August 10, 2022

How businesses are using video chat software to improve customer service

Video Chat is quickly becoming the norm for global business interaction. This is due to its extensive use and suitability for cross-border communication. It is an ideal technology for interacting with employees and other stakeholders. Thus, critical to the growth of your business.

The use of video chat for customer service is increasing day by day.

The advantage of video chat is as below:

It boosts productivity

Saves times

Reduces travel expenses

Promotes collaboration

What is a Video conferencing/Video chat solution?

Video chat means providing face-to-face support to your clients in different locations, using specially designed applications or software. Video conferencing solutions with screen sharing capabilities are ideal because it allows your global teams to be more connected, productive, and engaged.

The use of cutting-edge video chat technology includes:

  • The platform will help in the Training and development of remote audience
  • Online interviews
  • Distribution of information
  • For B2B clients - Meeting with clients and stakeholders on a professional level.

Video channels are also gaining popularity in customer service, where they can save money while adding a personal touch. The low technical barrier is one reason. Another benefit is that video calls are broadly used for communication. Thus your customers are familiar with and trust the channel.

In this post, we will learn how to use video chat to improve your digital customer communication.


What are the advantages of Live video chat in customer service?

In today's world, convenience is everything. Video chat for customer support results in faster responses. This increases customer satisfaction and the credibility of the brand.

Resolve issues with fewer customer service touch-points

The HubSpot research reveals the following statistics when customers shop online.

  • The annoyance of having to explain the same problem to different executives. This is a problem that irritates 33% of customers.
  • Thirty-three percent of customers find waiting on hold for an eternity frustrating.
  • Nineteen percent of customers are troubled by slow and sluggish response times.
  • According to 14% of customers, they go through many touch points. (phone, email, etc.) to get their query resolved. 

How can live video chat help in solving these issues?

Video chat solutions provide contextual, instant, and centralized support. Essentially, it serves as a one-stop tool for customers. It enables agents to:

  • Identifying the root cause of the customer's problem. Then, while reducing the number of touch-points, offer contextual solutions.
  • Solve complex technical issues that need visual comprehension. For example - Troubleshooting software issues.

Assume a customer wishes to buy a car and wants to explore the interiors. Without leaving their home. Live video chat with 3D sense can assist customers in making a decision. Overall, customers can have an excellent user experience!

Allows for Improved Communication

As with any other form of visual communication. video chat enables personalized and real-time conversation with brands and customers. 

The equation becomes even more evident when you add the option to share the screen. 

This feature, standard in video chat solutions, adds another layer of context. It eliminates the need for customers to guess when navigating a website or software. This improves the user experience and adds trust and confidence in the brand.

Boost customer satisfaction and stand out from your competitors

Customers today prefer to stay on the website and resolve their issues rather than switching to any other channel. With the help of website integrated video live chat support. Hanging up on the phone will be a thing of the past.

There are many ways that video live chat can give you an edge over competitors. Such as:

  • Solving complex or specific customer problems that necessitate video guidance.
  • Evaluating customer's query within seconds.
  • Increasing user satisfaction and loyalty by streamlining customer support options.
  • Reduced costs as a result of fewer customer support touch-points
  • Developing deeper client relationships through real-time. An experience that today's customers seek.

According to the stats, video chat support results in 73% satisfaction levels. The highest when compared to 44% for phone and 61% for email.

Providing support by effectively using feedback

There is a lot of time, effort, and money spent on product descriptions by eCommerce brands. This further assists the user in making the best choice. But, when it comes to answering specific questions, video chat has an added advantage over phone and email.

Ways in which video chat can help with customer service

  • Your support team can use customer feedback and reviews on the video call. This aids in enhancing the product and the experience as a whole.
  • The call recording will help measure quality assurance (QA) and team performance. You can also collect feedback and concentrate on areas for improvement. This boosts team productivity.
  • Customer conversations can be better handled by reviewing the video call recordings. They also provide feedback on the team's performance and communication skills.
  • You can use video recordings to generate ideas for more personalized support.

Opportunity to onboard customers with a live product demo

Customer onboarding is an essential part of any company. It demonstrates how to build effective relationships and attract and retain customers. 

The feature-rich software can be overwhelming with complicated products and unique user journeys. As a result, customers are perplexed and unsure where to begin.

You can help customers adapt with direct video interaction and screen sharing. This gives them an engaging first experience with your product.

Let us take IKEA for example:

Planning your home interior can be a daunting task. If you've been to the IKEA store, you know there's always a long queue at all the counters. IKEA uses video chat and screen sharing to provide the same service remotely. Customers can plan the decor from the comfort of their own homes.

Isn't that an ideal way to provide excellent customer service?


Benefits of using live video chat software in your business.

Integrating video chat into your website could soon reap benefits for you. 

Video chat tools facilitate communication between your team and website visitors. This will help your team to provide valuable and attentive support. 

If you're unsure about how video chat can help your business? Consider the below benefits.

Activates Digital Workforce

Video conferencing software can foster a collaborative meeting culture among your workforce. It necessitates a level of concentration that audio conferencing does not. 

Video meetings enable teams to maintain human connections regardless of their physical location. This increases the meeting's undivided attention. 

It improves your ability to collaborate globally and speeds up decision-making. Video conferencing is also effective for information dissemination and task assignment.

Saves money on Travel

Today's workforce values mobility, flexibility, and modern forms of communication. 

In-office collaboration can reduce travel costs and boosts productivity for remote workers. By taking into account travel expenses and video conferencing costs. Video conferencing emerges as the clear winner. 

Every interaction in video chat can bring a face-to-face human connection. You may have remote employees or geographically dispersed employees. Or your company emphasizes a healthy work/life balance.

Improves value and brings the team together

Video meetings are also beneficial to team integration. It can tackle complex tasks together. Companies are converting to full video conferencing solutions. Such as messages, screen sharing, chat, meetings, and recording. 

This also adds to maintaining a good team rapport. And, contributes to projecting a corporate and unified organizational image.


How to get started with Consolto's Live video chat feature for sales & customer service?

The video chat software you select must be compatible with your overall support strategy. Or it may incur high costs. For example, Skype, Zoom, Meet are standalone live video channels.

Here's the solution! Consolto offers live video conferencing solutions that can be embedded into your website. 

It is an integrated video-chat solution with features such as:

1) Agents and customers can choose from a variety of call types. As a result, spontaneous interactions become simple.

Live chat, video chat, clickNtalk to accommodate any preference or level of intensity.

2) Video chat

Customers will appreciate the ability to speak to a live person rather than a chatbot. Because of this instant connection, problems are resolved faster. This, in turn, gives the customers an impression that your company cares about them.

3) Screensharing

Your service team can see the customer's screen and understand the problem. This saves time and allows the support team to explain a solution and improve the CX.

4) File sharing

This feature enables to send and receive images, documents, or any other file.

6) Instant access to call recording

This is a powerful feature because it gives access to the recording within the software. Thus there is a higher rate of information retention than audio or written content.

7) Contact forms:

You can survey and get feedback about customer satisfaction. Or use the form to collect contact information.

8) Scheduling

Online customers can contact the team whenever it is convenient for them. Consolto's scheduled video chat addresses this demand. Through the website, you can now book virtual appointments.

9) Messaging

Beginning video chats with no prior interactions is not a good idea. Customers may find a face-to-face meeting with a stranger too intimate. Use the Messaging feature or email to assess the nature of the inquiry. Establish a connection before deciding on the best channel to solve the problem. 

10) ClickNTalk Page (for non-webiste users)

And much more.


Setting up a video chat on your website may appear complicated, but it is pretty simple. To incorporate this widget, you only need to add a short piece of code to your website. It is that easy! 

You can begin using it right away, which makes it a compelling feature.

If your competitors are already using video chat, you should also make sure you can offer it. And, if they are not. You can be the first business to provide the option to your website visitors. 

You can access the necessary tools by installing software or logging in through your browser. You can also personalize it by using our custom styling feature. 

Key Takeaways

Video chat software is right for your business:

  • It results in a more human-like digital customer experience.
  • It boosts sales and the average purchase value.
  • It has enhanced agent speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

The popularity of video live chat is skyrocketing.

Consolto is being hailed as a powerful visual engagement tool for customer service. It is especially beneficial for B2B, eCommerce, Health sector, and Real estate businesses. 

It can improve their customer experience and outperform their competitors.

Business and consumer adoption of video technology is expected to soar in future years. We live in a video-centric world, and businesses must capitalize on this opportunity.

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