October 23, 2022

5 Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Business Organizations on Tight Budgets

Running a small business today is not an easy task. The competition and customer desires have expanded significantly in the last few years.

Thus, small businesses must adapt to the latest technologies to stay ahead. But, they don’t have that many funds to invest in different business automation solutions. Then, what to do?

 Well, lucky stars are on the small businesses' side today. The best video conferencing software for small business organizations can handle everything. 

This software can help to improve customer experience and beat the competition. And the best part is that many affordable video conferencing software is available. 

This post will show you all the best video conferencing software for small business places on tight or no budget. So, let’s get started.

Why Do Small Businesses Reluctant to Adopt New Technologies?

Automation is a secret key to business growth. Around 66% of small businesses said they had seen growth in their business after automation.

 But, not many small businesses are investing in new business technology. Not because they don't want to. It is just that they don't have proper resources and plans. 

Besides this, small businesses are not using technologies because:

Too many options

Too many cooks spoil the dish. In our case, too many software options confuse small business owners. Today, there are so many different business solutions available for every task, like:

  • Video calling 
  • Data management 
  • Customer interaction 
  • Appointment scheduling and more

So, small businesses find it hard to get a complete business automation solution within their budget. Thus, many put the idea of automation on the back burner.

Too technical 

Most small businesses are family-run. They don’t have a technical team to manage business automation. Thus, most businesses don’t get technical solutions because they don’t know how to use them. 

Many software requires maintenance that SMBs have no time for. Also, codes and complicated installation processes scare many people.  

Thus, small businesses want more codeless platforms and easy-to-use tools. 

Less customer-focused solutions 

There are not many customer-oriented business solutions available in the market. Most solutions are helpful on the business management side. 

For example, many video conferencing software is available for team collaboration, like Skype or Slack. But, there are not many options available for direct customer interaction.

As customer experience is important, thus, small businesses prefer a manual approach rather than software. That’s because they don’t find the right software to offer a good experience to their customers.

Things to Remember Before Choosing the Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Business Places

Do you know that 90% of small businesses fail within the first year? Many reasons contribute to the failure of small businesses. But, the main reason is unclear business automation plans. 

Video conferencing

Small businesses have no idea which software is best for their growth. Not many businesses know that video conferencing software can help them with almost everything. 

The best video conferencing software for small business organizations can help with:

  • Improve customer relationships 
  • Save money
  • Instant communication 
  • Lead generation, etc.

To get the best video conferencing software for small businesses, you must pay attention to specific points, such as:


Budget is an issue for small businesses. They have limited cash flow to keep their business floating for longer periods. 

Thus, small businesses need affordable video conferencing software with more features. To do so, you must run intensive market research. 

You must compare the prices of different video conferencing software. Based on your budget, you must select the best tool. 

Complete solution 

Another way to save your business funds is to get a complete video conferencing solution. You must get software that can help you with different operations. Today, video conferencing software is not only helpful for making video calls. They also help to store customer data, book appointments, and more. 

So, you must get software that can offer you everything in one package. This way, you don’t have to spend money on different business solutions. 

Moreover, you can run your entire business from software. This will save you from transferring data from one tool to another. It can streamline your workflow faster. 

Smooth integration

Another thing that you must consider while getting business video conferencing software is integration. Your software must integrate with other business solutions and services. 

It can bring more flexibility to your business operations. For example, your software must integrate analytical, payment, and other tools. 

Graphical interface 

Ease to use is a critical factor here. Your video conferencing must have a simple interface that even a non-technical person can use. 

The software must have a simple navigation system. Users can find the desired features at a glance. 

Further, the installation process has to be straightforward. If possible, you should get software with no installation setup. The reason?

Most customers don't want to download a new application to interact with businesses. Thus, if you can offer a web-based video calling option, that's great. 

Boost customer experience 

Customer experience is important to grow your business. And video calling is an excellent way to improve your customer experience. 

You can offer face-to-face support to your customers with video calling. Moreover, you can nurture potential leads with screen sharing. 

But for that, you need customer-centric video conferencing software. You must check out the video conferencing software feature before getting it. 

The features must offer ease to customers. For example, a video calling plugin can help customers connect with agents through your business website.

So, keep your customer's preferences in mind while selecting video calling solutions for your business.

Check online reviews 

Lastly, you must check online reviews before selecting software. Review can help you understand the software interface and functions better. 

Previous customer experience can guide you in selecting the best business video conferencing solution. You can understand whether the software has features to support your small business. 

Moreover, you are investing a considerable amount in the video conferencing system. Thus, it is good to gather as much information as you can. 

You can refer to the testimonials mentioned on the vendors’ websites. But, no one will share negative testimonials on their website. 

Thus, you must check out reviews on third-party websites like Capterra and G2 to get unbiased reviews. 

You can also connect with customers through their social media profiles. This way, you can ask any specific question related to the software before buying it.

5 Budget-Friendly Yet The Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Business Organizations 

Now, you know what to look for in the best video conferencing software for small business organizations. Let's next check out the best video conferencing solution you can get in your small business budget. 

1. Consolto

Consolto is your best video conferencing software for small business organizations. This software is perfect for customer communication. 

It is a video conferencing plugin that you can embed on your website. The software can create a widget on your website that customers can use to make video calls. They can make video calls like regular calls with a button press. 

Moreover, the software has appointment scheduling and contact form options. It also has a mini CRM to manage customers' data. 

It has many features to improve customer experiences, like screen sharing, live chat, and more. 

The best thing is that it is a budget-friendly solution. As a result, small businesses can get complete business automation solutions at affordable rates.

Key Features 

  • Dual scheduling allows agents and customers to host virtual meetings. 
  • A built-in live messaging that saves on customer profiles. 
  • ClickNTalk page lets you communicate with customers even when you don't have a website. 
  • Receive instant payments with PayPal and Stripe integration.
  • Easy document and media file sharing. 
  • Quick integration with Google Analytics, Webhook, Zapier, etc. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable. 
  • Simple interface. 
  • A free trial. 


  • Not built for internal-team collaboration. It's more like a CRM for the Video Chat world.

Price: A 7-day free trial. Smart plan for $8.2 per month/seat. Clever plan for $16.4 per month/seat. Genius plan for $32 per month/seat. The Enterprise plan is customizable. 

2. Skype 

Skype is a well-known VoIP app that most users know how to use. It is free for video conferencing with small groups of up to 50 people (including the host). In April 2019, the company expanded the video calling feature, increasing the previous limit of 25. 


Anyone can join the meeting with a computer and a web browser on Skype. People need to download the Skype app to participate on a mobile device. 

Skype has a useful cloud-based call recording feature that any call participant can use. Other participants can receive notifications when the call is recorded. Users can save and share the recording for up to 30 days.

Price: Free on the internet. Charges may apply to a landline or mobile phone call. 

3. FreeConference

Contrary to its name, FreeConference is not a free service. Instead, it's a premium service with a reasonable free option that is useful in some situations. It can only support 5 video conference participants on the free plan. 

FreeConference stands out because it can support 1000 audio participants via phone. Plus, it allows most users to connect using only a browser. 


FreeConference also provides iPhone and Android mobile apps available to all users. But, you must get a premium plan to record your call.

Price: Free forever. Starter plan for $9.99 per month. Plus, the plan is $24.99 per month. Pro plan for $34.99 per month.

4. Jitsi

Jitsi is a full free and open-source project with an impressive feature set. You can use the hosted version at the meet.jit.si. Or you can download Jitsi video conferencing solutions for complete support. 


Jitsi supports up to 75 participants per call. Even though performance may suffer if more than 35 are present. The project is attempting to "go beyond 100" participants. 

Phone-in audio participants are available in both the hosted and self-hosted versions. The service supports screen sharing. It also has iPhone and Android apps (plus an F-Droid package). 

To record your Jitsi conference, you can stream it to YouTube and then share the link. You can also download the file.

Price: Free.

5. Zoom Meetings

Zoom is a full-featured video conferencing with a tempting free option. Users with a free account can host video conferences for up to 100 people. But, meetings with three or more participants are limited to 40 minutes. 


You can upgrade to a paid plan to remove these limitations. You can also keep your conferences brief. There are no limits to meetings you can host, so host another call once you've reached your limit. 

Participants can join Zoom via the web, apps, browsers, and mobile devices using iPhone and Android apps. 

If necessary, users can dial in via phone. Not paying users can also record video or audio or share a screen with other participants. 

Price: Free forever. $14.99/month/license. $149.90/year up to 9 licenses. $199.90/year up to 90 licenses 

Parting Note

There you have it, people! The best video conferencing software for small business setups is perfect for tight-budgeted teams. 

This software can improve your customer experience and reduce your expenses. You can manage your entire business from your video conferencing software. 

But, for that, you need the best video conferencing tool with business support. As you see, there are many video tools available. But, not many are suitable for businesses. 

Consolto is the best option for businesses. It has a simple interface and versatile features. 

This tool can help you connect with your customers from your website. Plus, the ClickNTalk page can help you share meeting links with clients for quick interactions. 

So, you can contact our team anytime to learn about the software. Or, you can book a free 7-day trial now. 

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