October 30, 2022

Happy News! Software Advice's FrontRunners Report Recognized Consolto As one of the "Best Video Conferencing Software of 2022"

We are excited to announce that our hard work has been recognized and appreciated one more time this year. 

Software Advice's FrontRunners Report has recognized Consolto as the leading video conferencing portal for businesses in 2022 out of 168 conferencing platforms. 

This year has been quite remarkable for us. We have received recognition on leading software and customer review portals like GetAp, AppSumo, etc.  

But this recognition is something special to us. That's because customer satisfaction is the criteria to select solutions in this Software Advice's FrontRunners Report. 

It gives us sheer pleasure to know that our customers are satisfied with our services. There is nothing better than knowing that your customers are happy. 

We thank our customers for trusting us as their business growth partner. In addition, we want to acknowledge our hard-working team, working day and night to deliver excellence. 

This recognition is the fruit of the whole Consolto family's efforts. You can check it out here

consolto on frontrunner report


Thank You, FrontRunners, for Recognizing Consolto!

FrontRunners is featured on Software Advice, the leading online resource for B2B companies to help them with the software selection process. FrontRunners examines verified end-user reviews and product data to position the top-scoring products for small businesses based on Usability and Customer Satisfaction ratings.

We want to thank the FrontRunners evaluation team for acknowledging Consolto. We just want to let you know that this recognition means a lot to us. 

What Makes FrontRunners Report Special?

FrontRunners Report is special because it is unbiased. The report is generated based on real customer reviews and ratings. 

No personal judgment or favoritism is involved while ranking the best video conferencing software. 

Besides this, FrontRunners has clear ranking criteria that make it more authentic and credible. For example, they use the following criteria to select the best software:

  • Value for Money. User ratings on how valuable users consider the product in context to its price. This contributes 25% to the overall Customer Satisfaction score. 
  • Willing to Recommend. Users' ratings of their willingness to recommend the product to others. This contributes 25% to the overall Customer Satisfaction score. 
  • Customer Service. End-user feedback on the product's customer service. This contributes 50% to the overall Customer Satisfaction score. 
  • Functionality. User feedback on "Functionality." This contributes 50% to the overall Usability score. 
  • Ease-of-Use. This contributes 50% to the overall Usability score.

Reasons Behind Consolto Success

It is hard to believe that we got recognized among brands LiveChat, Zoom Meetings, etc. 

Consolto is still a young brand in the video conferencing industry. But, we have understood the pain points of business users. 

We understand businesses want simple yet powerful communication tools to stay connected with their customers 

Users don't want to juggle between multiple software to manage their customer data and interactions. Instead, they want one solution, allowing them to run remote work operations. 

And we have just created that solution. Our video conferencing solution comes with several business automation features to support small and big business operations, such as; 

  • Appointment scheduling 
  • Live chat and messaging
  • Screen sharing 
  • Rich communication center 
  • Payment transfer 
  • File sharing and more

Consolto's Oath: Constantly Thrive & Deliver Best Services 

Once again, we want to pay our gratitude to the Software Advice and FrontRunners team. We are delighted to get a position in your best video conferencing software report. 

We also want to use this opportunity to tell our customers that we promise to deliver excellent solutions. 

Our team motto is to provide personalized services to our clients — no matter what. We will constantly create new solutions and provide around-the-clock customer support service to make your life easier. 

So, thanks for this achievement and for many more to come in the next year.

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