October 11, 2022

How to Use Video Chat in Customer Service in 2022

Video chat in customer service is the use of video chat technologies to allow face-to-face interactions with customers. It’s common for businesses to use tools such as Consolto to effectively run video calls. 

Because we live in a world filled with innovative ideas, offering a customer service solution that aligns your business and brand with modern approaches is ideal. Predictions note that by 2030, the video conferencing market will reach $19.73 billion.

In this post, we’ll discuss video chat in customer service. We’ll talk about the benefits of using video chat in accommodating customers and tips for implementing video chat technology.

Benefits of using video chat in customer service

Video chat technologies use (VoIP) Voice Over Internet Protocol. Through  VoIP phone connection, customer service teams can hold video conversations online and address a top customer service frustration: the inability to reach a “real” customer service agent.

Boost customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a measurement of how happy customers are with your products. It’s important because it provides essential data to improve your customer service.

The higher the level of customer satisfaction, the better. It means you can meet customer expectations and provide quality and value. As a result, this leads to fewer customer complaints and increased customer loyalty.

Below is a chart that reflects customer satisfaction.

Image source: American Society for Quality

To rectify a low customer satisfaction level, use video chat solutions. Video chat humanizes the digital experience of customers. It also reduces customer churn — leading to an increase in sales and revenue.

Use video recordings for auditing

Customer service auditing refers to an assessment of your customer service. It identifies flaws in your operations and informs you of employee performance. More importantly, it helps you discover areas that need improvement. 

To perform a customer service audit, managers should investigate critical aspects of their customer service — such as customer service team performance. To get insight into the issue, it is important to discuss the audit with employees as well as understanding customer needs and how they found the customer service experience. 

Video recordings with customers can be invaluable for this process as it allows managers to see first hand how their team is performing and offer feedback based on this. Furthermore, it’s also possible to use video editing software to create examples of good customer service calls for new team members. 

It is good practice to record everything your customer service team does and allocate time to watch your recordings.  Be attentive to how the team executes its job and find a way to squeeze changes for improvement.

Reduce customer service costs

Exceptional customer service is essential to business success. If your business has a commendable customer support team on standby, you will see a positive impact in sales. 

In a customer acquisition study, HubSpot asked 1,000 consumers from the US, UK, Australia, and Singapore. These respondents revealed the importance of customer service where costs — and therefore, sales — are concerned.

Plus, here are a few relevant customer service statistics to consider:

  • 90% are likely to buy from a business with exceptional customer service
  • 93% may want to become repeat customers
  • 77% shared positive experiences with their loved ones and on social media

Unfortunately, the costs associated with ensuring an exceptional customer service team can be overwhelming — a reason you need to reduce customer service costs. For the most part, you need to train members of customer support to deliver a high-quality service.

Fortunately, you can reduce customer service costs with video chat. While you still need to train a team on how to engage with customers, you can minimize the overall costs. You can reduce travel costs and disregard the need to invest in a physical location.

Improved remote technical support

We live in a digital world — in a world where customers will choose service providers with a technical support team on standby. And in this world, when people come across a business with no technical support solution, they can only assume that it produces work that reeks of subpar quality and incompetence.

Benefits of a tech team in place? Having professionals who can do these things easily: 

  • Fix and optimize problems with hardware
  • Update programs to feature the latest solutions
  • Resolve concerns about industry compliance
  • Enhance internal communications

If you look at matters differently, you can see that a technical support team ensures that a business is in excellent condition and running efficiently. Indirectly, members of a tech team are in charge of improving productivity, boosting customer satisfaction, and providing solutions that can help a business streamline operations. 

Now, this is where video chat enters the picture. With video chat, businesses can provide a technical support solution to customers faster and easier no matter where they are.

Help with onboarding

Onboarding refers to a process that helps new customers understand your solutions. It provides a detailed explanation of your offer, including how to make the most of it. Due to this, users have a greater understanding of the product and are more likely to continue using it, thus strengthening customer loyalty and reducing churn.

Video chat can be an effective way to help onboard customers. As video chat allows users and customer support teams to connect face to face, it makes communication easier and reduces the risk of miscommunication. Furthermore, it grants an interactive and unforgettable experience to customers, and makes the process flexible and personable. 

Tips for implementing video chat for customer service

Image source: Pixabay

If your business is new to video customer service, the discussions above can point out why you should start adopting it. And if you have a video chat solution already in place, the tips below can help you elevate your game.

Understand when to use video calls for customer support

Without a doubt, using video chat as a way of providing customer service richly provides support. Sometimes, though, the best way to attend to customer concerns is with a live text-based chat, through a knowledge base or other communication channels.

Take the case of these two customers:

  • Customer #1 needs help in assembling a computer table.
  • Customer #2 wants to know how many ergonomic office chairs are in stock.

Of the two customers, initiating a video chat with customer #1 is an excellent idea. Doing so is also the best course of action. Assembling a computer table may need detailed instructions, and you can provide these in a video chat.

Meanwhile, the case of customer #2 is different. Customer #2 posed a simple question — answerable with a few words. Initiating a video chat with them is not practical. It will consume more resources (time and energy) from both ends. 

Train staff to use appropriate body language during video calls

Body language is an essential part of communication and can impact how people perceive an interaction. Whilst body language can’t be seen over the phone or a text based customer service option, it can be seen over video chat. 

Therefore, it is essential to train staff to demonstrate appropriate body language. Otherwise, they may look unprofessional and uncertain — resulting in a negative image of your brand.

Carol Kinsey Gorman is the author of “The Nonverbal Advantage: Body Language at Work”, and according to her, people in video chats and calls may want to start sessions by sitting straight, putting both feet (firmly planted) on the floor, taking a deep breath, and exhaling through their mouth. They should also smile and have a friendly face.

All these actions allow them to relax their neck and throat. They also project confidence and respect.

Ensure staff understand how to deal with technical issues

Staff with a good sense of technical and customer service aspects is advantageous. When all customer service staff have a good understanding of the product they are providing advice on, it is likely that they will be more valuable to the customer. 

Interestingly, studies have indicated that as many as 80% of customers who had a negative experience with a business will overlook the event. Customers will often forgive negative interactions if the customer service team is helpful and eager to rectify the situation. As  result of this, customer service is an integral part of reputation management and building a strong brand image. 

To ensure this is achieved, senior leaders of a business need to set clear instructions. Ensure all customer service representatives are comfortable with the product and are aware of how to help customers solve common and complex problems. 

Audio and visual considerations for video calls

The audio and visual aspects of your video sessions should be of the best quality. Failing to appreciate the importance of this could lead to unhappy customers and unsuccessful video calls. 

It is good practice to first ensure that all customer service representatives have a stable internet connection so that the risk of calls dropping out is reduced. It’s also recommended that a sound, microphone and visual check is done on all computers used for video calls. Try to undergo these checks regularly to ensure that the quality of calls hasn’t slipped for any reason. 

More tips for improving audio quality:

  • Remove ambient noises (like the sound of fax machines, fans, and printers)
  • Use a high-quality microphone and speaker to speak more clearly and hear customers better

More tips for improving visual quality:

  • Setup a dedicated space to accept video chats and calls; no visible irrelevant objects; solid background
  • Invest in excellent internet connection speed to prevent lags and freezes 

Audio and visuals affect customer satisfaction for a simple reason: they allow customers to express concerns. 

If you have low-quality audio and visuals, customers can’t express their concerns to you clearly. As a result, they will leave your business with a negative impression. Worse, they will share their negative experience with family and friends.


Using video also helps build lasting relationships with customers. And having tight customer relationships is essential. After all, without customers, you have no business.

Compared to basic chat and phone calls, videos grant the opportunity for your customers to meet (or e-meet) you. As a result, it can help create a personal connection. It can also help customer service agents pick up verbal and non-verbal cues and understand customers better.

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