Consolto Wins Prestigious Industry Awards
Consolto Wins Prestigious Industry Awards


Consolto was created for a simple reason: to help businesses of every size leverage video chat to deliver highly effective remote meetings. At our core, we know that personalized, direct interactions drive better results, and we’ve set out to build a platform that does just that. Our high-quality video chat platform delivers a wealth of high-impact features that personalize and humanize remote interactions. 

We know we’re on the right path because of our customers. They show us their appreciation every time they wrap up another successful remote video sale or consultation. But, every once in a while, the universe shows us appreciation in other ways. That’s right, we’re talking about industry awards!

2021 has been good to Consolto when it comes to industry recognition. We’re excited to share that Consolto Video Chat was recognized in four distinct categories of the prestigious SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards 2021. Specifically, we placed high in the Customer’s Choice category, Best Support, Trending and Rising Star categories.  

This recognition goes a long way, as the SoftwareSuggest Awards has quickly gained recognition as one of the industry’s most prestigious. Awards are granted by the SoftwareSuggest team, which evaluates products based on a set of predefined criteria including product reviews, usability, customer support and value for money. 

But that’s not all. We were also honored with two additional distinctions in the Crozdesk Recognition Awards 2021, taking places in both the Quality Choice and Happiest User categories. Quality Choice distinctions are only awarded to high-quality vendors that differentiate themselves from their competitors by earning Crozscores higher than ⅔ of the competition. 

Truth be told, the Happiest Users award is the one that makes us the proudest. It’s for our customers that we set out on this adventure. We aim to deliver true value and help our customers compete on a whole other level and this recognition goes a long way in proving that our efforts have paid off. Crozdesk’s Happiest Users distinction is awarded to vendors that display a multitude of satisfaction signals on Crozdesk. This prestigious award has only been given out to 10% of the solutions on the Crozdesk platform.

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