November 19, 2020

Boost Conversion with Live Chat

Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. Updates to SEO algorithms, new social media channels and changing customer behavior can upend even the most innovative digital marketing stack and send strategists back to the white board. 

In many cases, the most disruptive changes to digital marketing are often the result of new, innovative marketing tools that come into play and enable new capabilities. Perhaps one of the most effective of these tools to hit the digital marketing space in recent years is live chat over websites. 

Live Chat Is More Convenient 

Research shows that live chat is by far the most satisfactory way for customers to communicate with sellers online. And it’s clear why: the ability to directly interact in real-time helps to quickly resolve issues and get questions answered. When it comes to online sales, this is critical as other communications like phone and email take time and are less effective than live chat.

Live chat software embedded within your website is an extremely convenient way for customers to interact with your business. With just one click, customers looking to learn more about the products or services you offer can chat with one of your reps in real-time to get what they need. Live chat offers a super simple -- and highly convenient -- way for customers to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently.

With the click of a button, a real person offering personalized communication is available to fill in the gaps and allay any fears that the customer may have. It’s as easy as chatting with your friends and family over any of the more popular real-time messaging apps. 

Another super convenient aspect of chatting is that you can handle other issues while you’re chatting. Write emails, browse the website or chat with someone else, when it comes to live chats multi-tasking is almost second-nature.

Live Chat Helps Customer Make Purchasing Decisions

More often than not, website visitors that opt for live chat are either ready to buy or are in the process of coming to that decision. The extra effort required to start chatting with a stranger already positions a live chat customer as someone who is primed to buy. In fact, research shows that 40% of people who use live chat are more likely to make a purchase than those who hadn’t used live chat (22%). What’s more, 38% of buyers claim that it was the live chat that convinced them to buy the product.

All of this means that simply by using live chat, you’ll increase your online sales as well as the overall satisfaction of your customers from their experience with your website.

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Live Chat Software Increases Conversion Rates

Just because your website gets a lot of traffic doesn’t mean you’re actually selling anything. To sell, you need to convert that traffic into buying customers. Live chat helps you do just that by ensuring a high level of availability to any inquiry or question. A missed lead is a missed opportunity to sell. Once you have live chat up and running on your website, you can easily implement 24/7 shift based work to ensure any customer lead or query is promptly handled.  

Live chat also gives you the ability to resolve issues in a more personal, human manner. A little human touch can go a long way when attempting to convert a potential customer into a satisfied, repeat customer. This personalized aspect of communication empowers deeper, more significant connections that will bring customers back to you next time they are in need of your products or services. Surveys show that 73% of customers who utilized live chat or live chat support during their purchasing journey would come back for future shopping.

Consolto Live Chat Software -- The Simple Way to Boost Conversion

Consolto’s live chat solution makes it easy -- just one simple line of code -- to embed live chat capabilities into your website. Once Consolto has been added, a fully customizable widget appears on your website. Easily modify to suit your brand’s look and feel, and choose which communication channels you want prioritized. 

Visitors to your website see the widget prominently displayed. Whenever they’re ready, they can request a live chat, or video chat, with you or one of your reps by clicking on the appropriate button. Once they click, you will receive an alert and can start chatting in real-time.

It’s really that simple.

Advanced scheduling capabilities make it easy for your customers to set up appointments to chat. For example, if someone clicks on the live chat button at night, after your working hours, they are automatically redirected to a calendar where they can see your available time slots. Once they find a time that suits them, they can schedule a meeting with just a few clicks. 

Consolto’s solution also includes a dedicated personal page for each of your seats. It includes your personal info as well as a special URL that when clicked initiates a live chat session. The personal page is a great way to proactively initiate live chats, as you can send it to prospective clients and ask them to click on the URL to start chatting at their convenience.

Consolto’s live chat plugins make adding live chat to your website as easy as, well, plugging in an appliance. With both a Wordpress plugin and Shopify plugin already available, there really is no better solution for live chat on websites.  

Boost your Online Game with Live Chat

When it comes to creating a personalized, direct experience with your online visitors, nothing beats live chat. Live chat has been proven to increase sales, boost customer satisfaction and improve conversion rates. Customers really love the real-time interaction that offers immediate answers to their questions as a way to finalize their purchasing decisions about your product.

Consolto’s live chat software is simple to deploy and easy to use. It includes a full set of  features like a personal page and advanced scheduling to make sure that you make the most out of every website lead you have.

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