Mobile-friendly Video Chat
Mobile-friendly Video Chat


By all accounts -- COVID-19, or no COVID-19 -- remote operations enabling businesses to work from home is here for the long haul. Reasons for this abound, and include cost-savings, increased productivity and happier employees who suddenly don’t have to commute! As more and more large companies make #WFH permanent, smaller outfits are also jumping on the bandwagon. Businesses of all sizes -- and from every industry -- are shutting down their offices and setting their employees up with the equipment and mindset required to get their work done from home. 

But setting up remote operations can be a difficult endeavor. Employees still need to be trained and monitored and motivation needs to stay high. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Going remote for even small businesses can become complicated operations, with different departments and their different needs. While it may be a cinch to shift your sales to remote operations at the drop of the dime, your return and cancelation rates will skyrocket if you aren’t able to quickly set up remote, digital support centers.

Most traditional support centers simply aren’t equipped to make the switch. Employees aren’t able to set up complicated technical equipment on their own and many are used to using their phones to give support and guide customers through complicated procedures and processes. What’s more, as these professionals are on the frontline of the customer experience, they are often closely monitored and tracked to ensure that they are performing at top levels. 

Live Video Chat Supports Remote Call Centers

Cloud-based, scalable live video chat platforms are a powerful solution for anyone looking to quickly set up their remote call center. Customer support agents can use their home computers or even their phones to deliver service to your customers. Support sessions can be kicked off from your employees’ garage-office, kitchen or even from the comfort of their favorite easy chairs. 

Consolto’s advanced live video chat platform offers online businesses a fast, easy way to set up remote support operations. 

Support for multiple agents. Set up a dedicated support page on your website and add Consolto there, front and center. Consolto is installed as a widget on your website, so any customers in need of support can easily kick off a session by proactively clicking the live chat button. Support for multiple agents means that you can create a unique user for each one of your support personnel. 

Easy setup. Consolto is super easy to install on any website. Just one, simple line of code is all that’s required to get the solution up and running on any website page you like. You can have Consolto’s live video chat installed on your website in just minutes. Individual team members simply log in to their user and real-time video chat requests for support sessions are routed directly to them.

Performance tracking and monitoring. Consolto’s in-depth performance analytics offers you insights into the performance of each individual team member so that you can easily track and monitor how well each one of them is doing. You can easily check out each one of your agents’ performance through the admin panel, which offers individual level scores on the support metrics that matter to you and your operation.

Advanced back office. Each of your agents is set up with their very own personal back office through which they can field calls, answer live chats and access in-depth information about their interactions. This simplifies the entire chat flow, making it easy to provision support for complicated issues that may require multiple sessions to solve. Customers can easily share their screens to help move the process along and even send and receive files to enable seamless support provision. 

Make sure that you train each of your team members on all of the relevant aspects of the Consolto platform. Let each one set up their preferred communication channels -- Consolto provide support for live video chat, live chat across multiple channels, phone, SMS and more. Eliminate email as a communication channel -- it’s a slow, ineffective and inefficient way to communicate. Encourage your team members to adopt live video chat as their main communication channel. 

With the future of work looking more and more remote, it’s crucial that businesses are able to move their entire operations to the digital sphere. Consolto empowers fast and easy setup of virtual support centers to ensure that your customers receive the support and care that they deserve. 

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