July 7, 2022

Omnichannel Customer Experience Solutions for Your Business

Omnichannel Customer Experience Solutions for Your Business

We live in a fast-paced world with newer digital experiences. All consumers today seek a seamless customer experience across many devices. 

As a business, you may have made it your top priority to offer a great customer experience. So, you must be always on the lookout for using newer ways to enrich your customers’ journey. 

Consumers have more than one way to interact with your brand. That is the reason you send promotional emails and create alluring landing pages. 

Today, omni channel customer experience is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Different channels are available for your customers. So, they can use them to reach out and learn more about your products and services. 


What is an Omnichannel Customer Experience?

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Omnichannel experience for customers provides a smooth flow across various touch points. 9 out of 10 consumers prefer an omnichannel experience with seamless services. It involves many channels for sales, marketing, and customer support. 

You offer a smooth experience across all channels when you use omnichannel methods. This is irrespective of the track the customer uses to reach out to your business.

Is omnichannel customer experience the same as multi-channel experience?

You can have a variety of customer engagement strategies. It can be multi-channel or omnichannel.

 Note that both are not the same. In simple terms, all omnichannel experiences use many channels. Customers can come to you from various channels. It can be via phone, email, video chat, social media or the website.

But, not all multi-channel experiences can be omnichannel. 

Here is the key difference. Omnichannel businesses provide a single place for all customer interactions. It means that all functions occur from a united platform. 

This includes various functions such as purchasing, planning, marketing, and customer relationship management 

Yet, for a multi-channel approach for customers, every channel is unique. You need to provide different ways to manage them. 

Thus, your customers may not get a free-flowing experience with multichannel customer care. For example, they may find your phone support average while the chat service may be excellent.

Increasing Demand for Omnichannel Customer Experience

Omni channel marketing, is becoming a must-have for any modern business. Multi-channel retail offers more convenience to customers as it is open round-the-clock.

Yet this structure has a fundamental flaw. It has various channels working in parallel instead of working together. This results in annoying real-life situations. Some common ones that popped up were a lack of inventory or order delivery issues. 

This has paved the way for omnichannel marketing, which has revolutionized retail forever. 

A well-designed omnichannel retail strategy combines all existing channels. It makes them work together and creates a unified experience for the customers. It makes the customer the centre of all processes. 

Customers can now access everything in real-time. They can approach you online, at the physical store, or on the phone.

Customers are free to begin their journey on one channel and finish it on a different one. For example, they can order something online and get it delivered to the nearest store.

How is omnichannel customer experience significant for your business?

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A well-designed omnichannel system offers an awesome customer experience. This calls for a detailed understanding of the customer's journey across various channels. 

In 2022 and beyond, you don’t only need to have a marketing presence across many channels. You must also ensure a compelling brand message at all times. 

BOPIS, or “buy online and pick up in-store”, has become popular today. A McKinsey report mentions that 60-70% of consumers use omnichannel shopping. Social media has now become the new portal for “window shopping.”

Let us see how you can create more value for your business with an omnichannel experience. 

Personal experience

You can offer your customers a robust personalized experience. They can contact you through their preferred method. This means they can buy your product in-store or online, or contact via phone or live chat. 

For example, an in-store shopping customer can show a store worker the product they found on your app to find it. This way of personalisation enhances the customer experience. In turn, it increases conversion. So, you get more chances of getting a paying customer. 

See your customer’s journey

An omnichannel experience gives you a detailed map of your customer’s journey. It provides a single place for all customer interactions. Thus, you can get useful information about your customers’ behaviour. You can use that to improve your business decisions.

Higher customer retention

Omnichannel experience gives more power to your customers to connect with your brand. They can connect with their preferred channel. This improves customer satisfaction and their relationship with your business.

Long term customers

When your business delivers quick response, it creates a sound image. Then, customers prefer to choose you again and again. Such a customer experience offers 30% more value to your business. This is because it becomes simple to get in touch with your company. 


An omnichannel interaction provides an improved customer experience. This, in turn, brings greater brand loyalty. A survey shows an interesting result. Customers are 90% more likely to purchase from a brand that connects to them through three or more channels. 

They will stick with a brand that gives them excellent customer service. This is a great way to convert one-time buyers into regular customers. 

Challenges of Many Customer Channels 


Are you facing a tough time collecting data from different channels as a marketer? Or has the process of creating a seamless customer journey become a distant dream? 

It is obvious that when you have a lot of channels, more will be challenges associated with them. Most businesses face a common problem. The retail infrastructure for omnichannel support is not up to the mark. 

So, the business often fails to meet customer demands and goals. 

Also, your business will invite trouble if one channel has no idea what the other channel needs are. There is a need for all channels to communicate with one another. 

 Only then you can offer your customers a seamless experience. Take care to connect the dots to create a personalized experience for your customers.

Create an immersive omnichannel customer experience with Consolto


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Businesses have realized the importance of an omnichannel experience. You will find the market flooded with various marketing automation. This is where Consolto comes forward to provide retailers with a way to stand out. 

Create an omnichannel experience for your business with Consolto. Here is how to get get started. 

1. Know your audience


To begin with, you should be aware of what your clients want, when, and how your business can provide that. You can carry out some research to understand your target audience and their needs. Also, make sure how you can fulfil those needs both online as well as offline.

You may have a niche audience looking for a particular thing. Or, you may have a mixed audience. It all depends on what product or service you offer. So, you will need to develop your strategy to fit and suit several customer personas. 

 So, if you are looking for a multi-agent video chat solution for your website, Consolto is for you. You can provide professional video call sessions online to your clients with it. Explore the power of Consolto and convert visitors to your website into customers!

2. Identify your customer journey

The first thing you need to do is to identify the type of your customers. Get to know what channels they use to approach you. Find out the path they take to make their purchases. 

With this map in place, you can identify areas where you can offer an omnichannel experience. For example, when you trace your customers’ journey, you may come across this common issue. Many customers add your product to their carts but do not complete the purchase on your website. 

This may not always be a will issue. Sometimes, customers may find it difficult to change their cart. So, they end up abandoning their cart.

‍With Consolto, you can install a live video chat option on the ‘review cart’ page. So, if your customer faces any issues while adding or removing the product from the e-cart, you can help them. They can contact your customer service agent for help. The agent can help them with detailed instructions to complete their purchase. 

‍Consolto helps you make professional interactions with your customers. It comes with a complete suite of business tools to supercharge your remote business. Instead of using many tools for different needs, Consolto provides an all-in-one solution.

With a super simple website plug-in, you can help your clients almost immediately. Consolto’s Direct Click’NTalk page is a remarkable way to start remote interactions. This will work even when you don’t have a website.

3. Fit your content on different-size screens

Creating an omnichannel experience for different devices is a challenge in itself. Your users can use any type of device. So, you need to optimize the content for different devices and screens. ‍

Your target is to help your clients interact with your brand. Also, this should be done according to their preferences. Also, they should be able to switch across different channels. 

‍But, this may not happen for most business websites. This can result in causing hurdles in your customer’s online journey. It may also cause them to drift away from your website or not make a purchase.

Consolto comes with a widget where you can video chat from within your website. Neither your customer nor you will need to install anything.

With Consolto, you can create a single-agent or a multi-agent platform. You can include many features as per your business needs. What’s more, Consolto can work on computers, mobile phones, and tablets! 

4. Use omnichannel support services

Your customers can approach you in many ways.‍ 

So, you can plan to provide them with flexible customer support. Let your customers communicate with an agent in the channel they prefer. 

You can arrange remote meetings with customers. Consolto lets you schedule appointments through video chat and messaging. Consolto lets you set up multi-agent teams that can handle many one-on-one sessions. 

 This will be convenient for a variety of clients. You may have different marketing reps or service providers, as your clients. Whatever the type of your client, Consolto has your back!

 With Consolto, you can turn your business website into a virtual office in minutes. You get a range of features. These include video calls, screen sharing, and appointment schedulers. You can also view your client's screen or share your screen with a single click. 

With a system like Consolto, you can combine various agents’ contact options. So, you can provide web calls, live chat, video calls and browse on one screen. 

This can help them navigate between interactions when required. These new channels will sync with existing email and phone channels. 

Consolto offers a comprehensive video chat plugin. You can use it as a single solution for your sales and marketing teams, consultants and even coaches. Now is your chance to increase conversions!

5. Create a wholesome experience from start to finish. 

The early stages of the customer journey are easy to handle. You can offer a seamless customer experience here. But, this begins to decline in the later stages of sales. Does your company also provide a post-sale omnichannel experience for your customers?

 Your customer will need to further engage with the brand after its sale. Then also, you need to extend the omnichannel experience. Consolto helps you deliver a complete omnichannel experience. 

The Advanced Scheduling features allow your site visitors to schedule meetings with you. Your customer support reps can also invite them on chat. Use these features to provide various options to solve their query. So, you can end the customer’s journey while keeping the sale. ‍

 Consolto’s white-label interface does not need extra installations. What you get is a single platform for remote sessions. So, you can create more productive agents and keep customers happy.

You can also collect payments via PayPal. Customers can contact you through text messages and chat, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger. You even get a micro-CRM and your website analytics.

6. Features, features, and features

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You can deliver a good quality customer experience. And all this by catering to the various needs of your customers!

With Consolto, you can offer bi-directional appointment scheduling. This empowers both you and your clients to send and receive meeting requests.

You can set available time slots for your team. You can even use the two-way integration with Google Calendar. With advanced configurations, you can set agents on priority. You can even define their access permissions. In all, you can set up a customized communication environment. 

Consolto also offers powerful data analytics. So, you can get powerful insights you’re your customer behaviour. This includes statistics about page views, time spent on-page, and agent interaction. You can use these tracking features to personalize your customer interactions. The result will always be better conversions.

What’s more, Consolto has in-built CRM features. With these, you can access all centralized data. This includes text and voice messages, contact forms, shared documents, and meeting summaries.

Before you go...

It is important to note that your customers can contact you both online and offline. For an omnichannel strategy to work, you need to integrate all your online channels. 

At the same time, your physical store or office should also be part of the strategy. Only then you can offer a holistic customer experience.

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