5 Best Business Video Conferencing Software to Provide Online Consulting Services
5 Best Business Video Conferencing Software to Provide Online Consulting Services


Are you looking for flexible career options? Do you want to become your own boss? Then, starting an online consultation business is the best option for you. 

But, before starting your digital consulting business, you must get the best business video conferencing software to help you provide the best services.

Due to the pandemic, today, many professionals have shifted to freelancing or independent working. A McKinsey report shows that 25% of people have switched careers after COVID-19. 

That means you are not the only one with the brilliant idea to become self dependent and start your own consulting business. 

Further, if you offer seamless online experience to your client, you can build a promising career. All you need is the best online solutions to attract more clients. 

And in this, the best business video conferencing software can help you a lot. Let’s scroll down and understand how you can offer the best online consulting services using video conferencing solutions.

Various Online Consulting Services You Can Offer

Before moving further, let’s understand what online consulting services you can offer. In general, the best option is to offer the service in an area that you are familiar with. 

It could be something related to your hobby, profession or qualification. It is better to offer services in the area that you have full knowledge of. That is because if your consultation is not up to the mark, no amount of good customer experience can grow your business.

Nevertheless, these are some in-demand consulting services that people take online:

Medical consulting 

Medical consulting services bloomed during the pandemic. When most medical professionals were busy treating COVID patients, it was getting problematic for other patients to find medical guidance. 

At that time, many medical professionals started offering online consulting services where they use video calls to attend patients. They look at patient’s medical reports and provide treatment over online calls to save them from a trip to hospital. 

Now, the pandemic might be under control. But, many people are still taking online medical services. 

So, if you are a medical professional, you can start your own website and give medical consultations to patients. 

Legal consulting

Lawyers and legal professionals can offer legal consulting services online. They can meet with potential clients and conduct virtual meetings with them. 

You can select a particular legal field and start offering virtual consultation to the client. For example, if you are familiar with immigration laws, you can start offering online immigration services.

Business consulting 

Business consultants offer all services to run and manage a business organization. If you have corporate experience, you can help other businesses better manage their operations. 

You can help new businesses to plan their budgets, reports and essential documents. You can also work as a consultant with running businesses to scale their operations. 

Overall, business consultants offer various solutions based on their client's requests.

Property consulting 

Are you a retailer? Or, have knowledge about the property market and investment? 

In that case, you can offer property consultation services to help your clients sell their properties at higher rates. You can also offer clients consultation on finding the higher listings, preparing property for open houses and more.

Challenges While Providing Online Consulting Services 

Running a consultation business is a technical and emotional job. You have to connect with your clients before offering your professional services to them. 

But, in a virtual environment, it is not easy to connect with new clients and gain their trust. So, it is a challenge for new consulting businesses to attract new clients. 

Besides this, online consultation services have many other challenges, such as:


Change in buyers' behavior 

Buyers preferences and behavior have changed a lot in the last few years. According to the report, 47% of consulting firms are struggling due to the change in buyers behavior. 

There’s no specific reason behind what is causing consulting consumers' behavior change. But, most experts hinted that personalization and social media presence has influenced consumers’ behavior. 

Today, consumers have experienced hyper personalized services from brands like Amazon and eBay. And now, they want a similar kind of experience from all their service providers, including consulting services. 

Besides this, the referral system has changed today. People don’t consult their friends before using a new service. Instead, they check online reviews. 

Thus, understanding and meeting buyers’ behaviors is a challenge for online businesses. 

Admin workload

There is a lot of paperwork involved in consulting businesses. You need to record each client information and important document to offer them personalized solutions. 

Moreover, you have to create invoices, manage appointments and more. For a single person, managing all that admin work is too much. On top of it, consultants have to update their skill sets and knowledge on the go. 

So, it is challenging for online consultants to manage their admin workload while offering the best class services.

Good customer experience 

A good customer experience is the secret of your successful business. Consultation businesses depend upon their clients' experiences. 

If your client doesn’t receive the best experience from you, they will not recommend your services to other people. Or worse, they might leave a negative online review. And, we all know a negative review can damage your entire business reputation. 

Now, good customer experience is not a rocket science. Your customer only wants two things — good products and people services. 

That means, you have to provide the best consulting solutions in your field and customer support system to get happy customers.

How Can the Best Business Video Conferencing Software Help You Provide Online Consultation Services?

In today's economic environment, online businesses are thriving. But, as you can see, running an online business is not a walk in the park. 

You have to overcome communication barriers and offer excellent experiences to your customers. It might seem hard to start an online consulting business. 

But, if you have the best business video conferencing software, you can start your business in no time. This software can help you connect with your potential clients and understand their problems. 

Further, you can offer face-to-face consulting services using video calls. Some video conferencing software also has a screen-sharing feature to offer better services.

Besides this, the best business video conferencing software can help online consultation businesses in the following ways: 


Helpful for trust building

Video conferencing software can help consultants to build trust among their potential clients. Face-to-face communication can help to understand clients’ problems better. 

You can use your facial expressions to convey your message to potential clients. Moreover, emails or phone calls are not a warm way to welcome a new client. 

Video calls help you use screen share, 3D-Sense, and many other features to explain your services to new clients.

Instant payment

Video conferencing software can also help to receive instant payment for your consulting services. The software integrated with payment methods like PayPal allow you to request payment after offering your consulting services. 

This can reduce your administrative workload of creating invoices and sending client reminders. You can receive on-the-spot payments with a click. 

Around-the-clock services

You can offer VIP treatment to your clients with video conferencing software. These software allow customers to make instant calls with you or your team members through your website. 

There is no need to book an advance appointment or download anything. Your clients can contact you any time with a video calling button. 

Moreover, live chat also helps clients to get quick updates or information from you. When your customers receive fast services, it helps to improve their experience. 

Virtual office space 

The best business video conferencing software is like your virtual office space. You can run your entire online consulting business from a place. 

You can conduct virtual meetings, record meetings and book appointments through this software. Further, you can store your clients information in a place. This way, you can find your clients information during video calls and offer personalized solutions to them. 

You can also use an analytical dashboard to monitor your employees' performance. You can check how many calls your employees made and how many leads they generated. 

In short, you don't need any other software to run your online consulting business. 

Never miss meetings

Virtual meetings are an important part of online consulting businesses. You need a system that can help your employees and clients to coordinate meeting schedules without any hassle. 

Video conferencing software comes with a dual directional scheduling system. It allows clients to book meetings through your site. Furthermore, your employees can use backend software to accept the appointment or reschedule it according to their schedule. 

This way, you can ensure that your employees and clients have seamless meeting schedules. 

Best Business Video Conferencing Software for Virtual Consultants

As you can see, the best business video conferencing software can help you run your entire online consulting business from a platform. Now, the next important question is which is the best video conferencing software for consulting professionals. 

There are several video conferencing software available in the market. But, the best software that meets all the requirements of online consulting businesses are:

1. Consolto

Consolto is a complete solution for consulting businesses. Whether you have a new online consulting business or established company, this software can help you grow with ease. 


It is a simple widget that you can install on your business website. Once the widget is active on your website, your potential clients can book virtual calls, live chat and book appointments from your website. 

Consolto has a simple backend side console to manage client databases, appointments, etc.  

The software is also integrated with several business tools and payment getaways. It helps online businesses to manage all their business operations without going anywhere else.

 There are so many other exciting video conferencing features that you will get with this tool, like: 

  • Screen sharing. 
  • Appointment booking. 
  • 3D sense. 
  • File sharing. 
  • Payment receiving. 
  • Live chat and more. 

2. BlueJeans

BlueJeans is a great video conferencing software if you are looking for an application. You can download this software on your computer and connect with your clients. 


Alt text: bluejeans 

But, if you want web-based video conferencing software to communicate with your potential clients, the software is not the best contender. It lacks web browser support for large participants. The lack of integrated appointment scheduling and the non-saved chats are also a downside of this software.

3. AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is the best video conferencing software option when it comes to screen sharing. It comes with an AI virtual assistant to transcribe your video meetings. 


It also has an innovative whiteboard to explain your solutions to your clients. But, the virtual web conferencing feature is additional. You have to get another software to provide web conferencing services to your clients. That can increase your budget. 

4. RingCentral Video

RingCentral Video is a big name in the video conference software industry. It has a nice free plan with support across several devices. 


Also, there is no need to install or set up an account to conduct meetings. The software is perfect for video conferencing and team collaborations.

 But, it lacks additional features that you need to run your online business like shared control, poor task management, etc. 

5. Google Meet

Do you run your consulting business on G suit? In that case, Google Meet is a nice option to integrate your workspace. 


This software can record your virtual meetings and save them in your Google Drive. For 1:1 client meetings, it's a nice alternative but it lacks the CRM with saved conversations. In addition, it doesn't provide a customer-facing appointment scheduling system similar to Calendly and Consolto. 

Just Grab Your Video Conferencing Software & Grow Your Online Consulting Business!

There you go, people! You just need to get the best business video conferencing software and start your online consulting business in no time. 

Above, you have seen the best video conferencing software that can help you run your online business. But, if you ask for a recommendation, Consolto is the best one in the list. 

This software is designed to help consulting businesses. It has screen sharing, meeting recording, data management and so many great features. 

You don’t need any other software to run your business with Consolto. Moreover, it is a cost-effective solution available for only $8.2 per month

So, book your 7-day trial today and grow online.

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