October 31, 2019

The advantages of Consolto scheduling tool

One of the key elements of a good customer experience is availability.  With digital communication empowering instant responsiveness and 24/7 availability, customers expect that every digital interaction with a brand will deliver high levels of availability. They want to be able to access their digital services at any time, and that any questions they have be answered immediately.

Recent trends are causing more and more organizations to extend their operations into the digital space. Many are leveraging advanced video chat capabilities to drive this shift. Product companies are using these live video chat platforms to remotely close deals and take meetings. Service providers on the other hand, are using video chat to deliver their services without having to meet their clients face-to-face.  

The more advanced video chat platforms enable these companies to give their customers the option to proactively begin video chat meetings. Consolto for example, can be embedded on your website in the form of a widget. Customers can click the widget to kick off live interactions with your staff at any time. In this manner, it’s possible to be available for your customers through your website.

Unfortunately, for many of these companies high availability isn’t always an option. In some cases, this is because employees are only available during preset working hours. Other times staff may be unavailable because they’re handling other requests and there’s no one who can answer new requests for live video chat interactions.

Scheduling tools ensure availability

Scheduling tools represent an innovative way to offer availability, even when you’re unavailable. Instead of having a customer video chat request go unanswered, scheduling tools give them an easy way to set up a meeting at a future date. 

When a customer attempts to click the widget to start a live chat interaction, a calendar pops up with options to set up a future appointment. In this manner, you’re able to show availability to your customers and ensure that you never miss an opportunity.

Advantages of Consolto’s scheduling tool

Consolto’s video chat solution features an easy-to-use scheduling feature. With Consolto’s scheduling tool in place, you can post your working hours on the widget so that customers will know when they won’t receive an answer. Instead of attempting to video chat with one of your reps, your customers will be able to see the upcoming available time slots and schedule a time to speak that suits them.

But the advantages go way beyond showing availability. Consolto’s scheduling tool saves you precious time by cutting down the cumbersome process of setting up meetings by email. Have you ever responded to a request to meet by sending your available slots only to find yourself in a time-consuming email thread that can take multiple exchanges to finalize? With Consolto’s scheduling tool, this issue is completely eliminated. Customers can proactively check out your available slots and set up a meeting by themselves. This means that there’s absolutely no need to send emails back and forth until both parties find a suitable time. 

Consolto’s scheduling tool also simplifies that scheduling process by reducing the administrative aspect of setting up remote meetings. There’s no need to download any software, save a password or manually update your calendar. Once a meeting has been scheduled, both you and your customers receive a direct link to the video chat. All you have to do is click the link at the right time and you’re ready to video chat!

Consolto’s all in one video chat solution gives you everything you need to set up a highly available digital operation. The scheduling tool is a fully integrated feature, meaning that you don’t need to add any 3rd party add-ons to power your scheduling. Every part of the scheduling feature is included in your Consolto subscription, no hidden costs and no intrusive 3rd party software required!

In fact, Consolto’s built-in scheduling tool enables additional, highly convenient capabilities within the widget itself. For example, during those times that you’re unavailable -- like at night or when you’re already on a video chat -- you can set up the widget so that the scheduling tool automatically opens up when someone tries to initiate a video chat with you.  This is a powerful feature for customers, who instead of feeling disappointment at their inability to reach you, are given a solution that satisfies them.

Consolto’s scheduling tool ensures availability

In the digital space, the customer experience divides the successful operations from those that are doomed to fail. Customers expect a streamlined experience in all aspects of their interaction. They also expect instant availability if they need a question answered or want to speak with a real person to finalize the deal. 

However, with companies of all sizes now launching digital and remote operations, not everyone has the ability to ensure round the clock availability. Consolto’s live video chat platform is a perfect way to drive your shift to remote operations. It’s all-in-one tool gives you everything you need to start offering your products and services remotely. It also offers tools to ensure that you keep your website visitors happy about the experience they receive. The scheduling tool helps you do just this by showing your customers that even when you can’t speak with them directly, you’re doing everything you can to provide them with great service. 

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