October 31, 2019

Video Chat As A Revenue Stream For YouTube Influencers

Video Chat As A Revenue Stream For YouTube Influencers

YouTube is a unique social media platform in the sense that its content is entirely distributed through videos. This allows YouTube Creators to enjoy exclusive revenue streams that influencers of other platforms like Facebook and Instagram cannot. That being said, video chat presents another opportunity for YouTubers to generate income and further engage with their audiences. It is important to discuss both the methods that YouTubers are currently employing to make a living on the platform as well as the implication of video chat on an influencer’s earning potential. 

Influencer Marketing

In the era of social media, our society is witnessing everyday people turn into bonafide celebrities, especially on platforms like YouTube. Needless to say, YouTubers have a significant amount of influence, and brands around the world view them as lucrative partners. Many companies are giving YouTubers the opportunity to integrate branding within their content in the form of product placement, branded entertainment that sheds light on a brand in a creative way, and even affiliate marketing through ID-tracked affiliate links. For both YouTubers and the brands they partner with, this is a win-win situation, as brands receive exposure and creators get paid as a reward for their services. 


Alongside partnering with existing brands, YouTubers with a distinct identity and massive following are able to capitalize on their influence by turning themselves into personal brands. This is often seen through clothes, books, and other items that could easily be monetized by reflecting the concept of the creator’s channel and personality. Merchandising is an example of the entrepreneurial trend that is taking place on YouTube and other platforms, in which influencers are becoming increasingly more creative and knowledgeable when it comes to securing revenue for themselves. 

Video Chat

Scheduled video consultations between YouTube influencers and their subscribers could potentially become the next technology that creators use for monetization. Imagine how delighted and appreciative a long time follower of a channel would be if given the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation with the YouTuber that they adore so much. On the side of the creator, they can have the autonomy to dictate how much they will charge per consultation/session, taking charge of their brand and identity without relying heavily on external corporate entities that would seek a share of any earnings made. Video chat will further allow influencers to bring personal and focused value to their audiences and establish themselves within the YouTube community as creators that actually care about their followers. 

In conclusion, YouTube currently has several different methods influencers can take advantage of in order to make substantial careers from the comfort of their homes. Video chat is an application that will only grow in popularity and implementation, so it makes sense for YouTubers, who are already comfortable and adept with video, to start considering the technology as another potential revenue stream. 

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