Ophir Tours Case Study
Ophir Tours Case Study



Ophir Tours’ sales and marketing teams use Consolto’s advanced video chat platform to engage in powerful, personalized remote interactions with their clients. Consolto’s easy-to-use video chat platform provides the Ophir Tours team with a simple way to inject high-powered video chat capabilities throughout the different pages of their websites. With just the click of a button, potential customers can instantly engage in highly personalized interactions with Ophir Tours’ sales agents that have expertise in the specific type of trip/destination that they’re interested in.

Custom CTA buttons that when clicked automatically trigger high-quality live video chat sessions with relevant agents were added throughout the website. Only agents with expertise in the destination featured on a page could answer video chat requests from that page to ensure that potential clients always received relevant answers to even the most obscure questions. This enabled Ophir Tours to provide an enhanced customer experience with seamless communication and near-instant availability which, in turn, improved their sales and marketing results. 

At A Glance:

  • Industry: Tourism
  • Challenge: Meet customer expectations for advanced, live communication capabilities, highly personalized interactions and instant availability.
  • Solution: Simple-to-use video chat platform that enables each CTA button on the website to trigger live video chat sessions with agents with the relevant expertise.
  • Results: 
  • Significantly improved CSAT scores and retention rates
  • Within 2 days closed their first $50K deal on their B2B channel

About Ophir Tours

Founded in 1952, and with over 500 employees, Ophir Tours is among the oldest and largest travel companies in Israel. Their dedicated, multilingual staff deliver a full range of travel services to individuals, groups and organized events touring around Israel. Ophir Tours’ dedicated staff are committed to providing superior service, around the clock availability and a customized, impeccable product.

The Challenge

As part of its mission to provide its customers with an impeccable product and superior service, Ophir Tours is constantly on the lookout for new technologies that enable more personalization and greater availability to their potential customers. To delight customers looking for immediate answers and direct, personalized interactions, Ophir Tours needed to upgrade its website with advanced video chat capabilities.

However, not every video chat platform is built alike. Ophir Tours required a flexible live video chat platform that they could integrate into their website as a way to better answer potential customers’ requests for information and boost the performance of their sales and marketing teams.

The Solution

Ophir Tours engaged with Consolto, implementing their advanced live video chat platform as a way to enhance the live communication capabilities of their sales agents. With each of the different pages of their website focusing on a different trip/destination in Israel, the Ophir Tours teams decided to leverage Consotlo’s custom button feature to add live video functionality to CTA buttons on each page of the website. 

Their multi-agent license enabled them to station relevant experts on each page, so that potential clients could instantly engage with agents capable of quickly and effectively answering their questions. For example, the Jerusalem page was handled by a Jerusalem tourism expert while the Tel Aviv page was managed by a Tel Aviv tourism expert. Potential clients interested in getting immediate answers to their questions can now simply click a button and within seconds speak with a relevant expert capable of providing relevant answers to all their questions. 

Consolto’s platform powered highly personalized interactions for Ophir Tours customers. Leveraging Consolto’s mini-CRM, Ophir Tours agents instantly access critical customer details that help them deliver better service. 


With Consolto’s solution, Ophir Tours completely eliminated wait times for sales questions. Potential clients can easily set up meetings by clicking the agents’ calendar and even see 3D maps of their trips via Consolto’s advanced 3D Sense visualization tool. Sales teams reported an almost immediate increase across important performance metrics including the first closure of a $50,000 deal on their B2B channel within just 2 days of implementation:

  • New customers: 100
  • Conversion rates: +40%
  • Customer satisfaction rates: +80%
  • Agent efficiency: +60%

“Human interactions together with technological innovation play a big role in the tourism sector. Consolto has improved our customer journey, thanks to personalized experiences our CSAT scores and return rates are fantastic.” Yoni Waksman, CIO and Vice Chairman at Ophir Tours

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