September 2, 2022

The best live chat plugin tool for video conferencing with customers?

Website plugins are software extensions. These are add-ons created by third parties that extend the functionality of your website. 

CMS platforms such as WordPress and Wix include many plugins that make your life easier. You can improve your audience's relationships and communication with the right plugin.


Your Customers are from different time zones. Phone calls and emails can sometimes take a long time to respond to. Self-service options are impersonal and cannot cover all possible scenarios. 

A video chat, on the other hand, is a meeting between two people over the internet. It is critical because it connects people from all over the world to form real-time face-to-face connections.


Take note of these tips! 

Let us first define a video conferencing plugin. Also, which video plugin should you choose for your business?

What is a Live video chat plugin?

The plugin provides tailored, prompt, and efficient customer support on your website. The live video chat plugin lets customers communicate with your business while browsing.

In today's world, it is essential to provide this level of customer service. Nobody wants to be on hold for 30 minutes, send an email, and receive an automated response 48 hours later. Customers want to communicate with you on their terms and at their leisure.

The live video chat plugin helps to address these: 

1. They contribute to meeting all the needs of the customer.

2. They are convenient and straightforward to use.

3. The provide online communication instantaneously.

4. With them, problem resolution is quick and personal.

Live chat customers are 73% satisfied with their experience, according to eConsultancy. In comparison, only 44% of customers are happy with email and social media support.

If you have a website and are serious about your business, you cannot afford to ignore the value of live video chat. The way the plugin works is straightforward.

A standard chat widget appears on the bottom right side of your website. Visitors to your website have the option of chatting or scheduling chat sessions.

You can also use the widget as a contact form for offline messages or to allow customers to join your mailing list.

Plugins provide your company with the mobility and customizability that traditional hardware lacks. 

The software is ideal for companies of all sizes. It allows them to close more sales and increase customer satisfaction. It also aids in the retention and loyalty of customers.



Benefits of using a live video chat plugin on the website

Today, Live Chat assists businesses in transforming their online customer journeys. From customer engagement to exploration, website chat can help you grow your business.

The video conferencing software as a service (SaaS) market has been experiencing record growth since the pandemic.

Since 2019, the use of these services has increased to 90%. This increase has driven the demand and will be the long-term mode of communication. It provides a more personalized experience for your visitors. 

Customers who use video chat are 2.8x more likely to convert than those who do not have access to live chat support. Thus by making it easy for them to contact you, they will be more likely to do business with you in the future.

1. Provide real-time customer service for visitors. Solves all their product and service-related queries when they run into problems.

2. Actively guides visitors or leads in their decision-making during the sales process.

3. Create a prospective funnel by converting visitors into leads and, eventually, customers.

4. Increase existing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

5. Streamline the online journey for users. Hence, reducing bounce rates can and improving customer satisfaction.

6. Exceeding customer expectations and delivering a positive experience increases brand equity and advocacy.


How to add a video chat plugin to your WordPress website? 

A widget is a software that allows you to add various features to your website without knowing HTML code.

Once you select the best live chat tool, you must follow the instructions for installing it on your website. 

Consolto's widget works on any website by inserting a short code snippet into the desired pages. After installing, the customers can view the live chat widget on your website. At the same time, the agents will have access to the dashboard with real-time results. 


Here's how to incorporate the script into your website:

1. Access your Consolto account. Register and create your account now.

2. After registration, copy the code to the widget center.

3. Click copy to clipboard. The code needs to be added to your website. 

4. Add the code to your site code right before the closing </body> tag at the bottom of the page.

6. We would, however, recommend placing the code in the <head> section.

7. Save your changes. That's it! Consolto script has been added to your site. You can now log in to the dashboard and interact with visitors via video chat, among other features.


Steps to install  live video chat plugin to WordPress:


1. Register to Consolto

2. Access your WordPress admin panel from where you can install the plugin.

3. After that, go to Plugins > Add New.

4. You will be redirected. Install or upload the plugin on your WordPress website.

5. Activate the Consolto video chat plugin

6. The Consolto menu will appear in your WordPress dashboard when the plugin is activated.

7. Copy the live chat snippet code and paste the HTML in the Consolto plugin on the admin panel.

8. Click on save.

8. When the plugin is fully integrated, you will receive a message confirming its activation. 

4. Click for more information on how to install Consolto on the website. 


Businesses can use Consolto to provide live chat for WordPress because it offers the following features

Proactive chat support: 

Your agents can reach out, provide support, and improve the user experience. Agents can receive notifications when customers meet predefined criteria in chat, such as time spent on a specific page. Thus resulting in increased sales.



Consolto monitors vital metrics, such as real-time monitoring and agent performance. Thus you will be able to identify areas for improvement and identify effective tactics.


Support without interruption:

With Consolto, you can access all your customer data and conversations in one place. Hence, your team can switch channels more and provide the best service. 


The power of the Live Video chat plugin by Consolto


Consolto offers a comprehensive customer service video conferencing solution. The WordPress plugin is easy-to-use and provides a personal touch to your customers. 

You can use screen sharing to show your customer step-by-step and assist them. No matter where they are located.

You can access high-quality, reliable, secure video chat directly from your website.

The following are features offered in this software-

1. Live Video Chat and Screen Sharing

In Consolto, there's no need to switch between tabs to schedule and collect feedback after an online meeting. Everything takes place in your website's chat window. Customers can make video calls on the go by using their mobile phones. 

You can show them your products, solve queries, and establish long-term relationships. You can have one-on-one communication with your customers this way.

Live video creates a more human touch to your marketing efforts. You are further engaging the visitors.

Not ready to be on a video call right away? No worries, we also offer the feature of scheduling and live chat.


2. Live Chat

Consolto software not only supports video integration. It also embeds its own messaging as well as FB messengers and WhatsApp directly into your WordPress site. Aside from chatting, you can send and receive files and payments with a single click. Switch to video within the same window if your customer requires more attention. 


3. Branding

Use the custom styling feature to make the widget fit and match your branding. Change the window colors, position the icon on your website, and write your text. You can also specify when and which pages it should appear on. 

Configure everything with Consolto and test the results in the live preview. No coding is required.


4. Easy to Use

Your customers will appreciate the ease of joining the meetings with a single click. There will be no installation - only conversion.

Consolto account setup is quick and straightforward. We provide a complete solution.


5. CRM Elements

All messages are displayed on a dashboard. It is easier to switch between customers' cases and add extra notes or custom fields. You have all the information you need to assist your customer in one location. You can also easily assign new messages to other agents. It is possible to send and receive voice messages via the voice inbox. All the communication associated with the individual is saved in the CRM. 


Consolto plugin is more than just live video chat. You also get forms, CRM and contact management, reports, and analytics. Consolto takes live chat to another level. 

The live video & chat plugin allows you to run video meetings on your website. This way audience can feel more connected and deepens customer relationships. 

The code for enabling the plugin can be implemented manually by non-developers. Choose the easiest and most reliable solution for customer support. Thus Convert website visitors to your clients and boost your sales.

Consolto Live Video Chat enables you to track user behavior. Also, engage with customers proactively based on previous interactions.


Using a customer's interaction history, you can - Recognize customer interests and find quick responses to customer inquiries.

Now is probably the best time to consider incorporating Consolto into your website. Contact us to find out more!


But the real question is, with so many options available in the market. Which one should I choose? Let us make it simple for you! 


It would help if you chose Video Conferencing with good ratings and fantastic reviews and features. 

Consolto makes a great fit and is the right plugin. 

To use the live video and chat plugin, you must register with Consolto. The whole setup can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Begin your 7-day free trial today!



Can I make video calls from my website without installing any extra software?

Yes, Consolto's live video and chat plugin let you make video calls directly from the chat window. Your customers are also not required to install any software.


Do I need a Consolto account to use the widget?

Yes, Go to the registration page to get started. We also offer a 7-day free trial.


How can I learn more about using Consolto?

You can contact us at the Help center.


Can I control when the live chat appears on my website?

Yes, you can set your business hours and choose which pages the live video and chat widget will appear on. You can also make exceptions and turn off the chat for specific hours or days.

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