Prioritizing the Customer Relationship
Prioritizing the Customer Relationship


As the famous saying goes -- the customer is always right. And while that may be true when it comes to retail service, in the digital world, where companies compete over eyeballs and the competition is always just a click away, the customer should always be at the center. 

In the online space, it takes more than just a great product and cool website to get noticed. To succeed in the digital world, you have to put your focus on the customer experience. Everything about your website and online presence needs to be done with the customer in mind. Navigation should be simple, content easy to understand and products and services built from the ground up be super user-friendly. 

If your website doesn’t do this, your potential customer will quickly lose interest, leave your website and, within a few seconds, click over to the first competitor website that puts them and their needs front and center. 

The Impact of the Customer Relationship

Today’s digital consumers have high expectations regarding the ease of use and level of service that they receive. Digitally-minded companies have responded in kind, putting the customer at the core of their online offering. Hence, customer-centric products are the new black. The products, services and websites that stand out from the crowd are those that were built to delight the customer, with high value service and products wrapped up nicely in a user-friendly package. 

But why put so much focus on the customer? 

Research from Salesforce shows us exactly why: 47% of customers say they’d stop buying from a company if they receive subpar customer experience. That same study also revealed that 76% of customers state that finding an alternative service or product is easier now than ever before.

There’s no magic formula working behind the scenes here. For most customers, the relationship they develop with your brand can make or break their buying experience. If you don’t value them, they’ll feel it and quickly move on to a brand that does. Happy customers tell their friends and family about your awesome service and great products. They’ll also usually come back to you when the need arises.  

Prioritizing your customers boosts loyalty, retention and referrals. These elements drive lifetime value and referral recommendations, which both feed directly to sustainable, recurring revenue.

Visual Customer Relationship Management

Today’s customers expect high responsiveness when it comes to getting answers to their questions and queries around your products or services. According to Microsoft, 54% of respondents say that they expect better customer service than they did just one year ago. 30% of respondents claim that they became frustrated when they weren’t able to reach a real person when they needed questions answered.

Live video chat embedded in your website is a powerful way to improve the customer experience and enhance customer relationships. Live video chat and live chat are two great ways to transform mundane online interactions into interactive, personal conversations that enhance the entire customer experience. With video chat, you can deliver immediate responses that help deliver more customer satisfaction and drive more sales.

Prioritizing the Customer Relationship with Consolto video chat
Prioritizing the Customer Relationship
with Consolto video chat

Consolto: Personalizing Your Customer Relations

Consolto’s platform is more than just video chat. Built with the needs of small businesses like yours in mind, Consolto delivers everything you need to build customer relationships through direct, personalized interactions centered around your websites. 

Consolto’s powerful suite of features empowers you to connect with your clients without ever even meeting them. By ensuring that your customers are able to receive timely, personalized responses to their queries -- at any time of the day -- you can show them that they can count on you. This is the first, and perhaps most important, step in building and developing a true relationship with your customers. 

Video chat and live chat. Live video chat and live chat empower you to provide highly personal, direct communication with your customers. Using live communication mechanisms not only enables you to quickly respond to any inquiry, but it also gives your customers a real-face that they can connect to your online brand. This type of communication is critical in any attempt to build the trust needed to drive positive customer relations.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Relationships aren’t built in a day. To truly create long-lasting relations with your customers, you need to stay on top of all communications and remember to follow up on any open issues while keeping the small details in mind. Consolto’s solution includes a mini-CRM that helps you to keep track of every single interaction you have. Take notes, set up followup action items and more.

Availability. Consolto is easily installed on your website -- just one line of code and your fully-customizable widget is up and running on the pages you select on your website. Set up dedicated personnel to man your widgets so that you’re always able to quickly respond to any query from a potential customer. Implement Consolto’s advanced scheduling feature so that customers who try to interact with you after your working hours can set up a time to speak when you’re available.

Payments & File Sharing. Companies that are able to provide an end-to-end flow within their website can deliver greater customer satisfaction. Consolto helps you achieve this by empowering you to send invoices directly from the platform, after you’ve made the sale or finished providing your service. Simple drag & drop file sharing functionality makes it easy to send and receive important files, documents and pictures related to your product and service. 

Creating a positive, long-term relationship with your customers is essential to building a sustainable business. Today’s customers expect great service and high value from their online interactions. Live video chat is a great way to add a personalized, human touch to the customer experience that your website provides. 

Live chat enables you to quickly respond to queries and build trust with your customers, which are critical elements in any customer relationship. Consolto’s simple video chat solution gives you everything you need to deliver positive, high impact experiences to your customers. Consolto’s wide range of features go beyond video chat, providing essential tools that you need to optimize your customer relationships.

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