January 17, 2023

Capterra Pricing Value Report: Consolto's the Highest Value-For-Money Live Chat App in 2023

A new year, a new achievement!

The new year has brought another achievement for Consolto. 

Capterra has recently rolled out its Pricing Value Report for the Live Chat software category, and guess what?

Consolto is given the top 3rd position for the value-for-money live chat applications among all the software listed under the category on Capterra. 


We are the best live chat solution for small businesses looking for affordable yet functional loaded software to communicate with their customers. 

We are honored and thankful to the entire Capterra team members and users for appreciating our efforts to build a dynamic business communication solution. 

capterra pricing value report

What Does the Capterra Pricing Value Report Include?

The Capterra Pricing Value Report is a comparison report including all the live chat software listed in the Capterra directory. 

This report is generated based on real user reviews and software analysis. The two important features that every user thinks before buying new software are considered in this report — price and functionality. 

Capterra here listed down the top 17 live chat software that is affordable yet loaded with unique features. 


It is a significant report to help small businesses find powerful live chatting solutions within their budget. 

Capterra has used a simple methodology to compile this report as follows: 

  • The software must have 20 unique reviews on the Capterra site within the last two years from 21st September 2022. 
  • The tool meets the Capterra definition for the live chat software category — “Live chat software allows companies to chat with customers in real-time via their website. Its use for customer engagement is predominantly for support, although it's more rapidly expanding to be used by sales and marketing teams to help drive customer engagement.”
  • The products that meet these two factors are further narrowed down to the top 25 live chat solutions with the highest functionality and affordability ratings. 
  • Further, these top 25 software are tested and reviewed. The Capterra team visited each software website to check their pricing packages and try the free demo version. 

At last, after hours of testing and reviewing customer reviews, Capterra created this list of the top 17 live chat software with the highest money for value and functionality. 

And, in the list, we got the third position thanks to our customers' positive feedback and team members' hard work.

Why Does the Capterra Verdict Matter?

Why does this Capterra report hold so much value?

Well, there are a couple of reasons that make this report so important for software vendors working in this industry, such as: 

  • Capterra has been the leading product review website helping businesses since 1999.
  • More than 50,000 products are listed on this website under 800+ categories and 1.5 million+ genuine customer reviews. 
  • It is a free website for users to review software and rate them.
  • The Capterra team ran comparisons across different software listed under the category. They create comparative reports on diverse factors, which help businesses to find the best software solution for a particular purpose.
  • All the reviews and ratings given on this website are genuine and authentic. The website uses different parameters to ensure that only genuine users write product reviews.

What Makes Consolto the Best Value-for-Money Live Chat Software?

According to the Capterra report, Consolto received a Value-for-money rating of 4.8 and a Functionality rating of 4.6. 

After thoroughly analyzing our features and pricing packages, this rating is given to us. In addition, the Capterra team tested our tool and read our positive customer feedback before giving Consolto the third position on the list. 

Besides these factors, several things make us the most functional and valuable for your money live chat software. Here are some of the reasons that make us the best software for small businesses:

Consolto live chat

Complete business automation solution 

Consolto is a complete business automation solution. You can run your remote office using this software. 

Consolto is a live chatting, video conferencing, and scheduling software for small and medium-sized businesses. 

It is a cloud-based solution that you can install on your website. In addition, it can create a widget on your website to make instant video calls, chats, and more.

A free trial 

Yes, we offer a seven-day free trial to all users. You can try any of our software bundles free for seven days. It can help you understand how our software works and empower you to grow your business.

Multi-tier pricing structure 

We offer a multi-tiered pricing package to our customers. It allows every business to leverage our solution. You can choose the best pricing package based on your business size and budget. 

We also offer a custom pricing package, enabling businesses to find the best live chat and video conferencing solution within their budget. 

Our basic plan starts at $8.2 per month/seat, making it perfect for small businesses with limited technology budgets. 


On a parting note, we thank Capterra for ranking our software in its value-for-money comparison. We also thank our customers for leaving positive feedback and ratings on Capterra. 

Most importantly, we thank our team responsible for making this software powerful yet affordable for small businesses. 

And we also want to assure businesses that we regularly add new features to our solution. We are adding as many features as possible to make communication a smooth flow for you. 

But we always plan to keep our prices the same. So, stay in touch with us to enjoy more features in the future.

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