October 12, 2020

Simplify and Enhance Remote Sales with Consolto

Simplify and Enhance Remote Sales with Consolto

There’s no getting around it, Covid-19 has changed the way we do business forever. Meetings have gone online, events are virtual and millions of sales are made remotely, without the buyers and sellers ever even meeting. Not to mention shaking hands.

Businesses that once relied on face-to-face interactions to close deals have closed shop, and their salespeople are sheltering at home. Their only way to generate revenue is remotely, through digital interactions. Live product walkthroughs leveraging 360-degree video offer alternatives for customers looking to purchase new appliances, test drive cars or lease a new apartment.

McKinsey recently released the results of a survey it conducted among B2B businesses regarding how both customers and sellers are reacting to the pandemic. The findings clearly show that B2B sales in the age of Corona are alive and well. What’s more, the survey shows that digital interactions have become more important than traditional sales interactions. 

Surprisingly, more than half of the respondents believe that remote sales by means of videoconferencing is just as effective -- if not more effective -- than the sales models used prior to Covid-19.

All this means that nowadays, videoconferencing is sales’ best friend. In a remote world, videoconferencing is perhaps the closest we can get to the personal, face-to-face sales meetings of the pre-Covid days.  

Here’s why:

  • Increased focus. Just like any other meeting, a videoconference always has a set agenda and purpose. You know why you’re there, and what you want to achieve. Participants are primed for the interaction -- the seller to expand on the benefits of their products and the buyers to absorb as much information as required to make their purchasing decision. And there’s no escape until one of the parties has exhausted their options. 

Videochats are also a much more effective way to exchange information than say instant messaging, emails or even a phone conversation. Consider how much more words and ideas are exchanged in a free flow, interactive live conversation than asynchronous email/chat info exchange. What’s more, video facilitates non-verbal communication like facial expressions and body language, which by some accounts can account for between 60-70% of communication.

  • More engagement. If you’ve managed to get your customer to sit down for a videoconference, chances are that you’ve got a live one! Warm customers are those that have nearly finished their purchasing journey and are ready to buy. Consolto’s solution offers an additional layer by enabling its users to engage with clients when they’re actually on the website checking your product or service out. It doesn’t get any warmer than that!

Many video conference platforms include in-call features that boost engagement by visualizing and organizing calls. call. Screensharing and note taking are just a few of the basic features. The more advanced solutions offer robust in-call and back office capabilities that support the use of video as a leading sales tool.

  • Better productivity. Pre-Covid, no-shows were a part and parcel in the life of many a sales person. Countless hours invested in prospecting and funnel progression evaporate into thin air as soon as the salesperson realizes that the meeting simply isn’t going to happen. And no one even bothered to inform them. With video conferencing, no-shows are a thing of the past. What’s more, time that was wasted commuting from meeting to meeting can now be spent engaging other prospects. One Consolto customer related that by going remote with their sales, they were able to boost the amount of daily meetings by 60%.

Consolto takes video conferencing sales to the next level with a wealth of features that help businesses like yours simplify, organize and enhance their sales efforts.

1-click chat. Clients can initiate a videoconference by clicking on a button on your website. No installation, user name or password required -- plus it works in all major browsers!

Screen sharing. Consolto’s solution goes beyond basic screen sharing by letting both parties share their screens at the same time!

Persistent messaging. When a Consolto video chat ends, any messages delivered via the chat functionality stay behind. This means that you’ll always be able to access important notes or information delivered during your sessions.

Payments. Payments are a big part of many sales meetings. Consolto lets you immediately bill your client at the end of a session. You can also set up a cost-per-session rate to give clients the option of prepayment. 

CRM. Access robust CRM features like file-sharing, call recording, in-chat voice and inbox messaging and customer profiling to ensure that you can easily manage your relationships.

Scheduling. Easily schedule future appointments and establish office hours so that clients can set up meetings for those hours.

Analytics. Understand how well your business is performing with access to critical data like number of calls and chats, response times and more.

Branding. Add your company’s look and feel to the Consolto website widget so that you give your customer a professional experience.

Remote sales are here to stay, Covid or no Covid. While video conferencing is quickly becoming the standard, not all platforms are created equal. Consolto’s solution was built from the ground-up with the needs of businesses like yours in mind. If you’re looking to go all-in on remote sales, Consolto is the perfect solution for you!

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