September 9, 2021

Real-time Really Matters

In today’s competitive digital landscape, brands that know how to build real, meaningful relationships with their customers will win over those that don’t. However, many brands miss the mark when it comes to relationship-building. It’s more than just about competitive pricing, stylish branding and cool copy. Customers are looking for more in their digital interactions; they want the real-deal, just like they get in real life. Research shows that 43% of households with incomes greater than $100,000 a year say that online retailers need to better personalize their services. 

As customer expectations continue to rise, one thing is clear. Their expectations from the online experience aren’t that far off from their expectations from the offline experience. That’s right, just like in real life, building a real long-term relationship takes effort. Each positive customer interaction--be it via email, live video chat, website etc.-- earns you the right to the next one.

But continuously delivering a positive customer experience isn’t a walk in the park. It calls for meticulous planning and execution, which is impossible to achieve without the right tools in place. Your customers will respond positively and develop a real connection to your brand when you are able to deliver interactions that are relevant, contextual, timely and empathetic. When you understand their needs and personalize your approach accordingly. 

This understanding is at the core of personalization. It takes more than adding your customer’s first name to an email greeting; more than adjusting the products you offer them according to their previous purchases or browsing history. Today’s digital customers are savvy, they’re well-aware of the ins and outs of technology and can differentiate between those brands that really walk the personalization walk and those that just talk the talk.  

Real-time personalization

Personalization is the key to unlocking long-term customer relationships that bring repeat purchases and increased revenues. To keep your customers coming back for more, you need to connect with them in a way that speaks to them directly about things relevant to them now.  Basically, you need to know how to solve their pains at the exact moment they’re feeling them, in real-time. 

And the results are well-worth the effort. 80% of companies state that they see a revenue increase since implementing personalization. 

Consolto Helps Deliver Real-time Personalization 

Consolto’s advanced video chat platform helps businesses add powerful personalization elements into their remote interactions. A robust feature set comes together to meet the customer while they’re making their purchasing decision, at the exact time they need that little extra push to choose you and your products. Designed for personalized, one-on-one interactions, Consolto empowers its users to deliver the right goods at the right time and the right place.

Additional features merge to enable powerful, real-time capabilities. Alerts, automatic responses, a mini-CRM built inside the platform and more deliver remote interactions with real-time personalization at a level never seen before. 

Consolto supports proactive remote interactions based on real-time website analytics. These analytics provide Consolto users with real-time intelligence regarding the traffic on their website. Users can see what pages a potential customer has visited, how many times they’ve come to the website and how long they’ve lingered on each page. 

This data can provide users with the intel they need to know which users are seriously considering purchasing. Once a potential customer with strong buying intent has been identified, Consolto users can proactively request a live video chat with the user, directly from the website.

Real-time availability and response is also crucial for personalization. Users in the midst of a purchasing decision will often have questions about the product, return policies, shipping or other issues. Brands that are able to provide instant response to these queries can reap a greater share of the profits.

Consolto helps brands extend real-time response and availability through a number of different features.

Multi-channel communication. Website visitors can choose to proactively interact with brands using Consolto at any given time. Clicking the Consolto Widget opens up a wide range of real-time communication options, including live chat, live video chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more. Website visitors simply choose the channel they feel most comfortable communicating on and instantly engage with the brand.

Real-time alerts. With Consotlo, brands never miss an opportunity. Real-time alerts are delivered to Consolto upon every single engagement attempt so that they know whenever someone is trying to interact with them and can respond immediately. 

Custom messages. Even when you’re not available, you can be relevant and timely by customizing welcome messages for your online visitors. Set up specific messages that point your online visitors in the right direction. You can ask them to schedule an appointment, leave a message or come back during working hours, it matters not. What’s important is that you give them a relevant, contextual message that helps push them towards making their purchasing decision in your favor. 


Real-time and personalization are two critical elements of the customer experience. Knowing what your customers need at their exact moment of need is a competitive advantage that can keep you in the lead.

Consolto helps businesses add real-time personalization to their remote interactions. A wide variety of features merge to deliver real-time personalization capabilities to any company.

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