August 20, 2022

What are the advantages and how to save money with video conferencing for business?

Video conferencing is an integral part of business in the 21st century. It enables visual communication with clients at any time and from any location. A video call saves money and energy and impacts the environment in unexpected ways.

Online meetings have become the preferred method of communication today. 

Thanks to technology, usability has improved. Hence, dependability has increased, and the cost of ownership has decreased. Hence, video conferencing is becoming an essential enterprise productivity tool.

Suppose you want your business to be up to date with the latest technology of innovation and growth. It is an obvious need to see the potential of video calls as the accelerator to success.

Business video conferencing has the following advantages:

Developing a Consistent Digital Workforce

Human connections are made across borders using two-way group communication technology. Video conferencing is a collaborative process that keeps the team together. 

Video calls with customers and partners all over the world increase efficiency. At the same time, reduced travel requirements allow key employees to make the most of their time.

As a result, a team does not have to be in the exact location. Instead, they can be in different cities but be in the same digital landscape.


Increased Productivity

Video calls reduce the miscommunications that can occur with email and phone calls. Facial expressions and body language convey a complete message with video calls.

Video conferencing helps you make the most of your human resources. 

In this way, there will be fewer obstacles to completing the project. Group members will feel more aligned and achieve their goals faster. It will also help in remaining more alert and focused when observed by coworkers.

Management Cohesion

The importance of video calls is growing with screen sharing and recording. You can strengthen communication by creating a centralized hub for information retrieval. Collaboration solutions present a simple and easy access point for moving forward together.


Improves Operational Efficiency

Visual tools provide a level of efficiency that audio calls cannot match. As a result, businesses can get a lot more done via video conference. 

For example, Product demos and display mock-ups that can attract potential customers.

Many organizations are acknowledging the effectiveness of face-to-face meetings. Tight time constraints and remote call-ins can help to ease a more focused discussion. Thus, reducing side comments that derail conversations.

Video interaction ensures focus among the team members. Unseen phone calls can lead to the temptation of checking smartphones. 

At the same time, high-quality conference speakers allow everyone to hear and be heard. This, when combined with good video, increases user engagement. 


Employee Satisfaction

Work travel has a physical and emotional cost that can harm work-life balance. 

Using video instead of phone calls improves one's health and job satisfaction. As a result, it boosts performance and productivity. 

Many consider remote working to be a trend driven by video conferencing. It has emerged as the ideal communication tool for dispersed teams. According to a recent Owl Labs survey. 77% of employees would be happier if they could work from home after the pandemic.


Rapid Engagement

A video call can be a go-to tool to communicate something right away. There's no need to gather all key players in one place to show the product design or set new goals.

Unlike a phone conference, sharing your screen can visually impact deadlines. You will also have control over ensuring that your message is received and understood by all.


Ensures stronger relationships

Body language and eye contact are all aspects of human communication. Sometimes the spoken word alone leaves too much room for interpretation. Phone calls reveal tone, but not body language or gestures, which are essential for comprehension. 

It can be frustrating for employees not to be able to hear clearly. Because more energy is focused on figuring out what they are trying to say rather than on meeting the goal.

Video conferencing can be a powerful tool for developing meaningful working relationships. Finally, this is what leads to effective collaboration.


How Video Conferencing Software Can Help Businesses Save Money

We can't ignore the fact that regular meetings are essential for businesses. To meet and set goals, get to know one another, and further embrace the spirit of togetherness.

No matter how appealing they appear, meetings can cost your company a lot of money and time. 

However, Video conferences have transformed the way business meetings are being conducted. Contrary to what most people believe, video calls have reduced costs. These tools have made sessions much more interesting, personal, and interactive. 

Let's deep dive and understand more!


Saves money on Building Infrastructure cost

Remote working is becoming more popular, and businesses are encouraging work from home. Thus, cutting down the cost of building and its maintenance.

As video conferencing platforms have improved, it is now possible to achieve the unique "personal appeal" of face-to-face meetings.

In contrast to a physical meeting, live video calls display the speaker's face on the screen. Hence, reinforcing the eye-to-eye connection.

Aside from building costs, business owners can save money by eliminating travel expenses rather than sending employees worldwide to meet with clients. 

It is now easy to collaborate and ensure seamless conversation with video calls. This further reduces the cost of employee airfare, hotels, and meals.



Thanks to video conferencing solutions. Remote work offers employees the convenience of working from home. Compared with physical meetings, video conferences have a much higher attendance rate.

This convenience is essential to clients as well who value their time. Client satisfaction means more revenue for your company. The recording feature in video conferencing makes it easy to catch up on missed meetings.


Makes training easier

For businesses, video conferencing has simplified and reduced the cost of employee onboarding. Businesses can now provide education and training to their employees at zero cost. It would be best if you had time, a stable internet connection, and video tool software to train.


Unlike face-to-face training, video conferencing allows you to share information through screen-sharing.

Isn't this great to demonstrate practical knowledge to your employees?

Another helpful feature of the video solution tool is recording. 

You can record your training sessions for later use. Thus, saving your time when you onboard new employees. All you need to do is update your training videos every few months.


Saves time and increases productivity

With video conferencing, businesses can hold many meetings without disrupting employee productivity. As opposed to face-to-face meetings, video conferences require less preparation. You only need to ensure that you look presentable in front of the camera. And that your immediate surroundings are suitable for video calls. 

It also allows you to call your team members for a quick meeting without prior notice or preparation. 


Interesting statistics about video conferencing in business

Remote work, emphasizing optimized communication, is here to stay. Businesses are making significant investments to support this unstoppable video conferencing trend.

The global video conferencing market was valued at $3.85 billion in 2019 and is proliferating.

How are businesspeople in general feeling about adapting to video conferencing solutions? They're excited, as it turns out! 

A Forbes Insights survey yielded some intriguing results.

  • There are vast benefits of virtual face-to-face communication. This led to 68% of respondents choosing video over audio conferencing.
  • According to 78% of respondents. Videoconferencing increases connectedness, which leads to more effective relationships at work.
  • 74% believe that video conferencing improves remote workers' engagement and effectiveness.

What can Consolto's mini-CRM integration with video conferencing software do for your business?

CRM is essential for maintaining customer information. However, combined with video conferencing software, boosts sales and marketing efforts. 

There is ample data in various departments like support and feedback. These data contain tons of names, contacts, and email ids. Integration of CRM with video conferencing can makes things better. 

Let's see how that works!


Collaboration through video

The IT industry does more than create new products, solutions, and services. It introduces modern B2C approaches to the business world. 

Today's businesses have many tools to disrupt employees' workflow. They must test various devices and authenticate in secure CRMs and systems. Holding a call, sending a document, and using a whiteboard all need a variety of actions. Especially when a company has many branches.

Consolto's business customer communication software can meet all these requirements. You can hold a video conference, take notes, record the speech, and more. Our Modern technology enables the integration of these features into a single application.


Training your sales team

With video conferencing, sessions of what happened in the meeting and conclusion can be recorded.

With the addition of a CRM, businesses can use Analytics to track performance. It enables sales managers to use archived meetings for coaching purposes. Also, to replay clips and provide feedback for improved performance.

Keep the business running smoothly

As we can see, the world is becoming more digital. People are looking forward to technological advancements to help them run their businesses. 

Consolto's video conferencing is the best way to ensure business efficiency and continuity. The software can be used in various industries to help them run their businesses remotely.


Save important information

Video conferences draw attendees from all over the world. Businesses see it as a critical platform or venue for asking questions. 

Contact forms via video conferencing applications assist in determining the need. If the customer requires a product and whether they are prepared to buy it. 

Integrating CRMs with video conferencing ensures that sales reps record valuable information. This will help access in the future by other internal team members.


Recognize upselling opportunity

Upselling is the practice of offering a buyer a more advanced version of a product. Video conferencing promotes frequent interaction. It is a powerful tool for discovering new sales and marketing opportunities. The key is to prove to the prospect the true worth of what you're upselling.

With Consolto's live video chat solution, you can give a 3D demo of the product or service. This is particularly useful for products with complex features.

Companies must begin to move forward with time and realize the use of live video integration. Such as:

Quick meetings with customers or internal teams

Zero investment in expensive software or hardware

Video presentations with customers

Meeting recording

Real-time communication and collaboration

And more. 

Consolto's video conferencing software allows for quick and straightforward integration on any website.



With video conferencing, you can enter a new world of business communications. 

Consolto aims to make business easier by integrating CRMs and video conferencing in to one solution.

It enables sales reps and senior management to host meetings from any location, at any time. With this software, It is also easy to schedule an appointment with a single click.

We're all experiencing a fundamental shift in how business communications take place. 

We hope this article makes sense of that shift as we discussed the benefits of video conferencing. In this article, We learned how to adapt to the growing demand for video conferencing solutions. 

The shift from traditional business communications to video-based communication is happening quickly. 

We have great ideas for your business video conferencing solution, and we're sure you do. 

Please let us know if you need any assistance.

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