September 29, 2022

How to Use Video Conferencing in Business? (7 Growth Strategies)

Video conferencing is the new way for companies to communicate with their customers and employees. Around 78% of corporate organizations are today using video calling software. Thus, it is essential to learn how to use video conferencing in business organizations for everyone.

Video calling enables businesses to have face-to-face meetings regardless of physical barriers. It allows companies to go remote and still stay connected.

After the pandemic, the video platform demand has increased by 265%. And, live chat demand expanded up to 194%. 


Video meetings help to offer personalized services to your global customers. It can let you leverage global talent and grow your business. 

But, all that is only possible when you use video conferencing the right way. 

Virtual meetings are different from traditional office meetings. It takes proper planning and tools to drive higher ROI from video conferencing. 

So, what are the right strategies to use video conferencing in business?

This guide will show how to use video conferencing in business to receive excellent results. 

Why Is Video Conferencing Essential for Businesses? 

Video conferencing breaks all the physical barriers. It allows businesses to go global in a click. 


Besides this, video conferencing can help businesses in several manners, such as: 

Add personal touch to communication 

Video conferencing helps businesses to conduct meetings with personal touch.

They can talk or chat with people from around the globe. Businesses can connect with potential customers to understand their pain points. 

Video calling enables businesses to understand their customers better via facial expressions and hand gestures. 

It leads to faster project completion and deal sign ups. 

Find the relevant information 

Businesses can use video calling to collect relevant information about their customers.

Many modern video calling tools like Consolto comes with builtin mini CRM. It removes the need to get cloud storage and maintain boring Excel sheets. 

You can record your video calls, store chats and media files in a place. All you need to do is click on a customer name and the entire database will appear on your screen. 

Cost-effective solution 

Video conferencing is a cost-effective method to conduct face-to-face interaction. You don’t have to travel to conduct meetings.

Right from your office desktop, you can meet with potential customers worldwide. Apart from saving money, it can also save time. 

Suppose you have to meet a client in Ohio on Monday. And another one in California on Tuesday. 

Now, this will not only increase your travel cost. But, also waste your time between long flight times. 

All this traveling can tire you out like a dog. You won’t even have energy to present your ideas to your prospects. 

So, video calling is a cost-saving and energy-saving solution. 

Improve your team’s productivity 

Video conferencing can improve your team’s productivity. When your employees don’t have to spend hours traveling, they can better focus on your customers' needs. 

Sales agents can focus on individual leads and customize sales pitches. They can offer deals to customers that they can’t say no to. 

Moreover, your team can get time for upskilling. They can enroll into online courses or peer training programs. 

So, it is a great idea to introduce video conferencing to your team. It can improve your overall company’s productivity level. 

Better collaboration 

The biggest remote work challenge is collaboration. Remote business organizations always struggle to establish a smooth collaboration flow between their employees.

The root cause of this problem is several communication channels. 

From emails to Slack, companies use many platforms to share information. This can create chaos in the workflow. 

A video conferencing solution with live chat and scheduling features can improve remote team collaboration. 

Thus, get a comprehensive video conferencing solution to improve your remote team collaboration. 

How to Use Video Conferencing in Business: Top 7 Strategies 

Video conferencing is a simple and easy way to communicate with your team and customers. It enables you to have face to face interaction despite physical barriers.


Businesses can use video calling in several ways. They can use video calls to provide a better customer experience. Streamline workflow and improve coordination among remote employees.

But, to gain all the video conferencing benefits, it is important to implement it in the right way.

Video calling can increase your sales agents workload if you don’t have a proper strategy to implement it. 

So, here is how to use video conferencing in business the right way:

1. Select the best video conferencing software 

First of all, pick a competent video conferencing solution. The tool can help you align your workflow and improve productivity. 

Nowadays, many video calling tools are available like Zoom and Google Meet. But, video conferencing needs for businesses are different. 

For instance, Zoom is a perfect tool for personal video calling. It has a password and a shareable link that people can use to have team meetings. 

But, when you wish to offer a live chat facility to your customers, Zoom fails. It doesn’t allow you to make instant video calls. 

Moreover, it requires appointment scheduling software support to schedule a video call. 

As a result, it will only increase your business cost as you have to invest in several tools. 

So, the bottom line is to find the suitable video conferencing tool to meet your goals. 

To find the best video conferencing software, define your requirements and then, look for the best options. 

Suppose you want a video chat platform without installation hassle. In that case, you can get Consolto. 

Consolto offers a website widget as well as a "ClickNTalk" page. You can add the widget to your website and your customers can schedule or have an instant call with you. 

2. Get an integrated solution 

Business automation is a dual-impact sword. It has made it easy to perform several business operations. But, too many business tools are confusing. 

There you have a tool to book appointments, record data and more. In short, there is a tool for every business operation. 

Now, the problem is to move data from all apps to a place. A centralized location for sales and marketing teams to access the right information. 

It increases human workload to collect data from different sources. After that, you have to group data to make it relevant. 

Now, that’s too much confusion! 

Thus, having a video calling software that can integrate with other business solutions is the best. 

At Consolto, we have developed a complete business solution. Our platform has built in: 


  • Mini CRM 
  • Contact forms 
  • Chatting 
  • Call recording 
  • Screen sharing, etc. 

It enables businesses to handle all their operations from a dashboard. 

Let’s take an example. 

When a customer requests a product demo during a video call, there is no need to open another tool. From the Consolto window, you can use the screen sharing or 3D model to give a live demo. 

Not only that. You can record the entire meeting and store it within the tool. This allows you to refer back to your meetings. 

And all that from within the platform. 

3. Don’t stress your sales agents 

Video conferencing is here to reduce your sales agents workload, not to increase it. 

Live video chat is an excellent way to improve customer experience and engagement. 

But, for small businesses, it is not easy to receive customer calls in real-time. It requires a big team to interact with customers in real-time. 

On top of it, time zone hassle adds more work on your employees plate. 

So, the best solution is to fix video consultation hours. You can fix an hour or two in a day to receive video calls. 

This way, your sales team can schedule their workflow and still attend customer calls. 

What if a customer calls at the wrong time? 

Well, then nothing. The software can let customers schedule an appointment for the next available slot. 

So, you will not lose a lead even if you miss a sales call.  

4. Keep all the notes handy 

Many times you need to look at a customer's notes during a video call. Customers might refer to your previous chat or want a custom solution. 

Now, imagine you have to open your CRM software and search for the relevant information. Or, worse, you have to look through Excel sheets. 


This will only extend your call and frustrate your customer. 

Thus, always keep all the essential notes related to a customer handy before hopping on a call. 

To solve this problem, we have added a notes feature in our software. 

Businesses can add notes to a specific customer head. So, they can use them during video calls to deliver the best services.

5. Simple video calling process 

Nobody likes complex things. Your customers might not book a video call when they have to perform a hundred things to call you. 

The same way, your employees will hate it when they have to use a complex video calling software. 

Thus, you need to simplify your video calling process. You have to create simple front-end and back-end video conferencing solutions. 

Front-end is how your users see your video calling option. Ensure to have a clear and straightforward video call button on your website. 

Consolto users can display a video call option in a widget form at the bottom of a web page. It allows website visitors to make or book a video call from any page with a click. 

On the other hand, a simple backend interface helps your employees to manage video calls better. 

A graphic-rich console with zero codes is perfect. 

When you use a simple video conferencing, you don’t need to provide training to your staff. So, always get software that your non-technical employees can use. 

6. Use a stable tool

There is nothing worse than call drop. Imagine you are about to close a deal and your video conferencing tool stops responding. 

You can lose a well-vetted lead due to your poor tool. So, always invest in the best quality video conferencing platform. Even if you have to spend a couple of extra bucks. 

But, good video conferencing tools are not expensive. For instance, Consolto is available for only $8.2 per seat/month. 

It is a competitive rate that even a small team can afford. 

Apart from the stable tool, you need to check other technical features before starting a video call, such as:

  • Your internet connection
  • Your computer or laptop performance
  • Other accessories like microphones, speakers, etc. 

7. Branded video conferencing experience 

Video conferencing is an amazing marketing tool. It can help businesses to connect with their potential customers. It improves team coordination and productivity. 

Thus, you should use video conferencing to provide a branded experience to your customers. It means, you should customize your video calling with your brand colors and messages. 

Here’s how you can create a branded video calling experience:

  • Custom Welcome Messages for various occasions like when you can’t pick a call at the moment. 
  • Show Widget on pages that receive high traffic. 
  • Custom Buttons with personalized content to motivate users to book a video call. 
  • Customer White Labeling using different colors to organize them better. 
  • Custom Styling to spread your brand messages and promote it. 

How to Use Video Conferencing in Business: Parting Note 

There you go, businesses. You have explored how to use video conferencing in business. 

As you can see, video conferencing is useful to improve customer experience and promote your business. But, the success of video conferencing business growth strategy depends on your video calling software.

You need a stable, reliable and easy to customize video conferencing software for your business.

And that’s where Consolto comes. 

You can schedule a free demo session with our team to better understand the tool. 

There is also a free 7-days trial to test drive the platform. 

So, let’s grow your business with video conferencing today!

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