How Omnichannel provides a better customer experience in healthcare
How Omnichannel provides a better customer experience in healthcare


Omnichannel means meeting the customer demands at every touch point. The buyer can choose to interact with the brands over different channels.

Businesses must pay attention at every stage of the consumer journey. For Example: Finding the brand, customer service, and product returns. With this, brands can establish a long-term connection with customers.

In the framework of the healthcare sector's Omnichannel. It gives patients more options for consulting with a doctor than the traditional technique.

Omnichannel aims to meet customers wherever they are. Thus, giving the best services to the customers at every touch point.

The changes are likely to boost in the coming years. The provision of healthcare is moving toward omnichannel customer service.

The addition of mobile healthcare apps has helped to a great extent. The omnichannel engagement has become a cost-effective alternative for patients to access clinicians.

Health care consumers are using online platforms to provide regular & specialist care. There has been a boom in virtual health services. Healthcare systems uses an omnichannel strategy to identify, diagnose, and treat patients.

According to the survey by 2040 most health services will switch to virtual settings. Hence, many organization is designing virtual as part of their patient care delivery.

  • Webinars, for example, are helping patients learn more about disease prevention.
  • Remote patient monitoring tool allows physicians to connect with patients in their homes. The tools keep a check on the health status. Thus lowering hospital admissions and enhancing patient satisfaction and treatment relapse.
  • Physicians can access patient photos and reports, allowing for faster diagnosis. In some cases, artificial intelligence detects and highlights possible problems. Such, virtual tools aid in better treatment.

Let's go deeper! and understand the importance and benefits of omnichannel customer experience in healthcare.

Importance of Omnichannel customer experience in Health care

Providing a multichannel customer experience should be a priority in the healthcare industry. A good patient experience must be the focus of every customer service employee. Positive relationships between the patient and the client are critical.

In healthcare, patients should receive the best care possible. Revenue should not play an essential factor. 

Customer service is essential in the healthcare sector for the following reasons:

Poor customer experience can lead to big problems:

Customer service performance is a sign of significant management issues. A business with a solid and efficient system is likely to offer a good customer experience. 

Poor service methods can be caused by a lack of training, inefficiency, and poor data quality. These can impact operational costs besides patient care.

Inaccurate or Bad data:

Errors, wrong records, and staff's inability to access data can lower customer service. Malpractice claims and blunders could even prove fatal. Thus, it is crucial for the healthcare sector to maintain accurate patient data.

Happy patients return to the same services:

A good customer experience can recommend healthcare to their friends and families. A good or bad experience is a major factor in deciding patient satisfaction. Experiences would also determine if a patient will use the services in the future or not.

Customer experience can set quality standards.

Employing the best doctors and nurses is not enough to provide good services to patients. Healthcare organizations should aim to build lasting relationships. Health care providers should provide accurate medical information while showing empathy and speed.

The need for Omnichannel in Healthcare Industry

Consumers today demand and expect healthcare firms to deploy digital strategies. This can accommodate evolving patient preferences and an increased dependency on mobile devices.

According to McKinsey reports-

In the year 2020, 80% of MedTech companies shifted their marketing costs to digital media.

By 2025, two-thirds of MedTech companies expect internet channels to account for more than 20% of their revenue.

Omni-channel is paramount to the healthcare sector's success. Real-time, face-to-face connection has been the foundation of traditional patient customer service. 

The health centers must adopt technology to adapt to a wide range of patient experiences. Technology improves healthcare outcomes, which in turn raises patient satisfaction. 

Think about the following instances: 

  • An integrated widget on the website pops up for the agent when a patient calls to make an appointment. The pop-up window allows the agent to see the patient's medical history.

As a result, the agent can identify the hospital and doctor the patient visits in real-time. 

  • Patients experience anxiety before hospital visits. Proactive customer service is the best approach during this time. Send a gentle reminder to show up for the appointment. You can send text notifications, arrange a wheelchair, and ensure a smooth process. 
  • Support agents have a significant role in lowering readmission documentation. The staff has solutions to counteract this, thanks to omnichannel functionality.

Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Experience in Healthcare

Through investments in customer experience plans, you may increase sales and happy consumers.

Eighty-three percent of B2B leaders believe that an omnichannel strategy is a better way to win new business.

Following are the benefits of the omnichannel experience for you and your patients:

Gives customers a consistent experience:

With an omnichannel strategy in place, customers receive a consistent experience. Regardless of where or what device they use. 

Consistency breeds relationships with your users. Thus, providing an excellent customer service experience. Customers expect consistent interactions across departments in most cases.

Distinguishes your brand:

Set your business apart from the competition by emphasizing the experience you offer. Few polled companies in 2021 said they were creating frictionless customer relations.

You can win over your rivals by offering a unique client experience at every touchpoint.

A detailed overview of your consumers' journey

Understand your customers' actions by tracking their behavior across various channels. Example: Analytics can give you clear information about your clients' requirements.


Five tips to improve omnichannel customer experience in the healthcare industry

The time a patient interacts with the physician is only one aspect of customer service. There are many touchpoints during the entire customer experience.

Such interaction allows the business to have an impact on the client. They can reconsider if the services received are worth it!

Finding the right healthcare services:

The initial customer experience is when the patient chooses the services he needs.

Many clients compare reviews, ads, and referrals to decide on their healthcare choices. Family and friend recommendations are crucial when deciding on the best service.

It is vital to improve your digital experiences for brand discovery.

According to stats:

1) 87 percent of consumers start their product searches online. 

2)79 percent of customers are open to chatting. 

3)76 percent want to use an app for their medical needs.

Making appointment schedule:

The patient and a healthcare organization can engage in communication through appointment scheduling. Gather data about your patient and his healthcare requirements. This helps the professional judge the patient's urgency and set an appointment.

Providing quality Service experience:

Here, giving practitioners full access to patient information and health histories is essential. Digital technologies can assist practitioners in documenting patient queries, treatment notes, and recommendations. 

Interacting with the patient would enable them to focus more on their care and less on documentation.

Appointment follow-ups:

You can improve by knowing about the patients' experiences with your company. Get customer feedback about the website, check-in, and the customer journey. Check with them if they are facing any issues. Offer help and understand what did not go well for the patients.

If you sense a terrible experience, you still have a chance to turn things around with a follow-up interaction.

Be ready for more visits.

Healthcare organizations should concentrate on retaining customer service records for all the contacts. It will help to take advantage of the long-term prospects of patient-provider relationships.

To prepare for scheduling appointments and subsequent visits, staff members should examine and update any information and insights gathered during the engagement (such as health history, contact information, insurance data, diagnostic tests, allergies, etc.).

This will enable the healthcare provider to deliver comprehensive care without repeated requests.


The Best Ways to Provide Amazing Omnichannel Customer Experiences

An omnichannel approach requires considerable effort and planning.. There is no centralized method for creating the ultimate omnichannel experience. 

Follow a few key steps to improve your chances of success.

Get customer input:

Understanding your customers' interests is essential. Find out which online and physical channels your users prefer. Learn how they want to interact with your company and get to know them inside and out.

Analytics will help to determine If you are receiving more calls, emails, or messages. Allow the customers to choose an ideal channel and create a winning approach.

Reach out to customers through form surveys to collect information across every touchpoint. 

For instance, a survey reveals that Millenials consider texting to be a better communication. While the older generation views websites with video chat as a communication method.

Use Proper Software and Tools

You can analyze data, target prospects, and increase conversions with the right tools. By consolidating your data, you can record all client interactions. Your omnichannel experience can get affected if you miss data from even one channel.

This is where CRM software can help. To acquire and manage customer data, software is required. It is tailored to omnichannel experiences, driving customers across online and offline channels.


Provide Omnichannel customer experience in the health sector with Consolto

Omni-channel refers to the timely delivery of accurate information to agents. It is essential for providing a positive patient experience. But, due to the complex healthcare networks, accessing data at the center is difficult.

But not anymore! 

The mini-CRM software from Consolto is the best option for your healthcare industry. Businesses must adopt this type of software to deliver better healthcare outcomes. Hence, driving patient satisfaction ratings.

Adapting to changing technology:

Today, everyone demands excellent customer service.

Companies like Amazon have set the standard high through quick online deliveries. The Healthcare sector is no different. Consolto is providing personalized, accurate & efficient services through live video chat, click n talk page and more.

Faster & Better Services:

Call support is time-consuming. Your staff must identify, engage and complete dozen of tasks within hours every week.

Consolto's Omnichannel platform gives access to live chat, email and messages. 

Integrate it on your website to access previous conversations within one console.

Integration can result in quick fixes, shorter queues, and improved customer experience.

Safeguarding patient privacy:

Whatever service you offer, your patients expect you to maintain their privacy.

Consolto uses modern security measures to protect privacy. Our platform meets the complicated and strict industry standards of today.

Limit the cost of services:

According to studies, replacing phone support with a live chat can reduce costs by 17 to 30%. 

An omnichannel strategy is paperless, accessible, and cost-effective for customers and organizations alike. Instead, use those funds towards patient care. 

Affordable in-person help:

A visit to the doctor might sometimes seem like a difficult task for many individuals. Support personnel can get the needed data via audio and video chat to manage patient care. Clients can interact with healthcare services using Consolto's live video chat

Thus, making significant advances toward treatment and satisfying experiences. 

The interactions are kept anonymous at the client's request with no user recording.

Connect with patients through many channels from a single console:

Patients may contact your clinic through a variety of means. An omnichannel support desk combines all the patient interactions from many touchpoints onto a single console. Integrate Consolto's Whatsapp Messaging and use it to handle remote bookings. This can significantly boost patient engagement.


Conclusion - Take the plunge!

The future of healthcare lies in a cost-effective omnichannel model that enables timely care for the patients and an efficient operative system for the healthcare providers. (Source: LinkedIn)

In conclusion, omnichannel engagement cannot succeed without cutting-edge technology.

Many healthcare practitioners are still unsure about the right course of action. Whether to Go all out, refrain, or adopt a middle ground.

Here's the solution!

Consolto software can deliver a rich experience than traditional call centers. Give your consumers a simple method to discover solutions to their problems.

Take a product tour and sign up for a free 7-day trial to see how the Consolto Omnichannel software can help you. Powerful integrations, packages, and many other features are all in one tool.

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