January 3, 2023

Top Business Video Conferencing Challenges & Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

Video conferencing is a leading business technology today. Businesses use video conferencing platforms to connect with remote employees and customers. 

Business video conferencing solutions help to remove physical communication barriers. It enables companies to build personal relationships with their customers. 

Modern virtual conferencing software offers screen sharing and meeting recording features to enhance customer experience. It is a powerful tool for running your operations in remote or hybrid work environments. 

By 2023, this technology is taking the front seat. Of course, businesses might have to deal with some basic challenges to use this technology. But, market trends show that video conferencing is the future of the business industry. 

Let’s dig deeper into business video conferencing challenges and trends in 2023.

What Business Video Conferencing?

business video conferencing

Video conferencing is a digital technology to communicate with people in different locations. It enables businesses to hold real-time face-to-face interactions worldwide with their employees and customers. 

This technology supports companies in adopting remote workflows. Businesses can establish remote offices using this technology. Therefore, it is helpful to save business costs and time. 

For instance, a sales team can interact with customers from India and Israel from the desktop. No traveling expenses or time is required.

What Are the Leading Business Video Conferencing Challenges? 

video conferencing challenges

Video conferencing is an excellent technical solution for businesses. For example, it helped businesses survive during the crucial time of the pandemic. With video calling systems, companies run their operations during global lockdowns. 

But, using video conferencing solutions in the proper manner is vital to achieve maximum results even today, when the pandemic fades out. Interestingly, only a few businesses know how to do that. 

As a result, there are some challenges that businesses face while working with video conferencing systems, such as:


Trust building is a crucial business growth strategy. Trust drives sales. People will increasingly buy from you when they trust your brand. 

In physical environments, businesses have several ways to earn customers' trust. For example, they can offer real-time solutions and better understand customers’ emotions. 

But in virtual workflows, it is an issue. 

This problem is fixable. A good video conferencing solution offers face-to-face communication. It enables businesses to communicate with their clients in real-time. 

It works like a regular phone call. A client can press a button to video call agents and get responses in real-time. On top of it, screen sharing helps to address customers' queries on the spot. 

So, having good video conferencing software can help you build trust among your customers.

Increases Your Team’s Workload

Real-time video call support can help to improve your customer experience. But it can increase your team's workload. 

Your team needs to stay available 24*7 to receive customer calls. When you have an online business, customers can call you anytime. It can put intense pressure on your sales team. 

You can't offer around-the-clock video call support if you don’t have a big team working in different time zones. 

Small businesses can address this issue with an appointment scheduling system. Not many video conferencing tools have a prebuilt appointment scheduling feature. 

This feature allows customers to schedule appointments with an agent if they are unavailable. In the same way, agents can reschedule or cancel appointments based on availability. 

So, you must get video conferencing software with appointment scheduling to reduce your team’s workload. 

Slow Network Speed

It requires basic infrastructure to use video conferencing solutions. The Internet is one of the crucial things you need to use video calling tools. 

Most software requires a fast and stable Internet connection to provide good audio and video quality. If one of the video-calling participants doesn't have a stable Internet connection, it can disturb the virtual communication flow. 

Thus, it is challenging for businesses to provide a fast network to all their employees. It is hard when your employees are working from remote locations. There are still many places where telecom infrastructure could be better. 

To address this problem, businesses can invest in robust video conferencing solutions that can work on average network speed. 

Offering Personalized Experience 

Video calling platforms have made it easy to connect with customers. But, providing a personalized experience is still a challenge with it. 

Businesses have to develop a proper strategy to deliver a personalized experience. They need a data management system to record and manage their virtual interactions. 

It can help agents to provide personalized customer experience. For example, they can refer to previous customer interactions to design website layouts, launch new products, etc. 

This problem is easy to solve. A video conferencing system integrated with the customer relationship management portal can help here. 

CRM can record and store all customers' data. As a result, it makes it easier for agents to access the right information to help customers. 

Moreover, it can record all types of interactions with customers. For example, it can record audio notes; media files shared between customers and agents. 

Businesses can also bring consistency in communication with this tool.

Crucial Business Video Conferencing Trends in 2023

Video conferencing software does have some challenges. But these challenges are not something that you can’t fix. The right video conferencing solution can easily fix all the challenges. 

But before you get the best video conferencing platform for your business. Let’s explore some vital video conferencing trends of 2023 to make a wise decision:

Video Conferencing Is On Roll

Video conferencing platforms got huge attention during the pandemic. It became an essential business automation solution to run operations. 

So, many people think this technology might disappear as things get back to normal. Let’s bust that bubble because video conferencing is here to stay. 

It is expected to grow at a rate of 19.7%. By 2026, the video conferencing market size will cross $22.5 billion. 

 video conferencing growth

The demand for real-time and remote video service access is high now. As a result, businesses will invest more in cloud-based video calling solutions. 

It helps them to store their customer interactions within the software. 

It means you don’t need to get additional cloud storage to manage your virtual communications. Instead, one software can handle everything for you. 

Remote Work Is Permanent 

Remote work is not going anywhere. Many Fortune 500 companies have established remote workflows like Google, Microsoft, etc. 

These companies have to understand the demand of employees. They understood that people want freedom and flexibility to work. 

According to the Owl Labs survey, 90% of employees feel as productive or more while working from home. Moreover, 73% of employees want to attend the office once a week, and 71% wish to work in hybrid systems. 

On the top, 57% preferred working from home, and one-third of employees would quit if they didn't get a chance to work remotely. 

Video concerning solutions and the 5G network has made remote work possible. Both technologies have given businesses a stable environment to work from anywhere.  

Businesses Are Investing in Video Conferencing 

Video conferencing is the top business tool. According to a report, 67% of American businesses spend on web conferencing solutions. It is more than they are spending on collaboration tools. 

Investment in video conferencing software

Do you know why? 

Because business video conferencing tools offer higher productivity and work efficiency, the same report showed that: 

  • Around 9 in 10 employees admit that video conferences reduce their time on a task, resulting in a company's time savings. 
  • Companies expect 25% less employee turnover with video conferencing software. It reduces all the expenses related to recruitment and onboarding a new employee. 
  • 43% of field workers look forward to traveling less after the pandemic. They said that video conferencing software has reduced business traveling needs. It has further helped to save travel expenses and time. 
  • Businesses can save up to $11,000 per employee every year with virtual offices. They can save on real estate and reduce absenteeism. 

Video Conferencing Is Not Only About Videos Anymore 

Video conferencing software is not only helpful for hosting video meetings. The operational areas of video conferencing software have expanded a lot. 

The new functions and integrated structure has made software a complete business automation solution. Today, you can get many integrated solutions with a video conferencing portal, like: 

  • Custom styling 
  • Appointment scheduling 
  • Live chat 
  • Screen sharing 
  • File sharing
  • And, more 

Artificial intelligence has also become a part of video technology in the last few years. For example, it has empowered video conferencing tools to offer real-time analytical solutions. 

Personalized styling is also a significant part of this technology. Thus, video conferencing is now a complete platform to enhance customer experience. 

Small Businesses Are Still Struggling with the Video Technology 

Many small businesses still need help implementing video conferencing technology. These struggles are not business-related struggles in most cases. 

Some companies have deployed video conferencing platforms but need help to make end users adopt them. 

They need help to make video technology part of their operations. Some of the common issues that small businesses face to deploy video meeting technology are:

  • Video conferencing software is expensive for small businesses.
  • Many businesses don’t have sufficient bandwidth to adopt this technology. 
  • Employees need to be made aware of the benefits of video conferencing. As a result, some employees are uncomfortable using this technology.
  • Some video conferencing software is complicated to use. Many web conferencing solutions don't offer customization options.

All small business challenges are fixable. Having reputable video conferencing software helps you overcome all these issues. Businesses must invest in a simple yet robust video conferencing platform to make deployment easy.

Which Is the Best Video Conferencing Solution for Businesses?

Since we are on the topic of the best video conferencing software, let’s talk about the perfect business conferencing solution — Consolto.

It is the perfect tool to grow your business in the present market. This tool can help you run your business operations from anywhere. 

Consolto is a modern platform integrated with several video conferencing features. It is a plug-in that you can install on your website. After that, your customers can make a quick video call available. 

Consolto screenshot

Your customers can also schedule appointments or live chat with your team members. Besides this, our software offers features like:

  • Screen sharing helps businesses provide real-time assistance to their customers. They can share screens with potential clients to better explain the features of the products and services. 
  • File sharing enables customers to share media files with businesses. In the same way, employees can also share media documents with customers to get their input. 
  • Contact forms make it easy to obtain feedback and essential information from customers. 
  • Quick payment transfer helps to receive instant payments from clients after virtual meetings. 
  • One-click video meetings from the website.
  • ClickNTalk creates a video meeting link that you can share via email. It is helpful if you don’t have a website. 
  • Smooth integration with PayPal, Zapier, Google Analytics, etc. 

Parting Note

Business video conferencing is the future. It is a leading business technology that can help you grow your operations. 

It supports remote and hybrid work environments. You can make a connection with your customers and employees. 

After exploring the challenges and trends of video conferencing, it is clear that this technology is unavoidable. 

Businesses need video conferencing software like oxygen. It is the bloodline of modern businesses. 

Thus, if you don’t implement a video conferencing solution for your company, let’s connect today. 

The Consolto team can guide you to adopt this technology. We can explain how to use video conferencing software to gain maximum value. 

We can also explain all the features of our dashboard so you can grow your business in 2023. Now, let’s not think more and get in touch today.

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