December 6, 2020

Customer Experience Management

In today’s online reality, the way your website functions, responds and feels is known as the customer experience. If you think that all you need is a great product or service and a well-designed website to take over your market, think again. A crowded online marketplace coupled with rising customer expectations regarding service and responsiveness have made customer experience management a critical issue that can make or break your online business.

What is customer experience?

Forbes defines the customer experience as the perception the customer has of your brand, the actual experience they have when interacting with you and your brand. Say for example, that a potential customer has an important question regarding your products but is unable to find it in your content, FAQs or Knowledge Center. This translates into a negative experience for the customer, which most likely will send them to any one of your competitors’ websites -- which are only a quick click away. 

But not all customer experiences are negative. By ensuring that your website offers visitors a welcoming experience that delivers the info they need, prompt service and of course the all important awesome product or service, you have a good chance of delivering a positive customer experience.

According to Hubspot, ‘a happy customer is one who is likely to become a loyal customer who can help you boost revenue’. This means that ensuring that your website provides a positive customer experience is the best way to ensure the success of your business. 

Creating a great customer experience with Consolto video chat
Creating a great customer experience with Consolto video chat

Creating a great customer experience

Now that we’ve established the importance of customer experience management, it’s time to discuss ways that you can improve it.

  1. Handle customer problems as though they were your own. Selling online is not without its hiccups. But, as a wise man once said ‘everyone makes mistakes, the winners are those who own up to them and offer solutions to fix them.’ Providing great customer service that quickly resolves problems not only puts the issue behind you, it can also create a great customer experience that will bring you even more customers.  
  2. Try to be available, if possible in real-time. If you’re offering your services or selling your products through your website, chances are there your customers are going to have questions. By offering prompt, even immediate, answers to those questions you can enhance the customer’s experience and, if you’re lucky, even make a sale.
  3. Make it easy to get in touch. If a potential customer is on your website and is having a hard time getting in touch, there’s a problem. Make it easy on them by putting your contact options front and center. If possible, offer as many communication channels as possible to make it convenient. Leave your email address, phone number and if possible, live chat and video chat options in an easy to access location on your website.

Real-time customer service

The digital world moves quickly, and your potential customers have no patience to wait for your answers to their queries about your service or products. Companies that meet expectations for prompt customer service are able to deliver an enhanced experience.

By developing real-time customer service, you can resolve issues much faster as the problem is still fresh in the customers’ minds -- if not on their screens, right in front of their faces. 

What’s more, senior executives who are often distanced the front-line action can get a better feeling for the customer experience when they see relevant issues as they play out. Simply by forwarding recent customer service issues and getting executives involved you can amplify the customers’ pain points to management and bring them closer to the customer experience.  

Last but not least, real-time customer service drives immediate positive feedback loops. When your customer service agent is able to feel the emotional impact of helping to solve someone else’s problem, they feel good about themselves and are motivated to recreate that feeling in future interactions.

Provide a better customer experience with live video chat

Live video chat and live chat are great ways to offer real-time customer support. Instead of filling in an annoying form, or sending an email and then waiting for an answer, live video chat empowers customers to proactively initiate customer service requests and receive real-time answers to their questions.

Personalization is also critical in customer experience management. Making your customer feel that you care about them and their concerns is a powerful way to build loyalty and gain repeat customers.

Live video chat embedded in your website is also useful as a way to guide or direct customers who want to purchase from your website. First-time online shoppers or those who are interacting with you for the first might be a bit hesitant to put money down if they’re unsure or are confused. 

The powerful combination of personalization, real-time responsiveness and excellent customer support work together to drive sales, conversions and boost customer satisfaction. With video chat, you’ve also got a higher chance of closing a deal or making a sale. 

Consolto and Customer Experience

Consolto’s live video chat solution for websites offers an impressive array of features to help you enhance your customer experience.

Live video chat and live chat empower real-time responsiveness on your website. Customers who want to speak with someone simply click on the widget and your team is alerted so that you can start a session instantly. Support for multiple seats helps you deal with multiple queries simultaneously or implement shift-based work while keeping track of the performance of your different agents. 

Advanced scheduling guides your customers after working hours or during weekends and holidays. With advanced scheduling set up on your website, customers who click on the video chat button are forwarded to a calendar where they can set up a time to speak when you’re available.

Additional features like file sharing and payments help you enhance the customer experience even more. The ability to provide an end-to-end flow in which you handle all aspects of the sale in one go is a great way to seal the deal. With Consolto, customers can send and receive files like contracts and pictures , and handle payment once the deal has been finalized.

Wrapping it up

Providing an excellent customer experience is critical to the success of your online business. Real-time responsiveness, personalization, great customer support and an end-to-end sales flow are all crucial elements of a great customer experience.

With Consolto’s live video chat solution on your website, it’s easy to deliver an unforgettable customer experience. An easy to implement (just one line of code) widget offering a variety of communication channels makes it simple for customers to proactively initiate interactions. 

Consolto was built for the needs of businesses like yours in mind. High quality video chat in addition to a range of complementary features help you to simplify, organize and enhance your online business.

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