May 7, 2024

The New Motion to Get Customers on a Sales Call

Winning deals is not a random act of sales. It requires knowledge, a full set of skills, and an ability to iterate. The world’s best sales teams use processes they have tested and fine-tuned over time.

But businesses now need to go through these learning motions faster than ever. Today’s available technologies have made it easier to create and deploy products from software to ecommerce.

For companies, this means they must compete on selling (being first-to-customer) just as much as they do on product development.

But many organizations have yet to revamp their sales motions to meet their customers’ ever-changing expectations.

Before we dive into the new approach that can help you effectively booking sales calls, let’s look into the current methods used to schedule sales calls and why this process is flawed.

Common strategies for booking sales calls

According to recent findings, 96% of prospects conduct their own research before talking to a human sales rep.

This means two things. One, customers are able to recognize they have a problem that requires a new product or service.

Secondly, most prospects are proactive, purposefully looking for and comparing available solutions.

With this in mind, let’s look at the following scenarios that reflect two of the most common ways of getting customers on a sales call. 

Scenario 1:

A potential customer visits your website. They check four or five pages and eventually land on your contact page.

They fill in a form leaving their contact details. This creates a new lead in your CRM system. The lead is assigned to the (busy as always) sales team.

When they have time, a sales rep looks into the information and decides to move forward with the lead.

They send an email proposing a few different time slots for the prospect to schedule a call.

By the time the prospect receives the invite, several working days may have passed.

Scenario 2:

Your sales team is proactively searching for new accounts and conducting cold calls or sending out cold emails.

A sales rep finds an interesting lead who they think might be a good fit but only manages to find their email address.

They decide to send a cold email presenting the product or service and inviting the prospect to book an appointment in the rep’s calendar.

A couple of days later, they send a follow-up reiterating the request to meet.

A week later, another reminder. And another. And so on.

This process can take from days to months, depending on each company’s sales playbook and customer response.

This approach is leaving money on the table


If we look behind the scenes of these commonly used approaches, we might get some insight into why such approaches have a low rate of success.

In the first case, by the time your prospect receives the meeting invite, they may have:

  • looked into competitors’ products;
  • failed to understand the true value your product can generate;
  • received a recommendation for a different product or service;
  • decided to postpone the purchase.

In scenario 2, you may never learn the reason why a prospect never responded - even if they may have been interested in the product.

It is possible that:

  • they wanted specific details but didn’t have time to write up a reply; 
  • your suggested meeting slots were not accommodating;
  • it felt like a hassle to book through one platform and then have to install new software for the actual call;
  • the process felt impersonal: they booked calls like this in the past and the host canceled the meeting without notice.

So what does this translate to for your company? 

1. It’s expensive

Such long, multi-step sales motions are costing you money (including sales team time, seats for conferencing software, etc) that you could be investing somewhere else.

2. It’s inefficient   

Sales rep time is very valuable. You want your sales team spending as little time on admin and manual work, and as much as possible conducting sales calls and giving sales pitches and demos.

3. You’re leaving deals on the table

The longer it takes to engage a prospect in a conversation, the more time they have to change their minds or turn to a competing solution.

How to transform your sales process with Consolto

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to be competitive with the sales tools and methods you use.

Consolto enables you to seamlessly connect with leads and prospects in real-time and straight on your website, reducing your response times from days to minutes. 

With our on-page live video and chat solution, you can easily engage with prospects right as they are discovering your product or service.

Consolto acts as a one-stop shop for customer conversations, eliminating the need for scattered third-party software for scheduling, meetings, or note-taking during calls.


Here’s how you can transform your sales process with Consolto embedded on your website: 

Scenario 1:

A potential customer visits your website. They visit four or five pages and eventually land on your contact page.

By this time, you can tell from their behavior that this is a qualified lead.

With Consolto on your website, the prospect can initiate a live video call where they get to meet you in person and ask for more details.

The result? With Consolto, it only took one minute and two clicks for a potential customer to start considering your solution.

Scenario 2:

Your sales team is sending out cold emails.

A sales rep finds a potentially interesting lead and emails them a presentation about the product or service.

The prospect visits your website following a link in the email

With Consolto on your website, they can start a live conversation to ask for more details or inquire about a specific use case.

The result? With Consolto, you managed to seize an opportunity that might otherwise have been lost for reasons unrelated to the quality of your product.

A new motion to master sales calls

Consolto can transform the way you sell by making the process truly customer-centric.

‘Get’em while they’re hot’

In traditional sales motions, interaction is initiated and controlled by the sales rep. This puts the buyer in a passive position, waiting for sales to move the process forward. 

This gives the customer time to keep looking for alternatives, compare options, or simply change their mind about purchasing your product. 

Consolto reduces the chances of losing customers due to long or delayed sales processes. 

With features such as live chat or real-time video-conferencing, you can clarify doubts, answer questions, and put your product in the winning seat faster.

Gain a competitive edge in the consideration stage

Comparing solutions is a natural stage in any purchase process. In fact, you should expect your prospects to be considering several providers at once. 

When you engage with prospects in live conversations straight on your website, you can create more meaningful, deeper connections that give you leverage when the time comes to make a decision. 

With live video calls on your website, Consolto helps you build those personal relationships that 82% of sales pros say are the most important (and enjoyable) part of selling.

3 benefits you get when using Consolto on your website

Consolto is an all-in-one solution that combines the benefits of video conferencing, live chat, scheduling, customer relationship management, and more.

Here’s what you can expect when you use Consolto:

  1. Save money

Consolto allows you to save money by switching from an array of tools to a single, rich-full solution.

With Consolto, you get live video conferencing, live chat, appointment scheduling, contact forms, a consolidated customer history, and much more.

  1. Increase conversion

They say once you’ve met someone, you never really forget them.

Meeting your prospects face to face sooner rather than later enables you to establish trust, overcome objections early on, and create a personal connection.

  1. Boost sales efficiency

Enable your sales team to focus their efforts where it matters the most by shortening your sales cycle and cutting down on admin work for appointment management and follow-ups. 

With Consolto, you can also reduce the number of calls with one prospect as well as the need for follow-up meetings, allowing your sales reps to focus on growing their pipeline.

Conduct better (sales) calls with Consolto

Consolto not only makes it easier to initiate those first interactions with customers, but it also improves the way your team conducts sales calls.

With external video conferencing platforms, participants have to install software, set up events, send and accept invites, enter meeting codes, and wait for the host to start the meeting. 

Unlike such tools, Consolto takes the tedious, manual work out of organizing meetings so you can focus on delivering the most effective sales call.

With its features and capabilities, Consolto easily supports your customer engagement efforts across all your teams, including marketing or customer support. You can even embed Consolto on any of your preferred channels like your website or messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

Read more about the platforms we support here.

Summing up

A winning sales process comes down to more than going through the established motions. If you want to drive revenue growth, sales efficiency, and customer satisfaction all at the same time, you need to constantly innovate and stay ahead of your competition.

At Consolto, we can help you achieve these goals by making every customer interaction truly effortless and friction-free.

You can get started with Consolto here, or reach out to us if you would like to schedule a free demo.

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