Jenny Jones Used Consolto to Double His Revenue, Here’s How
Jenny Jones Used Consolto to Double His Revenue, Here’s How


Jenny Jones knows a thing or two about building successful businesses. The author of “The 6 Degrees of Conversions” and former writer for Yahoo Finance, Jenny is a sought out authority on digital marketing  and has a passion for helping people grow their hide hussels into profitable businesses. 

Jenny recently launched a new online course--The 2X Coaching Blueprint--which offers professional coaches and consultants a blueprint strategy for making maximal use of Consolto as a way to to double their revenue and scale their business. The course teaches the fundamentals of developing a complete sales system that will support professionals on their way to doubling their revenue within just 12 months. 

Jenny and the Consolto team connected during Consolto’s recent AppSumo campaign. Jenny immediately realized the value that a comprehensive videochat solution built to meet the needs of remote businesses could provide to his business, and he purchased a lifetime deal. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 

Jenny was highly impressed by the different ways that Consolto streamlined his business, and he was soon generating significantly more revenue through the capabilities the platform delivers. As a professional coach and consultant for other business coaches and consultants, it was clear to Jenny that this value could be shared among his colleagues, and so he partnered with Consolto and his new online course (mentioned in the previous paragraph) was born. 

Consolto’s customer-centric videochat platform was built specifically with the needs of SMBs, coaches and consultants in mind. Focused on empowering the delivery of highly personalized, direct interactions, the platform’s different features come together to enable streamlined remote experiences between businesses and their clients. 

An array of backend operational features help businesses to easily run every aspect of their remote business from one, centralized platform without any additional 3rd party software or plugins. From payments, scheduling and a min-CRM all the way to a rich communication center and in-depth analytics, Consolto delivers the goods. 

After purchasing his lifetime deal, Jenny began communicating with the Consolto team as a way to learn more about the product and make optimal use out of his powerful new videochat platform. The Consolto team was more than happy to oblige, and soon realized that Jenny’s approach to their platform was uniquely innovative. They then began providing him with in-depth training sessions focused on delivering tips and tricks that would empower Jenny to use Consolto to its fullest. 

Jenny soon saw how Consolto’s rich variety of features could be leveraged to the benefit of his consulting business. For example, Jenny leveraged Consolto’s ClickNTalk feature as a landing page for any prospect clicking on his ‘Free Trial’ CTA. That way, his prospects had the choice of either setting up a time to speak or engaging immediately. While some did leverage the scheduling feature, the majority wanted to engage immediately via the chat button. 

Many of these prospects interacted with Jenny throughout the 15-minute free trial; when they asked to go over the free time allotted, Jenny used Consolto’s payment feature to ensure that the payment (via PayPal) was collected before the premium consultation began. 

Jenny’s course provides anyone considering using Consolto with a number of value-generating use cases that can be leveraged to streamline their remote interactions and generate more revenue. 

Check out this short video for a taste of how Jenny Jones uses Consolto to level up his remote business! 

Do you also want to be featured in a Consolto article? Reach out to us to let us know how you use Consolto to streamline your business!

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