July 19, 2022

Why the personalization trend is important in hospitality Industry?

Over the years, the hotel sector has altered as a result of social media and smartphones. Irrespective of that, consumers are engaging and looking for personalization.

Customers of today not only value material that is tailored to them but also look for and anticipate it. 

A positive personal experience with customers is the key to success in today's market. It is crucial to adopt personalization in the hospitality industry for the service of guests. A highly customized level of service is being offered by several hotel chains that have embraced personalization.

The newest trend in the hospitality industry and customer service is live video chat. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PIIcOZuAFY&feature=emb_rel_end)

 Live video chat has several commercial advantages. It's used to personalize customer experiences and innovate competitive differentiation for organizations.

 According to marketing company Smart Insights, Consumers stop purchasing from firms that use subpar customization strategies.

 Businesses must consider what personalization will entail in the years to come. Take action to focus on creating hospitality services in line with today's needs. If you want to stay competitive in the post-Covid-19 future.

What is personalization?

Personalization aims to enhance the consumer experience quicker and fulfilling his desires. Thus, customers are happier and the company's connections with them are growing simpler. It also entails customizing offerings for each customer.

In a recent report by the consulting company McKinsey. Marketers will leverage partner ecosystems to completely tailor customer journeys. This implies that the experiences may not end once they check-in at the hotel but expand. For example, places to visit, souvenirs, restaurants, etc.

By maximizing the use of data, personalization is simple to achieve. We gathered some data and facts to help you comprehend why personalization is so crucial?

75 percent of customers have an inclination to buy from a company that provides tailored services based on previous purchases (source: Accenture)

Marketers believe that hyper-personalization can help in targeting the right services at right time. This boosts conversion possibilities and improves your earnings. Retailers experienced a steady 25 percent gain in sales as a result of hyper-personalization.

Importance of personalization in the Hospitality Industry:

The importance of personalization is vital in this digital age.

As technology empowers travel and tourism businesses, personalized services in hotels are increasing. Thus it becomes quintessential for hotels to work harder and foster repeat business.

There are some simple ways to Personalise guest experience such as:

Guest Profile:

Guest data is the first step in creating a completely personalized user experience. Automated software can keep track of Guest information, birthdays, stay history & contact details.

This will enable you to recognize return visitors and provide special treatment.

Email guests before and after stay:

Pre-arrival emails are a great way to customize the visitor’s needs and preferences. A simple invitation and Add-ons can provide options for guests to enhance their stay. 

Post-stay email is as important as the pre-arrival email. This increases customer loyalty and customise future stays.

Express gratitude by sending emails and asking for feedback on their lodging experience.

Personalise with Guest Name:

Using the guest's name is the easiest and most effective way to customize. It shows your visitor that they are more than a client and are important to your business.


Handwritten Notes:


A modest gesture like a handwritten note in the guest's room can have a tremendous impact on the visitors. Gratitude or thank you message to revisiting customers. Checking with new visitors if they need anything is usually appreciated.  

Sharing Local Information:

Sharing your local expertise with your visitors makes their stay better. Give the staff a chance to interact with visitors as they share their own insights and ideas. These kinds of genuine human interactions improve the guest experience.

Top personalization Trends influencing Hospitality Industry in 2022


Another significant trend in the hospitality industry is customer service. Chatbots provide prompt answers to questions even when human staff is not present.


The chatbot can also gather data and relay it to a human representative. They provide simple and straightforward answers, which helps to lower repetitive work. 

Mobile Check-In Service: 

Offering a mobile check-in service is one of the most practical hospitality trends. This can enable consumers to take advantage of self-service. In order for this to function, include a link on your website and print QR codes on all business materials.

Virtual Reality Tours:  

One of the most exciting advancements in hospitality technology is virtual reality. This enables prospective guests to experience their surroundings from the comfort of home.

This particular trend in the hospitality industry gives you a distinct advantage over competitors. Modern VR tours are web-based. However, it can be simple to access on a variety of devices, even those without a VR headset.

Technology Savvy hotels: 

Implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) is something that intrigues visitors to a place. It adds a feeling of luxury and convenience. 


The world is changing towards more sustainable and eco-friendly hotels. People are becoming sensitive to the environment. Travelers are shifting their perspectives and prioritizing energy efficiency and waste management.

Organic Food & Drinks: 

People are becoming conscious of their eating habits. Restaurants have adapted to healthier menus like vegan, gluten-free, and low-fat food. 

Challenges of personalization in the Hospitality Industry:

Over the past years, the hospitality industry has been slow to adopt new technologies. The pandemic has driven, us to embrace artificial intelligence solutions, real-time chats, and scheduling.

The latest challenge in the hospitality industry is guest personalization.

In other words, guest centricity is the focus, and staying connected with customers is the need of the hour.

Well, we have a solution here!

Consolto - was founded in 2018. This is a CRM - customer relationship management software. A video chat platform that can be embedded into the website. Consolto provides tech-driven and frictionless services to visitors. 

Consolto offers the following features such as:

  • Video chat
  • Live Chat
  • Scheduling
  • ClickNTalk page (Caters to those who don't have a website)
  • 3D Sense
  • Custom Styling
  • Analytics
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Whatsapp
  • File transfer
  • Voice Inbox
  • Contact Form

The first step in this process is establishing a connection with the visitor. It is important for the team to connect well to ensure that the required policies and tools are in place. 

Embracing technology is the need of the hour. The main aim is to resolve and ensure faster response to customer queries, providing the best user experience and guest service.  

Benefits of personalization in the hospitality industry:

Standardize team’s efficiency: 

Consolto's video chat technology enables companies to enhance remote connections with personalization elements.

Example - Responding to frequent customer inquiries, screen sharing, and many more.

Streamline all the processes: 

You can easily standardize your hotel operations with real-time and automatic responses.



High standard guest experience such as easy onboarding, guidelines, 3D sense & contact form. These are the few features that Consolto's video chat platform offers.

This will help to meet industry-set standards in the hospitality sector.

Ensure the best guest experience: 

Increased efficiency will enable you to give your consumers the finest possible service.

Building a strong relationship with the guest can also call for a great word-of-mouth marketing.

Create a personal connection:

Although sophisticated technology is a boon, personal connection is crucial for guest personalization. Interacting with visitors in a friendly manner will always leave a lasting impression. The hospitality industry's heart and soul is the personal touch.

Consolto users can live chat with their potential customers from the website. This helps to develop a strong rapport, personal touch, and more likely they will opt to stay at your hotel.

Embed messenger platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook over video and real-time chat. You also get the opportunity to schedule video sessions (both ways) all by using Consolto.

Languages remain an important barrier to communication.

Worry not! Consolto covers that too. Choose different languages such as English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Russian & Portuguese.

Real-time Video Chat:

Businesses are constantly searching for fresh and innovative methods to enhance customer experience.

Real-time chat is one such approach that gives customers a deep sense of presence. The other feature is real-time which fosters collaborative dialogue.

Even though self-help has increased, most consumers still prefer to speak to a live agent. This allows for more individualized service and quicker resolution.

Obtain thorough analytics: 

With Analytics, users of Consolto can access real-time information about website traffic. Prospective customers visited, how often they have visited, geography, and many more.

With data, You can enhance ongoing business operations and streamline the complete business procedures. 

You can strengthen your marketing and sales procedures to target your ideal client. This can also cut down on customer acquisition costs to a great extent. 

Accomplishing the goals:

A well-built CRM personalization software can reduce expenses, achieve targets and fix errors. It is also possible to gain exceptional industry-set standards in the system. 

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the benefits of personalization for your guests are enormous. You could potentially change the whole outlook of your hospitality industry with Consolto’s Mini-CRM software.

Offering personalized experiences can benefit customers who are willing to go premium for a high level of service. 

Adapting products & services to improve customer service is the key to Personalization.

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