October 31, 2019

Promoting Your Expert Advice Online

Promoting Your Expert Advice Online

Regardless of the technical advantage your consulting service may provide, your business will not flourish without proper promotional efforts. There are certain marketing tactics you, as a consultant, can employ to extend your reach and further legitimize your company. It is important for you to recognize the fact that the only way to yield significant results is by marketing your expert advice online and taking advantage of the resources around you.

Have an easily identifiable web address

The commercial world we live in is dominated by brands that people instantly recognize based on their logos, names, etc. In order to imprint your consulting business in the minds of your clients, you must establish your company as a brand. One way to accomplish this is by picking a company URL that is simple and catchy. The best way to retain clients, and appeal to new clients, is by implementing a URL that is memorable and easy to navigate to. This is often the first impression that potential clients will have of your business, so securing their attention at this stage is crucial for the success of your company.

Utilize links on your webpage

When visitors arrive on your website, they should be able to identify links that lead them to service registration within seconds. When looking for services online, people are very quick to bounce from one webpage to another, so grabbing their attention as soon as possible is key to converting those leads into paying clients. Links should be promoted in the form of banner advertisements or some other display that is large and easily seen on the webpage. You do not want to lose a potential client by drowning them with tons of information without showing them where to click if they do happen to show interest. 

Take advantage of social media

Social media platforms are undoubtedly the marketing giants of the current age. It would be a tremendous waste of potential for you not to recognize the benefits of promoting on these platforms. Creating targeted advertisements on Facebook and LinkedIn, running ad campaigns on Google, and partnering with Instagram influencers are just a few ways to use social media to enhance your business. The target markets are already existent; it is up to you to come up with creative and innovative ways to penetrate them.

As can be seen, marketing and promotion should not be aspects of your business that are ignored. Implementing the right promotional strategies will determine exactly how successful your consulting business can actually be. 

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