Consolto's Differentiator: Customer-focus
Consolto's Differentiator: Customer-focus


In 2021, live video chat has become an essential part of our business, and even personal lives. Live video chat enables us to efficiently and effectively carry out business with anyone, anywhere and at any time. A powerful value proposition at even the best of times, the onset of Covid-19 and acceleration of digital transformation across every organization have made live video chat a critical linchpin, one that powers a semblance of normalcy in our day-to-day lives. 

The exponential increase in the use of live video chat platforms has created a boom in the live video chat industry. New companies and product offerings are constantly popping up, seemingly overnight. But with so many different video chat platforms on offer, how’s one to choose the right one?

The answer of course is to find the right one for your needs! We’re  not talking about a specific feature or capability, but rather a focus. While some video chat platforms were made specifically for small business meetings, others were developed to support personal interactions while others are all about webinars or online education. 

Consolto is All About Your Customers

Consolto’s focus is on helping businesses develop better and more effective relationships with their customers. We’ve built up a suite of complementary features around high-quality, live video chat that help businesses simplify, organize and enhance their customer interactions. Let’s take a closer look!

Availability. Today’s customers expect online businesses to make themselves available to their needs, at all times. This means that you need to be ready and waiting for them, at the times and places they’re looking for you. Salesforce claims that 76% of consumers expect online businesses to understand their needs and expectations. What’s more, these expectations encompass availability, big time; 64% of respondents expect companies to be available for interactions in real-time. 

Consolto was developed to drive real-time availability from your main online asset -- your website. The solution is installed on your website in the form of a customizable widget that your website visitors can proactively use to initiate real-time live video chats with your or your agents. This availability empowers higher responsiveness which, in turn increases your conversions and sales. If your website sells products, there’s a good chance that consumers will have a few questions before they purchase or need support from your team if they’re having difficulties. If you’re offering a service -- like medical or tax consultation -- it’s likely that a prospect or customer will want to be able to reach you if they’re having an emergency. 

With Consolto, availability becomes part of your core offering. 

Scale to meet customer demand. As your business and your customer-base grows, so will the need for you to onboard agents that can help you handle all of the demand. However, if your business is online, your agents will also need live video chat support to deliver the direct interactions through which you provide your services and products. 

Consolto gives you the ability to easily scale your online business by adding seats for multiple agents. Each agent receives their own Consolto user, so that you can track and monitor their performance via Consolto’s in-depth performance analytics. Choose to empower shift-based work to ensure 24/7 availability for anyone, at any time. You can also set up different agents on each page of your website. This allows you to post specialized agents on the pages promoting the products or services they’re knowledgeable in. 

Know your customers. Customers expect to be treated as people, not account numbers. Consolto provides you with a mini-CRM that enables you to keep track of every interaction you have with every individual customer. Take notes, follow ups and other important action items and attach them to your customers’ profiles. Chats and call recordings are automatically saved in the cloud and associated with the relevant customer. This enables you to easily access your chat history and call recordings so that you can refresh your memory before your next interaction. 

Lead scoring. Not every potential customer is relevant to you and your business. It’s a fact of business life. Consolto delivers the ability to set up qualifying questions that interested parties must fill in before they can progress to a video chat. Ask the questions you need to ask so that you’ll understand if a prospect is worth the time and effort. By screening your prospects before live chatting with them you can significantly reduce time wasted on leads that simply aren’t right for you. 

Consolto’s advanced live video chat platform was built from the ground-up to help you deliver immersive interactions with your customers and prospects. That’s what makes our solution special, and sets us apart from the multitude of video chat platforms that focus on different things. 

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