October 31, 2019

How To Increase Sales in Your E-Commerce Website

Whether you own a clothing brand or jewelry line, there are plenty of advantages your e-commerce business can adopt that will drive sales. First, lets start off by addressing this: all customers run into problems where questions naturally arise throughout their shopping process. As necessary information may be inaccessible, their frustration deters their interest off your website, causing a variety of unfavorable results. 

If you were able to respond and provide solutions for all issues your buyers potentially incur, not only will they be satisfied with the experience they receive, they will be more educated and that much closer to their decision to purchase.

Fortunately, you have the ability to interrupt their dissatisfaction by directly communicating with any potential buyer. Real-time communication tools such as video chats and messaging enable shoppers to connect with you, the true expert of your products.

Direct video interactions pave new and innovative opportunities of connection possibilities. You can physically display product demonstrations and how-to’s while conversing and addressing customer questions and curiosities. Additionally, this service point allows assistance and advice to be given to handle business operations such as customer service. The state of availability you provide will ultimately and undoubtedly lead to phenomenal and reliable satisfaction for your customers.

So what results derive from higher customer satisfaction?

Immediately, this could lead to larger purchase orders. With the presence of industry experts when a customer wants assistance, recommendations of complimentary products can be made.

Further, repurchasing occurs at a significantly higher rate. 

50% of consumers would use a company more frequently after a positive customer experience. (https://www.newvoicemedia.com/blog/the-multibillion-dollar-cost-of-poor-customer-service-infographic)
‍Source: https://www.newvoicemedia.com/blog/the-multibillion-dollar-cost-of-poor-customer-service-infographic

Additionally, your customer’s experience will spread by word-of-mouth to their peers which will become aware of your brand and lead to more orders. 

After having a positive experience with a company, 77% of customers would recommend it to a friend. (https://experiencematters.blog/2017/02/23/customer-experience-leads-to-recommendations-charts-for-20-industries/)
‍Source: https://experiencematters.blog/2017/02/23/customer-experience-leads-to-recommendations-charts-for-20-industries/

Many tools are required for businesses today in their marketing effort (great explanation here). However, adding messaging as well as video/audio interactions to a website are becoming an essential piece of building reliable and appreciated customer experiences.

In Consolto.com, the team is building rich interaction layers that enable businesses to deliver their service over live media (chat, audio, video) as well as additional rich-media tools. These help businesses provide real services online in ways unimagined before

Many tools are required for businesses today

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