December 27, 2022

Google Meet vs. Consolto: Which Is The Dynamic Video Calling Application for Small Businesses?

Virtual meetings are a new way to connect with employees and clients. Around 43% of businesses use video calling software to conduct meetings. In addition, 83% of businesses plan to get video calling software this year. 

The virtual environment has made it simpler for businesses to connect with potential customers. But, it has also increased the problem of scheduling and managing customer data. 

It is easier for a person to manage multiple clients' appointments and meet various clients with automation. 

Thus, many businesses are looking for the best video-calling applications to streamline their operations. 

Google Meet and Consolto are the two popular video meeting tools. Both these software have some amazing features to streamline your communications with customers. 

But, Consolto has some advantages over Google Meet that you can explore in this ultimate comparison between Google Meet vs. Consolto. 

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is a browser-based app that requires no installation. However, if you don't use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge—you may miss out on some features. 

For example, both browsers support virtual backgrounds, but the environments aren't available when using the same hardware. 

Google meet  - Source


The quickest way to begin is to go to the Google Meet homepage and click "Start Meeting." You can then copy the invite link and send it to anyone else who should join. 

If you use Google Workspace, however, you can also invite a group of people using Google Calendar. In addition, you can add Google Meet to the invite when you add an event. 

Besides this, you can have the "Start Meeting" link create a meeting in Google Calendar for you. 

Google wants you to use Google Meet as part of your Google Workspace participation. However, it still cares about Microsoft Office stores. 

A plug-in extension that allows you to create meetings from your Outlook calendar is available, but it is only for Windows-based PCs.

What is Consolto?

Consolto is a virtual workplace specifically dedicated for customer meetings. It is a video conferencing tool with a million abilities. It is perfect for client communication and support services.  


Consolto is a plug-in that you can install on your website. For example, it can add a widget on your website for customers to start video communication with your team members. 

It allows you to create an online video calling system without any hassle. Your customers or agents do not need to install any software to use this video conferencing software. 

There is also an option to create a custom meeting link and share it with attendees through email or any other social sharing platform.

It can operate from any web browser that the customer is using. The software also has excellent backend support for sales agents to manage their video appointments and customer data.

It can also integrate with all the leading payment transfer applications, analytical tools, and other business automation solutions. 

All in all, it is a complete solution to run your customer meetings remotely.

Google Meet vs. Consolto: Ultimate Comparison

 Google Meet and Consolto are two popular video calling software for businesses. Both software has some plus and negative points, making it difficult for businesses to select the right platform. 

So, to clear out some confusion, we have compiled this ultimate comparison between Google Meet vs. Consolto. 

Google Meet vs. Consolto: Pricing Plan

Google Meet Pricing

Pricing is the first thing that makes both software different from one another. Google Meet is free software. 

Yes, you can use this video conferencing software for free. But there is a catch.

Google Meet free users can only host meetings with a maximum of 100 participants for 60 minutes. 

Plus, they can't use US or international dial-in numbers, live streaming in-domain, intelligent noise cancellation, or save meeting recordings to Google Drive.

Though, Google Workspace users can upgrade Google Meet plans to use advanced features, such as:

  • Starter Plan for $6 per month/user
  • Standard Plan for $12 per month/user 
  • Plus Plan for $18 per month/user
  • To conduct meetings with over 500 users, get a customizable Enterprise plan. 

Consolto Pricing 

Consolto is not a free video-conferencing software. But it is also not only a video calling software. 

It is a mini customer relationship management software with 2-way scheduling features and full video conferencing capabilities - screen sharing, meeting recording, payment transfer, and many other features. 

Despite having many great features, the software is available at competitive rates. As a result, even a small business can afford this software to manage its customer support and sales operations online. Here are Consolto's pricing plans:

  • A 7-day free trial for all the paid plans. 
  • Smart Plan for $8.2 per month/user
  • Clever Plan for $16.4 per month/user 
  • Genius Plan for $32 per month/user
  • There is also an Enterprise plan to customize per your business requirements. 

Google Meet vs. Consolto: Features

Let's now compare the features of both software to understand which can better handle your business communication process.

Google Meet Features 

Google meet features

  • Browser support. Unlike most video conferencing software, there is no need to download Google Meet on your computer. Instead, you can start video meetings from your web browser. You can even conduct meetings using your Gmail application.
  • Transcription. Even with the free plan, you will get a transcription feature to understand better what people are saying in the meeting. But, it is available only in the English language as of now. 
  • Meeting layouts. Up to 16 members, you will get different layouts to identify which person is active.
  • Hand raising. Google has introduced the hand-raising feature to make communication smoother between multiple participants. This feature comes in handy when conducting meetings with your entire team.
  • Meeting backgrounds. Google Meet has added a customizable background feature to make meetings more focused and professional. It allows users to blur their backgrounds or add images to hide whatever mess is behind them during a virtual meeting.
  • Meet report extension. You can now use the Google Meet report to track more video meeting activity in your organization. You can see when a user starts a meeting, where they join meetings from, and who was in a meeting, for example. 
  • Breakout rooms. It helps to divide participants into smaller groups for specific discussions and reassemble them in the main meeting. This feature is also useful for organizing workshops and training sessions through video conferencing. 
  • Q&A channel. It is a channel for the audience to ask questions without disrupting the conversation. If you don't have time to answer everyone's questions, answer the ones with the most votes from the audience.

Consolto Features 

consolto features

  • Instant video calling. The no-show killer: Consolto allows customers to have instant communication with company agents. Customers can visit your website and click the video call button to start an instant meeting. They can also use a custom ClickNTalk link to have a meeting with a specific agent without any password or username hassle. The main benefit here is that the meetings happen within the business' website, surrounded by its brand.
  • 2-way scheduling. Consolto is one of the rarest video conferencing software  that provide 2-way scheduling feature. It allows agents to book direct appointments with potential clients. In the same way, customers can book appointments with particular agents to resolve their issues.
  • Screen sharing. Similar to Google Meet, Consolto also has a screen-sharing feature. But, our screen-sharing feature comes with 3-D senses. It allows attendees to pinpoint particular objects on any visual image during the video meetings. It helps to provide live demonstrations and resolve problems on the spot.
  • Meeting recording. Agents can record client meetings to share with their team members. In addition, they can use meeting recordings as reference points to create dynamic sales and marketing strategies. The main benefit of Consolto's meeting recordings is that these recordings are saved in the customer-profile, saved next to other interactions with that customer.
  • Mini CRM. Consolto has built-in CRM software. It helps businesses to record customer data in one place. Salespeople can access customers' data with one click and create customized sales proposals based on previous interactions.
  • Payment transfer. Integration with PayPal and Stripe enables users to receive payments within the software. This feature helps consultants to provide online consultation services and receive payments within the software. It can save them from the hassle of sending invoices and then waiting for payment approval.
  • Analytical dashboard. It is also an analytical solution for businesses to monitor their sales teams' performance. For example, this software can tell employers which sales agents made more successful cold calls during a specific period. It can also tell how many calls were answered and unanswered. 
  • Custom styling. Consolto allows you to custom style your video conferencing software based on your business logo, color tones, and other styling elements. As a result, it helps to promote your business during video calls.
  • File transfers. Customers can share different media files with agents during or after the meeting. It can help to understand clients' perspectives and essential information.
  • ClickNTalk page. It is a special feature that enables agents to create custom meeting links. For example, this link allows customers to start a video chat with a click. 

How Can Consolto Overshadow Google Meet?

Google Meet is free and easy to use with a simple interface. But Consolto has many advantages over it. 

Let's explore those advantages in depth. 

Scheduling & Appointment Management 

Google Meet allows you to schedule an appointment with another user through your Gmail account. But, if you are not a Google Workspace user, your appointments will not integrate into your calendar. 

It can make it hard to remember all your appointments. You might need an assistant to manually add all your appointments to your calendar. 

On the other hand, Consolto has no such problem. It comes with an integrated scheduling feature. 

As we have already explained, it has a dual scheduling feature, which simplifies the appointment scheduling process for agents and customers. 

scheduling consolto ‍

Moreover, Consolto can integrate with almost all the leading calendar applications. So if you are not using Google Calendar, our software can still sync your appointments to your digital calendar.

Website Embedding

Consolto plug-in can embed on your website. It enables your customers to make quick video call with your available agents. 

Consolto widget

It also allows customers to schedule appointments and share media files through a widget present on your website. You can also live chat with agents without the website. 

On the other hand, Google Meet has no such feature. Instead, you must create a meeting link and invite participants using their email addresses to start a meeting. It is inconvenient when you want to have a quick interaction with your customers.

Customer Database 

Google Meet and Consolto allow you to share text messages during video or audio calls. But, the problem with Google Meet is that all the messages will vanish when the meeting ends. 

You cannot relocate those messages that were shared during the meeting. On the other hand, Consolto has resolved this problem. 

It has an integrated CRM system that stores all the interactions during meetings. This way, agents can access messages shared during the meeting at any time. 

No Google Reservation

Google Meet is a product created by Google. It is designed to help people working on Google Workspace communicate and conduct team meetings. 

Therefore, most Google meet features are reserved for only Google users. If you are not a Google fan, you may not access several Google meet features. 

But, Consolto has no such issue. This software can integrate with all the popular web browsers and mobile applications. 

You can use this software without downloading anything on your computer. You can click the video call button and interact with the other person. 

Google Meet vs. Consolto: Who Wins?

It is not about winning or losing. Both video conferencing software has some great features that small businesses can use to streamline their communication flow. 

In the end, it comes to your business needs. You will find Google Meet the best solution if you want to work with your team on Google Workspace. 

But, when you want to provide a virtual environment for your customers and employees to connect and work together, Google meet is insufficient. 

You need Consolto to run your virtual business through various tools like video conferencing, scheduling, and more. It is the complete solution for remote businesses to manage their customers and improve their experience. 

So, if you want to try Consolto, you can book a consultation with our team today!

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