July 20, 2022

Benefits of CRM in email support services

Today's world is always experimenting with new ideas. Thus, your company needs something on which it can rely. Furthermore, in the era of chatbots, email is the key to winning over clients. A user favors interacting with actual people. It provides a sense of comfort and gives them a complete answer.

Having excellent email support guarantees a consistent user experience for all your clients. This is what will draw in new clients while keeping the ones you already have. Your email services can create the right impression regardless of the business.

How can businesses take advantage of email support services? Let's take a detailed look.

What is email support?

Email support is a primary channel companies use to offer customer service. 78% of consumers will do business with a company if customer service is excellent. As per the reports mentioned in SalesForce Research,

Email is the second-most powerful customer service medium for consumers after the phone. Despite the significance of email as a medium, businesses appear to be giving it less value.

Businesses should not overlook email support services. 62% of customers prefer email support as their primary way to communicate with brands.

Customers and businesses can use the trail messages in the email to refer to & track issues.

Customers find email support convenient because it allows for asynchronous communication. The client can send an email whenever it suits them, and the business will answer as soon as possible.


The Importance of Email Support for Customer Service

What can you do to differentiate your business from the most crucial competition? Is it a better product? Or by creating a marketing campaign? 

Although most of these strategies can help you succeed in your field. It can be surprising to learn that focusing on email services can help beat your competitors. Today customers get drawn to businesses that exhibit a human aspect.


                                      Source: Statista 

There are 4.26 billion email users globally, and might reach 4.6 billion by 2025. Most email users consider this channel secure from malicious internet activities. Especially, when signing up for lead forms on websites and newsletters. 

99% of email users check their email daily, with some checking more than 20 times daily.  

Key features of email support services

Access round the clock

You may send and receive emails from anywhere, whether you are at work or out for lunch. That means you may respond to customer inquiries at any time! Customers can get in touch with you 24/7, and you can immediately form an action plan.


It is possible to incorporate email support systems into other channels. Additionally, send an email at the same price, regardless of the sender list or distance. Save time and money, and your return on investment could even go up!

Private & easy to track

Customers can ask questions with specific details, and you can give clear answers. Customers will feel that you value their concern by doing this. Also, you can attach files, including receipts, tickets, screenshots, and other relevant paperwork. 

The right approach to email support service

There is no set template for email support service. Some important aspects for a better customer experience when engaging via email are:

Determine your email support style

Making your emails consistent with the services offered creates a better customer experience. Businesses should create a template and familiarize the whole customer support team. This would include the following-

  • Language structure
  • Personalization
  • Visuals
  • Workflow
  • Voice and tone

The major component of a great email support style is response time. 81% of customers want a response within 24 hours of reaching out, while 1 of 3 expects it within an hour.

Personalize your responses

Personalizing email interactions is more than < Hello first_name > opening statement. Customers want courteous and knowledgeable email support that can answer their questions.

According to Mckinsey & Company,59% of customers expect timely communications. Convey critical points about the product usage and services.

Explain industry jargon in simple and clear terms

You must have heard, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, then you don’t understand it yourself. “ The same applies to customer support. Customers don’t want lengthy industry jargon but clear explanations to their questions.

Showing empathy when communicating with customers using email will boost your customer experience.

Balance formal and casual tone

The email support tone can be either formal or informal, depending on the consumer. There was a recent study by Software Advice on more than 2,000 online users. 65% of all age groups preferred a casual tone over a professional customer service


                                          Source; Software Advice 

Sharing of good vs. bad news:

How should you deliver the good and bad news when solving customer complaints via email?

Researchers at UC-Riverside conducted a study. It tested which order should the good and bad news be. Here are the findings;

‘People who were given the bad news first were more likely to feel better about what they were told, while those who were given the bad news last were more motivated to act on it.’

Customers and organizations will both benefit by addressing common customer care issues. 90% of customers' questions are related to products, returns, customer service, etc.

Easy-to-understand tutorials & FAQ's can direct customers through the buying process.

Consider canned replies for automation

Email automation doesn't reduce human-human interactions. Auto-generated email responses can guide customers through company products. It can also be a placeholder before a customer service agent reviews the request.

Other benefits of email customer support automation include; 

  • Reduce human error
  • Maintain consistency in approach and tone
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Increase support team productivity
  • Streamline customer service communications 

Proactively follow up

Follow-up with the customers if they are experiencing a product issue or technical problem. Take regular feedback from the customer to sort out the issue. An interface will help customers to keep tabs on requests or bug resolutions.

It is a poor customer experience practice if you have to follow up on their email support requests. Consider this example for a follow-up email template.

It’s considered a poor customer experience when having to follow up on solutions to their email support requests. Consider this example follow-up email template.


 Source; Hubspot

Email support service features 

More number of customers will be sending emails to support service agents. Using relevant email support features can have the following advantages:

  • Each email assistance can have a personalized touch added at scale. email support at scale. Little details like emojis, slang, and humor help humanize the customer service conversation.
  • You save time through automated workflows. This enables customer service agents to focus on issue resolution. 
  • You understand the context of each email support request as it flows to the support team. You can deliver relevant support, improving customer experience. 

Automated ticket distribution 

This is a support feature that assigns tickets to agents using predefined rules.

For Example:

Suppose a customer is experiencing product defects. The email ticketing system routes the query to the staff member to solve the issue.

Consolto's CRM feature Voice Inbox Message lets customers drop voice messages. The customer support team can send responses by voice message instead of live chatting. Therefore, customers feel more satisfied and time is saved.

Self-service knowledge base

Email support solution must have a knowledge base for customers who wants self-service. A recent survey indicates that Customers would access a tailored and valuable online knowledge base for their needs.

One must audit the knowledge base to ensure the content is updated with products. Ask the following questions for an audit check; 

  • What would make the content more useful?
  • What would make the content easily accessible?
  • Why are customers, external and internal, not using the content?
  • Check for old and still relevant content?

Real-time reporting

Through real-time reporting, you can build excellent customer service and improve on feedback.

Customers are likely to share their simple workflows when trying to find a bug. Thus, the information gathered during interactions will be helpful to the product team. Especially when making decisions about product enhancements.

It is valuable for your business to have customers' opinions, suggestions, and feedback.

Get the necessary information right away.

Some email support issues take days to resolve. For instance, customers are experiencing a technical problem that requires expert staff input. In such cases, build a roadmap by allowing customer service agents to follow up and resolve the issue.

Some businesses have built-in tracking features that enable determine the product issue. While some organizations use email acknowledgment messages to request information.

Benefits of using CRM for email support services 

CRM manages and expands your company's relationship with its customers. A solid user base is essential to company success.

For example: include frequent purchases, contact business, what they click on, and more.

CRM's comprehensive data helps to deliver customized email campaigns. It also enables you to identify any holes in your sales funnel.

Email support is accessible from anywhere.

Businesses cannot ignore the need to deliver customer service from mobile. With over 4 billion email users, email support services are accessible from anywhere. Customers access four out of ten emails using a smartphone.

Let customers know they are interacting with humans when having email support conversations. Use these quick tips:

  • Repeat customer’s feedback to show you are listening
  • Use the customer’s name and users in the body text.
  • Adjust the language to fit the customer’s tone and approach

Consolto's Mini-CRM software stores your client's data in a centralized location. Everyone can access the data, from sales to the marketing team. The CRM also provides trends and important insights about your customers. For example, contact information, calls, sales activity, customer notes, user activity, and more.

It can be challenging to integrate your consumer insights into practical actions. There are chances of losing customer data when kept away from marketing channels. 

Install the Consolto CRM widget into your email marketing platform. Thus, ensuring that all the features operate as intended gives you the data you need.

Personalized Campaigns

Customize email marketing strategies to suit the interests and preferences of customers. Consolto's CRM software gathers, arranges, and stores relevant user data.


Track customer engagement to assess which marketing tactics are effective and unproductive. With this, you can check where your company can expand and develop.

Deliver a personalized customer experience through Consolto's custom styling feature. Businesses can design the interface and deliver a customized customer experience. 


Marketing is an evolving game of learning and adjusting. Consolto offers a consistent stream of basic client information. It Provides tools to test data across many campaigns and alter your strategy as needed. Analytics can show how many people clicked on your most recent email campaign link. Allows you to measure the campaign's effectiveness.

Convert leads to customers

Lead nurturing through email converts freemium into paid customers. A prospective customer reaches out to customer support for guidance before converting. How the email support team handles the issues can make or break client conversion. With Consolto's real-time chatting feature, convert leads into customers.

 Key points to remember when converting leads to customers, such as:

  • Provide access to free training or webinars for product onboarding questions
  • Offer free tool access to prospective customers to try your product solutions.
  • Escalate engagement by asking relevant questions to determine the customer’s pain points.


Although email services may have limits, such as deliverability, most customers still value the channel for assistance.

Consolto CRM widget integrates your email support service with technology. By providing outstanding features like messaging, Video chat, file transfer, scheduling & more.

Try our CRM to discover whether it's a good fit for you. Register now for a free trial, and we'll assist you in getting up and running.

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