August 31, 2021

Customer Experience, the Ultimate Differentiator

The world has gone digital, there’s no getting around it. More and more companies and businesses are digitizing their products and services to tap into the growing customer demand for instant online access to whatever they need or want. At this stage, digitization is no longer a question of developing a competitive advantage, but rather a question of survival.

But meeting customer expectations is no longer just about being online. Now that everyone has an online presence, companies that want to stand out are upping their game by delivering customer experiences that differentiate them from the competition. 

And for good reason. Reports show that costs for retaining a customer are 25% less than for acquiring a new one. What’s more, research shows that customers who indicated a positive experience tend to become repeat customers, often buying multiple products at different price points from the same brand. 

Nowadays, customer experience is more than just about putting up a well-designed website with fast loading times. Customers expect to be able to communicate with brands on their terms. They want to be able to engage with the brands they buy from online using digital channels that enable real-time availability and personalized interactions. 

Researchers expect that by 2028 the customer experience management market will generate $27.12 billion a year with a CAGR of 17.5%. With so much at stake, it’s no wonder that businesses are flooding the market with a variety of different solutions focused on helping businesses better manage their customer experience. From analytics that drive customer-centric decision-making, flexible CRM integrations that deliver higher levels of personalization to real-time cross-channel communication tools and more, there are plenty of tools to choose from. 

However, not all solutions are created equal. The usual suspects--large-scale enterprises  with big budgets--are the main focus of vendors providing bespoke, customized products that offer an all-in-one comprehensive solution. Smaller businesses are faced with a dizzying selection of different tools focusing on just a particular aspect of the customer experience management ecosystem. They’re challenged to find a single, comprehensive solution that helps them extend the type of streamlined, personalized experience that their customers expect.

At least they were, until Consolto stepped onto the stage.

Consolto Video Chat Delivers a Better Customer Experience

Remote interactions have become a major customer touchpoint in the era of working from home. The major solutions enabling remote interactions excel at internal collaboration, webinars and meetings where everyone knows each other. However, when it comes to first time meetings, they lack the capabilities required to foster stronger customer relationships. 

The ultimate goal of any interaction is to deliver a great experience that builds and strengthens the customer relationship. Consumers expect you to know them. Understand them. They want you to speak directly to them about what’s uniquely important to their current situation, to understand their pain. If you can’t personalize your interactions and give your customers what they need when they need it, they’ll quickly drop you for another brand.  All it takes to ruin a potentially profitable relationship is one poor experience. That’s it, they’re going to your competition.  

Consolto was built from the ground up with the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in mind. The videochat first platform extends a simple-to-use remote solution that helps you simplify, organize and boost your remote interactions with customers. With Consolto, your website is transformed into a full-featured virtual office that includes everything you need to deliver highly personalized, super effective remote meetings. 

No hassle video chat. A key tenet of a positive customer experience is seamless simplicity. When it comes to remote interactions, customers want a simple solution that doesn’t require that they do anything to start interacting. Consolto’s videochat is easy-to-use, requires no downloads or installation and no one has to remember any usernames or passwords. With just a click of the button and your customers can instantly start speaking. 

Real-time availability. Customers expect quick responses to their inquiries; even if the response is that no one can speak to them now, at least they know that their inquiries were received and that someone will attend to their needs soon. Consolto helps you extend real-time availability to any requests from your website. Agents manning your widget instantly see any interaction requests, and when you’re not there, customizable, automated alerts notify you whenever someone’s trying to reach you. Last but not least, advanced scheduling capabilities offer consumers an easy way to set up time to speak with you if you can’t be reached. 

Personalization, personalization and more personalization. Knowing a few small details can make the difference between generating a positive, memorable customer experience and not. Consolto’s mini-CRM provides you with a centralized database that helps you keep track of your customer’s details, action items and other important information. Tap into a personalized, customizable feed that documents all of your customer interactions so that you can access the goods whenever you need them. Set up your Widget with a filter to capture important details before you start interacting with new customers. 

Rich video chatting features. Consolto offers a variety of features that make video chatting much more productive. From bidirectional screen sharing and file sharing, to payment transfer and voice messages, Consolto enriches each video chat interaction to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Custom CTAs. Get your customers to the experts they need faster, with support for customizable buttons anywhere in your website. Add custom buttons that lead directly to subject matter experts across your website, so that customers interested in a certain product can instantly reach the individual most qualified to answer their questions. 

Before we go

In today’s rough and tumble digital landscape, the brand providing the best customer experience wins all. Consolto helps businesses personalize interactions and offer better customer experiences so that first time customers become repeat customers and your business brings in more revenues.

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