Customer service vs Client experience. Differences and Why does it matter?
Customer service vs Client experience. Differences and Why does it matter?


Customer service and client experience are terms that are always used alike. As similar as they may sound, their meanings are different. It is quintessential to know the distinction between these two words. It will enable you to better serve your present and prospective consumers.

Customer service is one element of a total client experience. The consumer takes a journey with your business. Initial awareness stage, consideration stage, and post-buying care. This path is referred to as the client experience.

Customer service refers to a single event during which a customer seeks help and support. Both are essential aspects to the success of your business. You can't accomplish one without the other. This is why it's essential to recognize what they are and how they differ.

This blog provides an in-depth overview of customer service and client experience. We will also look at the five fundamental factors that distinguish them.


What is Client Experience?

As mentioned, it refers to the quality of interactions client experiences with your brand during their journey. This makes it a vital brand differentiator and an important aspect of a company's success. A client's experience includes -

  • How customers are made to feel during interaction with your brand?
  • when they use your product or service and
  • when they interact with sales or support employees.


What factors contribute to a pleasant client experience (CX)?

Personalization at every touchpoint

Customers are 91% more inclined to shop with brands that provide offers that are suitable to them. Personalization is an essential component of any excellent customer experience. It makes your clients feel special. In turn, assists your company in developing long-term relationships.

Service beyond bounds

The best client experiences have one thing in common, which is to go beyond what they expect. You should not miss out on a chance to go above limits to satisfy customers. A practical example would be assisting a customer in finding a product even if it is long past your shift time.

Obtaining regular input from customers

Regular customer feedback is crucial to monitoring the quality of your customer experience. It is possible to gain a clear understanding of what customers enjoy. Also, it will help you to improve the CX further by getting regular feedback from them.


Here we discuss an example of a brand that provides a seamless client experience

Amazon -- The world's largest eCommerce platform. Aside from setting standards with reasonable prices and unparalleled product inventory. The company is also a major reference when it comes to the digital product experience. 

They have a very robust platform for consumer reviews and ratings. This helps customers learn more about a specific product.

According to a study, people look for product ideas on Amazon rather than on Google. Amazon has surpassed Google in the race to provide faster product discovery. Amazon has sped up the product discovery process and thus simplified the decision-making.

According to statistics

89 percent of buyers polled say they are more likely to buy from Amazon than from other e-commerce sites.

Brands should provide a positive customer experience by connecting all touch points. As part of an omnichannel customer experience. It is quintessential to allow customers to bounce from one channel to the other. Such as social media to your website to live chat.

What is Customer Service?

Customer service is the process of aiding consumers with their problems or requests. This can be before, during, or post they make a purchase from your company. Customer service can be provided to users through one-on-one contact. Such as a live chat, video chat, emails, etc.

Customer service, in contrast to customer experience, is a discreet event. It only includes Customers-facing departments, such as call center agents and store staff.

What are the characteristics of excellent customer service?

Maximizing first-time resolutions

Giving an amicable resolution on the first attempt, without excessive delays or aggravation. 69 percent of customers believe a speedy solution is an essential indicator. The solution to their problems is equal to a wonderful support experience.

Including empathy in all interactions

Empathy is the ability of understanding another person's emotions.

Delightful customer service interactions contain a healthy dose of "empathy". For example, When a consumer is experiencing difficulty show empathy. It involves comprehending what they're going through and expressing concern. This sentiment conveys that your staff and the firm empathize with customers' feelings.

Ability to solve a problem

The capacity to discover a solution to a tough issue or circumstance is problem-solving. It entails identifying a problem, determining the root cause, and devising a solution. In addition, it involves taking action to rectify the problem.

For example. If a customer has a problem with an order, an employee uses pragmatic abilities to resolve the issue. Finding a solution that all parties can accept. Using problem-solving skills indicates that your employees care about consumer satisfaction.


Here we discuss an example of a brand that provides seamless customer service

Tesla meets consumers where they are by going to their homes and addressing problems. It is helpful for the customer because they do not have to wait in a repair shop. They can schedule it at their convenience. This is first-rate customer service.

It is not always possible to meet consumers where they are. Using omnichannel feedback and different customer care choices will allow customers to contact in the most convenient ways. 

Customers value time and convenience, and will even pay extra for it, as proven by Tesla's high prices. Tesla's example demonstrates that exceptional customer service may be a game changer.


What Is the Difference Between Customer Service and Client Experience?

Now, that we understand the definition of customer service and client experience. Let's dive deep to understand the key difference between these two terms

Reactive vs Proactive

One significant distinction between the two words is who leads the process. The consumer or the business? Is the procedure reactive or proactive?

Customer service

It is reactive nature. That is, your company only responds to customer concerns when they discuss them with you. When customers submit issues to the help desk by email, live chat, phone, or other methods. Then, your customer care personnel handles them.

Client experience

It is all about anticipating the customer's wants. Businesses try to improve the client experience and ensure customers don't have problems. By charting customer journeys, researching funnel drop-off spots, website analytics, and customer feedback.

Overall experience vs specific interaction

Customer service

It is a component of the client experience. Some consumers will not need to interact with customer service. While others may need many interactions. Customer service's role is to assist the customer by resolving their problem.

Client experience

It contains all the interactions that form the customer journey. This includes discovering and being aware of a business. Such as initial buying, post-purchase care, and recurrent purchases. 

As a result, it consists of various touchpoints and involves many departments for a positive client experience. There will be many interactions with a firm during a client's journey, but they will all be unique. Thus, it is a holistic client experience.

Ongoing relationship vs One-time event

Customer service

It refers to a single event. For example, a customer requesting help or lodging a complaint. It can be measured as an event using a variety of criteria. That is the first-time resolution rate and average response time. 

In this sense, client service is a measurable, discrete occurrence.

Client experience

It is all about the customer's interaction with the company. It is impossible to quantify or pin down a particular event or interaction. In this sense, customer experience is a continuing relationship. If a consumer returns to your firm, their customer experience continues.

Metrics vs Indications of Performance

Customer service and client experience are both measured using different metrics and KPIs. Let’s see how it is.

Customer service

CSAT is a prominent metric for measuring customer service quality (Customer Satisfaction Score). Other metrics, such as CES (Customer Effort Score) and NPS (Net Promoter Score). These are also useful for monitoring the support experience.

Client experience

Larger indicators, such as CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and CCR (Customer Churn Rate), are used to track customer experience. Customer Referral Rate (CRR), Customer Retention Rate (CR), Monthly Active Users (MAU), and so on.


Customer service

The entire customer service department, including representatives, managers are incharge of customer service. Other team members or departments also interact with customers. But, they are not in charge of resolving customer issues.

Client experience

It is the responsibility of the entire organization to ensure client experience. Every department and employee is accountable for collaborating to improve the customer experience.

For example. The marketing department handles conveying the appropriate information or offers to clients. Whereas, the product team is in charge of designing items that meet customer needs.


Which is more important? Customer service or Client experience

Knowing the difference between these two terms, you may wonder which should be the focus. The answer to this is Both!

Despite some distinctions, they both matter and contribute to your organization's success. Both of these concepts are crucial for staying ahead of the competition. It is quintessential to work hard to provide customers with a memorable experience. Irrespective of whether they buy your product or lodge a complaint.

Great customer service and memorable customer experiences are always linked to each other. You can't have one without the other. Customer service may make or break your brand's impression among your customers. 

In spite, of checking off every other box on the CX checklist, if consumers cannot access help when they need it, they may leave.

Invest in client experience and customer service based on these statistics.

  • 75% of customers want a positive client experience. They even ignore the price to buy from organizations that provide value.
  • 77% of customers stated. A good customer experience makes them loyal to a company when a problem arises.
  • 80% of customers will quit doing business with a brand and switch to a competitor. If they experience terrible customer service.
  • Companies that focus on service are 6X more likely to exceed client retention targets.


How to deliver great customer service and client experience with Consolto?

Delivering exceptional customer service and smooth client experiences is a Herculean undertaking. But, don't fret!

Tools like our customer experience software can help you manage both your service and CX. Consolto enables you to provide timely customer service across many channels. Also, personalize every step of the customer journey.

Our software can be integrated in to any website, such as Wix, WordPress and so many more. Brands can manage customer relationships and interact with existing and prospective customers.

With Analytics feature. Consolto can create a test that is benchmarked against your specific targets. Such as sales, sign-ups, or other trackable events.

Following are the functions of our Mini-CRM platform

Contact management:

Storing contact information in our database such as names, email ids, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Interaction tracking:

Captures talks with specific consumers. Also, use them to input notes and track customer contact history.

Lead Management:

Manages the process of converting prospects into leads. By discovering, scoring, and moving them through the sales funnel.

Other features like

Live Chat

Video Chat


ClickNTalk page


FB Messenger

Voice Inbox

File transfer

Contact form

Payment transfer

Custom styling

Rich communication center

Screen sharing




Optimize your Conversions with Consolto

Our software provides an excellent return on investment. It exists exclusively to assist you in streamlining your job processes. You'll be able to spend more time converting customers and less time scratching your head. Wondering what went wrong! 

This application is also relevant across different sectors.

Contact Consolto for a demo or more information on improving your client experience and customer service.

With that, I conclude my Thoughts from a famous quote by Maya Angelou

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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