January 21, 2021

Digital nomads

While many of these technologies are meant to make the lives we’re already living easier and more comfortable, some of them are empowering entirely new ways of living and working. Increasing processing power for mobile devices alongside real-time communication tools like Slack and WhatsApp, video conferencing platforms like Consolto and Zoom and task management platforms like Monday.com and Jira are removing the need for office-based work.  

Remote workers and working from home are the new black. Dispersed teams working remotely, often from different parts of the world, are creating high impact products at the same levels of productivity -- and in some cases higher levels -- as office-based teams working in physical proximity.

Freelancers can work anywhere  

But it’s not just salaried employees who are jumping on the remote wagon. A new breed of freelancers have arrived on the scene. Aptly named “digital nomads”, these freelancers aren’t tied down to any location, or a permanent job. They often combine remote work with traveling. When they find a location they like, they’ll usually stay for a few months at a time, while working on freelance projects to pay the bills. 

You can find digital nomads in almost every major city in the world. However, they tend to spend most of their time in low-cost metropolitan areas. Particularly, cities like Chiang Mai in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, Lima in Peru, Berlin in German and Lisbon in Portugal are considered by many to be the best places to work remotely. These places tend to be very liberal, have large expat communities and lots of entertainment available. They tend to attract large groups of digital nomads that form communities that support each other.

Digital Nomads - With Consolto Video chat
Digital Nomads- with Consolto Video Chat

Digital nomad freelancers usually work for one or more clients in professions like web/UX design, content writing or social media management. When in need of new revenue streams, they often use freelancer marketplace platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr to find their gigs. However, the digital nomad lifestyle can be relevant to any professional with a valued service to provide. The blogosphere is full of stories of all sorts of professionals, especially therapists and consultants, that live the digital nomad life.

This lifestyle offers a wealth of benefits for those who choose to embrace an alternative way of living. This increasingly popular way of mixing work, life and travel is one of the fasting growing lifestyles there is today. By some estimates, there will be 1 billion digital nomads by 2035, as fast internet, powerful phones and increasing desire for freedom, life experiences and lower stress levels bring digital nomads into the mainstream.

Video chat is the enabler

Live video chat platforms like Consolto represent a highly important tool for any digital nomad. Using live video chat, digital nomads can provide their services, take part in meetings, onboard clients, and convert leads into new customers.

Consolto’s live video chat solution is particularly suited for digital nomads. Installed as a widget on your website, Consolto drives more effective, highly personalized interactions. Digital nomads can more easily offer their services through Consolto -- clients don’t need to sign in with credentials or download any software. The entire interaction is simple and hassle free. 

Consolto also includes a range of complementary tools that help to enhance and organize the interaction. You can take notes, invoice customers, record calls and simultaneously share your screens to enable a more immersive interaction. Super easy to install -- just one line of code -- Consolto offers a simple way to video chat that makes the transition to remote work and the digital nomad lifestyle that much easier. 

Another great feature for digital nomads is the ability to set up working hours. When someone tries to interact with you during when you’re off, they’re automatically redirected to your calendar where they’ll see your open slots and easily set up meetings. 

What’s more, Consolto is a great tool for converting website visitors into paying customers. Anyone visiting your website can simply click a button and begin interacting with you -- assuming that you’re available. This is great to help land new customers or answer questions that someone may have before they decide to work with you. 

The digital nomad trend is quickly gaining steam across the world as technology improves and more and more people embrace the advantages of this innovative lifestyle. Consolto’s live video chat solution is a great way to set up your website with the remote capabilities you’ll need to earn money on the road. Its powerful set of complementary business features -- alongside its high quality video capabilities -- enable you to provide better service and develop a deeper relationship with your customers. 

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