All About customer experience vs customer service vs customer care
All About customer experience vs customer service vs customer care


What is Customer Experience

One of the hottest buzzwords in business today is customer experience. Companies are devoting more resources than ever before, to a positive consumer experience. Many predict that experience will outcompete both price and quality in competitive markets.

In other words, the brand experience as a whole is the customer experience. The journey designed for your customers will influence sales experience with your business. If you do it well, your business's financial line will benefit as well as client happiness and loyalty.

AI-powered chatbots and FAQs are transforming the customer experience in today's digital environment. Empowering autonomy in the customer journey is the business's main selling point.


Is Customer experience important?

It is easy to understand why customer experience is important. Let’s take a look!

The new battlefield is the Customer Experience. Today's consumers have more expectations. The stakes surrounding customer experience are higher than ever. 

Is it simple for a consumer to migrate to the closest rival if they can't find what they're looking for? On your website or elsewhere along the customer journey.

You must get to know your customers if you want them to like you. The long-term partnership also referred to as relationship marketing, requires investment. When you know who they are, you can provide a tailored experience to the customer journey.

But obtaining such in-depth information about clients is not something that happens abruptly. You must, over the period gather customer data and extract insight from it.

Following are some of the stats to prove the importance of customer experience:

86 percent of customers are willing to pay more for superior service. According to a PWC study, people are more inclined to spend extra on luxury items.

On-the-spot buying is influenced by customer experience as well. After having a more individualized experience, 49% of consumers made spontaneous purchases.

71% of the customers exhibit some level of irritation when they experience impersonalization.

Future purchasing decisions are influenced by customer experience. Due to this, 88 percent of businesses give the customer experience top priority.

What is Customer Service 

Customer service is helping the clients by having simple and joyful interactions. Provide quality services before and after the sale of goods. This can help you gain client retention and expand your business. The following are the key to providing outstanding customer service.

Customer service today offers more than telephone support. Services are now given through social media, text messages, email, and the web. Businesses also provide support by allowing clients to research solutions on their own.

Customer support is a crucial component of the promise your brand makes to its customers. It is not only about providing answers to solutions but giving valuable service.

Is Customer service important?

Yes, Customer service is Important!

Finding a speedy fix for any client issue isn't the only goal of customer service. The aim is to establish a long-lasting partnership. Each interaction with a client presents chances for a richer, more beneficial engagement.




A Business meets or exceeds client expectations, is often related to corporate success. A lot is riding on this game. After one negative encounter, 61% of clients would switch to a rival competitor.

Whether your business is well-established or beginning to scale and grow. A strong customer service team can help you draw in new clients. Increasing client retention, and boosting sales among your current clientele is crucial.

Following are some of the stats to prove the importance of customer service:

Customer service is significant to 96% of consumers when deciding to remain loyal to a brand.

83 percent of companies that focus on customer satisfaction see their rising revenue.

77 percent of customers claim unsatisfactory customer interactions lower their quality of life.

Customer service is now the focus of competition for two-thirds of businesses, up from 36% in 2010.

Customer experience is viewed as a competitive differentiator by 81% of businesses.

How to provide top-notch customer service

Knowledge of product: 

As a customer support representative, you will be providing solutions. Thus you must be an expert on the product. 

Comprehensive product knowledge is a crucial customer service competency. You should have confidence in the product to describe features and prove it to customers.

Create a training program with different levels to develop agent knowledge. Fundamental technical abilities, product learning, and many more. Businesses should provide regular education and training to customer service agents.

As a Customer agent, you should ensure that customers receive value for their money. Become an expert on your product to give timely suggestions, features, and offerings.

Keep a positive attitude:

A good attitude goes a long way in offering the best customer service. A positive attitude turns bad customer encounters into good customer experiences. Remaining calm during interactions will help build robust relationships.

It is important to put oneself in the customer's shoes and see the issue from their perspective. A pleasant attitude is a key to providing top-notch customer service.

Personalized Customer service:

Although Chatbots have taken over solving mundane and repetitive tasks. People prefer to strike up conversations with real people. 

Keeping track of customer names, birthdays, interests and hobbies is good personalization. Going off-script and adding a personal touch is a great way to show the customers you care. 

90% of clients will spend money on businesses that offer personalized customer service.

Be helpful & Keep your word:

One of the most crucial things you can do to provide excellent customer service is to go the extra mile.

Being helpful entails foreseeing clients' needs before they can even express them. In fact, customers may make requests for one item when they need another one too. It's your responsibility to foresee their wants and fulfill them.

Practice good customer service to make sure you fulfill any promises you make. Don't let down your clients. Respect and keep up your word. But, be sure to make modest promises, so that you don't break the important social contract.




What distinguishes Customer Experience from Customer Service?

Customer experience is the entire interaction that customers have with your company.

But, customer service, refers to the precise interaction customers have with your company. Whether it is purchasing, learning more, getting clarification, or solving a problem. 

Customer service is a significant component of the entire customer experience. This is especially for firms that only have an online presence. Customer service is the only direct interaction that many online brands have nowadays.

Factors that distinguish customer experience from customer service such as:

Degree of Control 

Your business has total control over the client service it offers. Even though you have some influence over the customer experience. There are a lot of variables that might affect how people view your brand.

Tracking performance

The customer support team can measure the quality of the service by using metrics such as:

Customer satisfaction score

Customer effort score

Net promoter score

Customer lifetime value

Churn rate

Retention rate.

These performance indicators can reflect true Customer experience.


Customer support managers and agents are in charge of providing excellent customer service. The support team handles any customer needs. 

The organization as a whole has a shared responsibility for the customer experience. Giving customers the best experience across all touchpoints is the responsibility of everyone. Including the marketing, sales, and product teams in the company.

Keeping all the above in mind. Co-ordinate customer service and customer experience initiatives to maintain relationships with your clients.

What is Customer Care?

Customer care is how consumers are being treated while interacting with the brand. It is also about coming up with the best solution than going through the motions of closing the deal. 

Caring for customers and listening to their needs is also an integral part of customer care. Customer care also goes beyond simple customer service by establishing an emotional connection.




Are Customer service and Customer care often referred to as the same?

Yes, But they both mean completely different!

The purpose of customer service is to give customers guidance and help. It involves assisting them in making the best product choice or handling complaints. When you offer customer service, you engage with them on a personal level while you assist them.

On the other hand, Customer care is demonstrating real concern for customers. Understanding and taking time to address their needs. 


Benefits of Customer Care: 

Resolve customer complaints:

One of the best things you can do as a marketer or business person is to appreciate bad criticism. Addressing such concerns and feedback is essential for the success of your company. Offer apologies and a commitment to the people who are not satisfied with your goods or services.

Maintain Business Image:

Companies' top priority must be to value their customers' happiness and satisfaction. Customers form opinions based on how you respond to them and handle their problems. These things speak volumes about your brand values.

Developing Niche:

Giving exceptional customer service can set you apart from your rivals. Differentiate your company from others by emphasizing customer care in your marketing plan. Thus, you will be giving your company a sense of exclusivity.

Increased conversion rate:

The cost of one negative customer experience is now higher than it used to be before. People look for reviews posted on public forums, and social media platforms. The entire conversion rate affects by how well you treat your consumers. The quality of your customer service should be high on your priority list which in turn boosts sales.

Client Retention:

Both acquiring new clients and keeping existing ones are critical to your business. Repeat business is the outcome of a relationship you've built through good services. Only a happy customer will stay with a company, and this happens after they start to trust the business.

Consolto can take your customer experience & customer service to the next level

Customer service and customer experience can go hand in hand. Even when it comes to fostering brand loyalty.

It may seem impossible to provide excellent customer service & customer experiences together. But don't worry! There are solutions, like our customer experience software.

Consolto will assist you to manage both your service and customer experience. Respond to customer support requests via a variety of different channels. Tailor the entire customer experience with our software.

A wide range of customer experience management solutions from Consolto is available. Designed to handle your most important company issues or urgent client needs.

Some of the key features to consider when using a CRM-software for better customer service are:

Easy Installation: 

Some CRM systems might be challenging to install and set up. You might even need to pay someone to manage some of them on an ongoing basis. Consolto software is simple to install on any website. Employees can start using it right away without any extra training.

Consolto is a single-agent or multi-agent platform with a wide range of features to meet your company's needs.

Generate reports: 

With Analytics, you can refine your plan using data-based insights. You can identify the patterns and insights in your CRM with the use of reporting options. Consolto’s Analytics features are both robust and simple to use.

Security features: 

Customer information is delicate. Although it is valuable to you, it might turn into a liability if it falls into the wrong hands. Protect your data and maintain your clients' trust. CRM you select must provide the highest level of security.



At Consolto, customer privacy and security remain the top priority. Read our privacy policy here

Send & Receive Payments easily: 

Client payments are processed directly into the Consolto CRM. Through Paypal, you can accept payments from clients all across the world in real-time. Your company can send and receive payments 3x faster.

Billing and invoicing may not be the hippest aspects of your company. But, managing them can result in higher client retention.

It is quintessential to make your customer experience more workable. At Consolto, we cover each encounter a customer has with your service or merchandise.

Use multi-touch points to make the customer experience concrete with these Consolto features


Video chat 

Live chat


Screen sharing

ClickNtalk page

3D sense

Rich Communication center

Easy payment transfer

Whatsapp & FB messaging

and more..




Good intentions won't be enough to give your consumers a wonderful customer experience. You need software to organize and use all your consumer data effectively.

Your staff can provide great, individualized customer service thanks to the proper CRM. Additionally, it empowers you to better comprehend your clients' demands and preferences.

Procedures and policy changes can help an easier transition to a customer-centric organization.

The key to maximizing customer value is to be a customer-centric organization. Always consider the customer's perspective to reduce customer effort and increase customer value.

Do you believe your business should be customer-focused?

The best CRM software is crucial to becoming more customer-centric. Since this is where all your customer data is. Consolto offers a free 7-day trial demo to learn more about how it can benefit your company.

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