efficiency in small businesses. Keeping an eye on employee capacity is crucial. 

Maintaining a steady flow of appointments will keep your employees focused. And do their best to serve your customers. 

Appointment scheduling platforms like Consolto ensure you have access to robust analytics data. This will help in making informed decisions to improve business outcomes.


Exceed user expectations

In the wake of the pandemic, virtual chatbots have seen a downward trend. 

Customers crave a human-to-human connection. As a result, they are fulfilling personalized interactions. An online scheduling software solution will solve the wants and needs of customers.

It demonstrates the following about your business:

  • Your company values customers' specific requirements.
  • Giving control over their own experience.
  • Allowing them to schedule an appointment with you to get the expert advice they need.
  • Allowing current and prospective customers to do business with you on their terms.

All the above experiences will go a long way in the ever-competitive economy.

Appointment scheduling software requirements in small businesses and other industries 

Small Business

Regarding reservations or booking, most businesses cling to manual methods. Such as paperwork and phone calls. It is time for small businesses to take advantage of appointment scheduling software.

Following are the benefits:

  • Helps to boost sales and grow your business
  • Strengthening relations with existing customers paves the way for customer retention.
  • Keeps track of client information, thus broadening the consumer base.
  • For Small businesses that are facing severe budget constraints. A one-time investment in the software can cut the need to engage extra personnel.
  • It is beneficial for salons and restaurants to limit the number of people indoors.
  • Automated emails and SMS reminders to keep track of follow-up, cancellation, and reschedule.
  • Do you want to track the growth of a small business? The analytics dashboard then allows you to review your success metrics.


Health care Industry

Ever since the pandemic, the demand for healthcare services has been increasing. Patients seek healthcare facilities in hospitals, physicians, clinics, and holistic groups. 

Following are the benefits of the online appointment management system:

  • Booking vaccines and immunizations in hospitals.
  • Schedule Treatment, services, and appointments for patients.
  • Avoid Duplicate data entries about the same patient.
  • Easy and fast access to patient information in one place
  • It saves time and ensures that services are well coordinated.
  • A standard interface can help medical staff access information about a single patient.
  • Efficiently update, manage and save patient's case file.
  • Appointment software can be a savior to patients for follow-ups and routine check-ups.


Government Offices

Government work is a never-ending process; even the smallest mistake can cause chaos. Scheduling tools provide the best solution to this problem. The public sector can improve services by using online software. It streamlines the processes and simplifies business operations. 

Following are the benefits:

  • Scheduling enables government sectors to manage a large number of customers and bookings.
  • Scheduling software uses customer data to create patterns. In turn, it can predict what the citizen needs based on their past behavior.
  • The appointment scheduling system in government offices can reduce waiting in long lines. Hence, allowing officials to collect more data and improve customer service.
  • Increase your staff's productivity. Consolto scheduling software allows your employees to plan their day's availability. Also, manage any upcoming appointments.
  • An optimized calendar makes it easier for customers to understand your availability. As a result, they can make informed decisions, and staff can fill calendar gaps for walk-ins. 

Consolto - The best Appointment scheduling App for small businesses.

The software serves two purposes.

  • Allows customers to schedule appointments with your company
  • Allow you to schedule meetings with your peers and customers.

There's a mobile app too! It's simple and available on iOS and Android devices.

The desktop version can also be integrated into any website, such as Wix, WordPress, etc.


The appointment scheduling software is helpful in various industries, as discussed above. The app allows customers to book appointments without having to contact you. The appointment will then sync with both their calendar and yours. As customers book appointments, your schedule will update and reflect changes.

With Consolto, you can access your schedule in real-time. It allows you to add new and manage appointments and update your availability. In addition, you can set up notifications whenever a new booking is received. Thus ensuring that you never miss a beat.  

Consolto is a business-customer communication software that offers the following features (apart from Appointment scheduling): 

Live video conference fully integrated with the appointment scheduling feature.

Live chat that embeds on your website and the ClickNTalk page.

Website and conversion analytics

Dynamic contact forms

Screen sharing

File and image transfer

Voice Inbox for when it's more convenient to talk than type.


Advantages of Consolto Appointment scheduling App

  • Bi-directional appointment scheduling (you can organize appointments and your customers can send invitations to you)
  • Fully integrated with the live-chat and video-chat.
  • You and your employees will have an up-to-date appointment schedule.
  • Integrate Consolto into your company's website and social media and manage bookings.
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Overview dashboard
  • Friendly reminders that help eliminate no-shows.

Parting Thoughts

Appointments have become an essential strategy for transforming how businesses interact with their customers.

In the end, successful businesses make (and keep) their customers happy. Online appointment systems enable you to achieve a higher rate of successful bookings. This leads to more satisfied customers and higher profits for your business. 

As stated above, scheduling software has various advantages. 

The service allows businesses to establish a streamlined infrastructure. Thus, it is a must-have for any small and medium-sized enterprise.

Consolto widget is highly adaptable, scalable, and loaded with features.

You can Start your free trial with Consolto right now!

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