September 11, 2022

How to screen share with another computer? And what are the benefits?

World health has been thrown into disarray by the pandemic. Working from home has become an integral part of our lives. Under these conditions, effective communication is critical to the success of remote work. 

There are many communication tools to help ease remote work.

Screen sharing is a popular feature among the latest technologies. Video conferencing tools to cloud-based software as service delivery uses this feature.


Before delving into the benefits and how to screen share with another computer, let us understand the meaning.


What is Screen sharing?

It is the practice of sharing the content of your computer screen with another device. It is also referred to as desktop sharing.

The second user can see everything when the screen is shared with the other user. It is possible to avoid sharing the entire screen by restricting it to specific applications.

With more and more business conducted via the internet, screen sharing is essential. It has become critical for things such as:

  • Collaboration becomes more interactive and productive among team members.
  • Presentations to clients
  • Technical assistance for those attempting to resolve a computer problem.

 Is screen sharing a helpful feature? When to use it?

For a presentation, the host or a participant usually shares their screen. This feature is closely related to online meetings. After all, it is the most widely used setting.


An average company hosts about 23 webinars, meetings, and seminars annually. It is a larger-scale version of video conferencing. 

You can host an online event and engage your audience visually through the show and tell. Instead of giving your audience theoretical explanations. Screen sharing will show how a piece of software, a process, or a website works.

Following are the benefits of screen sharing in the webinar:

  • Encourages participation with your audience.
  • It also allows you to live-stream video
  • It helps avoid any possible errors.
  • It allows you to co-present with another host and continue the discussion.
  • The use of charts is not as effective as explaining complex processes using screen share.


Online Training

Screen sharing is an effective method of increasing participation in live lessons. Thereby allowing educators to share the knowledge practically. 

Trainers can use this feature to demonstrate the process. With more people working from home, screen sharing with video chat helps everyone to be on the same page.


Remote support

Your IT department can take control of your computer and fix the problem. With screen sharing, you don't need to describe the technical issues back and forth. Instead, you can show the IT personnel what you see on screen. 

Your team will especially benefit from this if it lacks desktop sharing capabilities.


What are the advantages of Screen sharing?

Everyone has been there. We have wasted an entire day traveling to a meeting that could have been completed in half an hour. This is often frustrating, costly, and detrimental to productivity in any business.

Effective communication is the key foundation to a successful business. It is not possible to overlook the need for regular face-to-face interaction.

Using screen sharing can help you connect with your target audience and communicate with them. It provides various benefits, including increased efficiency, flexibility, and collaboration at the workplace.


  1. Increases productivity in meetings.

In a recent European survey. An average UK worker wastes 13 days per year in ineffective meetings. The main reason for annoyance was people shouting over each other.

Screen sharing adds a visual element to your presentation. It is ideal for step-by-step instructions, navigation, software functions, and other applications. 

It gives participants a broader view of how something works by using it in real-time.

Screensharing increases productivity by promoting teamwork through video meetings. Thus, this helps people to stay connected and keep projects on track.

  1. Provide Effective Technical Support

Sometimes the technical issues can come to a dead end. It might be hard to find a solution over the phone. The best way to show the technician the problem is via screen share. Using video calls, the user can then be directed to a solution and return to work as soon as possible.

  1. Enhance Your Sales Pitches

The saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." It is especially true when you're trying to sell something. It's easy to describe a product's features and benefits to a customer. However, there will be no interest if they can't see it. 

Screen sharing and pitching via video call is the most effective way to reach customers. You could avoid unnecessary travel to prospects who may or may not become customers.

Instead of relying on a traditional sales pitch and sending a product brochure. Sellers can drive negotiations and provide clarity.

  1. Promotes Remote working

Working environments are evolving, and businesses are adapting to the changes. 

Video conferencing plays a vital role in keeping remote teams connected. Screen sharing is also a key feature in allowing team members to collaborate. For ideas, feedback, and stay focused on the task at hand.

Remote working has become the norm and an important trend for businesses. According to studies, most millennials say they would turn down a job if the employer did not provide a remote work option.

  1. Keeps a record with screen recording

Another important feature that comes with screen sharing is recording.

The Screen Recording tool allows you to capture any screen area and record it for later use. 

The recording, when played back, shows precisely what the participants saw and heard. All board meetings and interactions can be taped. As well as choosing what content to record, you can select which of your screens to record.

It is possible to record video and audio together or separately. It helps to create a record of the screen-sharing session. This feature is helpful for new trainees or people unable to attend the session. In the future, you might want to look back on this as an archive or follow up on it.


Is screen sharing a safety feature? 

In today's interconnected world, security breaches can occur from unexpected sources. Tenable is a leading Cyber exposure management company. They discovered significant security flaws in wireless presentation systems in early 2019.

Providing remote access to an unknown person exposes your computer to vulnerabilities. Scammers often use random phone numbers or pop-up ads to find their next victim.

Scam victims are approached and asked to install software or share sensitive information. The scammer then preys on their victims using remote access screen share software.


The US Federal Trade Commission offers expert advice on detecting and avoiding IT scams. At the same time, remote desktop software can be helpful in IT support. Identity theft or other scams are also carried out with it.

In contrast, web browser-based apps are, in general, more secure. When compared to standalone apps because they include built-in security features.


Consolto's is a mini-CRM software. It specializes in video conferencing and supports screen sharing during video calls. It uses high-quality security and encryption methods. It is impossible to access files, microphones, or cameras without users' explicit permission. 

Integrating Consolto's widget into any website, such as Wix and WordPress, is also possible. As a result, you can securely use video chat and screen share from any device.


How to screen share with another computer using Consolto?

Screen sharing allows for instant collaboration during conference calls. It will enable your team to get on the same page regardless of where they are. 

Screen sharing is a simple way to bring your ideas to life. Whether it is delivering a formal presentation in real time or needing to add context to a meeting.

 In video conferencing platforms, there will be an icon that users can click. This will further show their screen to the other participants in real-time. After that, the user can choose which screen to share. 

The other call participants can see whatever the screen sharer is showing immediately. The user must return to the tab or window containing the call to stop sharing and click on the same icon.


Let's go over how the screen sharing feature works step by step.

The ability to share your screen is available through several apps. Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, and many more.

However, Consolto provides excellent features for improving remote collaboration and customer management.

Steps to share your screen during video conferences. 

1. Start video chat from the website using the plugin software.

2. Click on the connecting message and approve the camera and microphone

3. Once you are on the live call, you will notice a screen-sharing button in the control panel.

4. Select or click the button for screen sharing

5. A new window will appear on your screen after you click.



6. There are several options for controlling which part of the screen is shared. Such as

     a. The entire screen

     b. Only the window

     c. Specific tab on the browser

     d. You could even check the audio box if you are sharing a demo of a video.

Consolto is familiar with your privacy needs. That is why you can choose to only share the application window on your devices. Click on screen sharing. Select the window, tab, or entire screen you want to share. Hence, you may worry less about revealing your personal information.


7. Last but not least. To disable or stop screen sharing, click in the lower right corner of the screen.




Steps to send an invitation for a screen-sharing session

1. Open the chat and send an invitation to share the screen as shown below

2. Click on the send button. 

3. Your customer will be invited to join you on a conference call. You will receive a call notification on acceptance, and the session will begin.


Screen sharing facilitates collaboration by allowing you to share everything: PowerPoint presentations, photos, videos, and on-screen polls. Drag and drop files into your conversation window to share them with everyone on the call. This is possible with Consolto's built-in screen sharing feature.

You could also send payment links, share a 3D model, send notes, and more.

 Call and screen recording allows you to save business phone calls. Connect your screen sharing to your call recording for a more immersive experience. You can record audio and on-screen projections for later review.

Instead of accessing it from the cloud, the call recording can be instantly shared over the chat window. This feature is handy for training and reviewing key points.

 Furthermore, Consolto software does not need any installation. You only need a simple code to activate this widget.

Consolto is the best video chat tool for complete customer service. Customers can communicate with agents via video chat and share their computer screen or mobile device with a screen sharing feature.

 I hope this blog has assisted you in selecting the best software for your needs. Contact us today or Sign up for a 7day free trial of our software!

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