December 26, 2022

5 Best Scheduling Apps for Small Business Firms to Generate Leads

Lead generation is a crucial part of growing your business. 61% of marketers believe lead generation is the most challenging part of their job. 

It is hard to find qualified leads that can turn into your customers in the future. Plus, it is difficult to capture and engage the prospect's interest in this competitive market. 

But, the best scheduling apps for small business firms can help you generate leads. Scheduling software can help you attract, nurture and convert leads in real-time. 

Sounds interesting? 

So, without any delays, let’s check out the best scheduling apps for small business organizations to generate high-quality leads.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a process to attract prospective interest in your products and solutions. It involves several strategies that grab potential customers' attention, nurtures them throughout the sales cycle, and converts them. 

The lead generation process starts from awareness. Foremost, tell your potential customers about your products and services. To do so, you can use blogs, social media content, and other digital marketing methods. 

Once prospects are aware of your solution, they enter your sales pipeline. From there, the journey to move a lead to the bottom of your sales funnel begins. 

A lead generally moves through five stages before becoming your customer. The first stage is awareness, when you educate them about your solutions. 

Then comes the interest stage, where you draw prospects for your solution. After that, you can use informative content to help prospects evolve and engage with your services. 

Once you go through all these stages, a lead becomes your customer. This whole process is called lead generation. 

It is a long and complicated process that can make or break your business. Thus, marketers need to pay full attention to the lead generation process.

What Are The Most Common Lead Generation Challenges?

Do you know only 10% to 15% of leads turn into customers? Yes, after all your lead-generation efforts, you only end up with 10% of customers. It is heartbreaking, but it is what it is. 

Lead generation has several complex layers that many marketing experts need help resolving. As a result, they don’t get desired results from their lead generation efforts. 

Some of the common challenges that most marketing experts face while generating leads are:

Reaching leads on time

When you launch a marketing campaign to generate leads, you will get leads in bulk. As a result, it will take a lot of work for your small marketing team to reach out to each lead on time. 

As a result, you might lose potential leads ready to buy only if your agents can connect with them at the right time. 

So, the biggest lead generation challenge is to reach out to leads when they are still hot. The lead conversion rate gets higher when you connect with leads ready to buy your product.

Offering personal touch 

Today, every customer wants personalized services and products. They want brands to connect with them 101 before they purchase. 

It is impossible for a company with thousands of potential leads in its pipeline to connect with each one on a personal level. 

It requires a huge budget and sales workforce to offer personalized services to all prospects. 

Setting up meetings

The hardest part is finding the perfect time slot to book an appointment with your potential lead. 

It is challenging to find a perfect spot when your agents and leads are free to discuss the sales proposal. It is even harder with B2B leads because they are busy people with limited free time available. 

Thus, finding a suitable time to fix a physical or virtual meeting with potential clients for the sales team wastes a lot of time.

How Can Scheduling Software Help With Lead Generation?

Scheduling software is the perfect solution to overcome most lead generation challenges. The best scheduling apps for small business firms can simplify the lead generation process. In addition, it can help you connect with leads at the right time to convert them faster. 

Here’s how scheduling software can help you improve your lead-generation process: 

Real-time connect 

Scheduling software helps you connect with potential leads at the right time. For example, you can book an instant appointment with qualified leads before they turn cold. 

You can also prioritize leads based on their readiness level. For example, if a lead is ready to convert, you can book them first in your calendar. 

After that, you can move to leads that require more work before turning them into your customers. Then, when you connect with prospects at the right time, it will build relationships with them. 

Helps with nurturing 

Lead nurturing is a long and slow process. Your leads want to know about your business organization before becoming your customers. 

Scheduling software can help lead to booking appointments with the relevant agents. For example, to know the technical aspects of your solution, leads can schedule a meeting with your specialized agents. 

With the right information, your potential leads can make decisions faster. As a result, it can reduce your sales cycle. 

Reduce no-shows

The number one reason behind no-shows in meetings is that people forget to attend the meeting. In addition, it can disturb your sales agents' entire schedule and put behind your lead generation process. 

But, thanks to a scheduling software alerting system, no-shows are now a lesser issue. Most scheduling software sends multiple meeting reminders so attendees can clear up their schedules before the meeting. 

Moreover, scheduling tools can sync meetings with your integrated calendar application. This way, you will attend all-important client meetings.

Easy management 

Most business executives have to attend several meetings in a day. For that purpose, they need to hire secretarial staff to manage and remind them about important meetings. 

But, automated scheduling platforms can eliminate human efforts. The software can handle booking appointments and send reminders with all the essential information required to attend a meeting.

Small businesses can reduce their expenses with scheduling software as they don’t need to hire additional staff to manage appointments.

5 Best Scheduling Apps for Small Business Firms to Generate Leads

Good scheduling software is key to a successful lead-generation strategy. So, without any further thoughts, let’s check out the best scheduling apps for small business firms to generate leads in real-time:

1. Consolto 

Consolto is a simple and 2-way scheduling app. It makes it easy for agents to book an appointment with leads with a website widget or a dedicated scheduling page.


You can add a scheduling option on all your pages to let leads book appointments with the relevant agents. Consolto also enables users to create custom fields to collect the lead’s information before the meeting. 

Probably the best benefit is that it already includes the video-meeting software (Good bye zoom!)

It can sync across all the popular calendar apps for better schedule management. Agents can view all their appointments in a clear calendar view. 

The ClickNTalk page enables agents to create a quick meeting link and share it with prospects via email. As a result, it can boost the lead conversion rate. 

Further, the built-in mini CRM, video conferencing, and analytical dashboard help to generate more leads. 

2. Calendly 

Calendly is the most popular scheduling service that integrates with almost all calendars. It works with Google Calendar, Outlook, or Apple. You can also embed Calendly right into your website. 

Source Calendly

Moreover, you can now integrate Zoom and Microsoft Teams with Calendly to start a meeting right from Zoom or Teams. 

You can also set scheduling limits so you can avoid surprises. For instance, you can set it up so people can only book an appointment with you a few hours before the time.

3. Square 

Square is a free service to schedule appointments with your potential leads. It is a completely virtual business-running software. 

Source - Square appointments

It enables you to take payments and track your customer data. It is the perfect software for consultants like teachers, coaches, hairdressers, and other professionals. 

Building a personal connection with your clients is great software. But it doesn’t come with integrated audio or video communication solutions. 

4. Bookafy 

Bookafy is another simple and easy-to-use scheduling software for small businesses.

Source- Bookafy


This software offers different meeting types you can pick according to your schedule. Bookafy is perfect for businesses working in the beauty industry. 

The software has a beautiful interface that you can optimize according to your business requirements. It provides a simple and wholesome scheduling experience. You can also accept payments with this software.

5. 10 TO 8

10 TO 8 is a free scheduling app for small businesses. You can book up to 100 appointments per month with it. However, this is not your program if you are looking for meeting management features. 

Source - 10to8

You can use it to schedule classes and set up recurring appointments. For example, teachers can use this software to book the same class each day or week simultaneously.

What Makes Consolto the Best Scheduling App for Lead Generation?

Do you want to generate easy and fast leads in 2023? Then, Consolto is the best scheduling app for small business organizations. It has a simple user interface and widget to help agents control their appointments. 

The software was recently updated with a new look and some excellent features. For example, this software can help you generate leads through various features, such as:

2-way scheduling 

Consolto appointment scheduling software. It allows both agents and clients to manage their appointments with ease. Clients can use the website to book an appointment with an available agent. The agents can then accept or reject the appointment request. 

Agents can also use the ClickNTalk page to create a meeting link and share it with potential leads. It enables you to start quick communication with potential customers and convert them on the spot.

Lastly, agents can send invitations from the Consolto backoffice. Customers will receive and respond to these invitations over email.

Consolto scheduling 

Payment acceptance 

Consolto has designed the software for online consultation and digital businesses. Thus, our scheduling software can offer an easy payment transfer feature. 

It allows you to accept payment for each appointment beforehand. There is no need to create invoices or send reminders for payments. 

With one click, you can receive payments for your bookings. Our software integrates with PayPal and Stripe. We also let you make payments using four different currencies. 

Consolto scheduling 

Automatic messages

The automatic messaging feature can help sales agents collect essential information about leads. Agents can ask basic questions of potential clients before meeting with them. 

It can help them personalize sales presentations. They can create innovative strategies to convert leads using custom messaging.

Consolto scheduling 

Dynamic scheduling forms 

Consolto allows you to create different contact forms to collect information about your potential customers. Scheduling forms are one of the best ways to know leads better before meeting them. You can ask questions and provide information through these forms to make your meetings successful.

Consolto scheduling 

Custom styling 

We also allow you to customize the customer-facing scheduling page according to your business identity. You can add your business logo; agents can add photos and other personal details. It can help to personalize connections with potential leads.

Consolto scheduling 


Consolto can integrate with all the leading analytical APIs. For example, you can integrate our software with Google Analytics to monitor your web visitor’s behavior. It can help you target leads based on their activities on your website.

Consolto integrations

Parting Note

There you go, people! You have explored the best scheduling apps for small business organizations. Every software has some special features that can help you generate high-quality leads. 

But, if you want to monitor, target, and communicate with leads from one software, Consolto is your answer. Our program is designed to help small businesses to grow. 

Our software has all the essential scheduling features to generate and nurture in real-time. 

And the best part is that it has integrated video conferencing support. This way, you don’t need to get third-party communication software to interact with your customers. Instead, you can conduct virtual meetings using just one software. It is easy to install the Consolto widget on your site or use the ClickNTalk page.  

Do you want to try our software? Then, a seven-day free trial is available on all premium packages. So subscribe for your free trial and see how amazing our program is for scheduling appointments.

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