September 18, 2022

Finding the right video conferencing equipment for small business

Video conferencing today is the lifeline of remote businesses. It applies to all organizations functioning with remote teams. It provides ample opportunities to connect with people and clients. You can connect over long distances seamlessly and share your information and opinions.

For IT solution providers also, videoconferencing represents a powerful business opportunity. It aims to improve business processes and provides a quick return on investment. 

This is because you don't have to pay for expensive international call rates. Instead, your teams can connect using video conferencing software. You only need an internet connection and the right video conferencing equipment for small businesses.

Need for Video Conferencing Equipment for Small Businesses

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Video conferencing is a critical need for businesses of all sizes and functions. It is essential for managing remote teams in small businesses. You can close business deals overseas quickly with it. 

The State of Video Conferencing report from 2019 mentioned that video conferencing is a preferred option to connect with co-workers when in-person communication is impossible.

According to an HR Technologist survey, 78% of companies use video calling software for team meetings. 43% of office or remote teams use a video conferencing tool to stay connected (Source: GetVoip).

This means that if you want to be successful in your business, you need to provide your clients and employees with the right and high-quality video conferencing solution. 

You can collaborate in real time with video conferencing solutions and equipment. Read on to know how a suitable investment in video conferencing solutions can help you scale greater heights.

Types of Video Conferencing Systems

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Most people think video conferencing options are limited to a simple camera and microphone. But this is not true. Based on your business type and needs, you can choose from a variety of video conferencing systems.

Here are the main types of conferencing systems.

Telepresence Video Conferencing System

Telepresence is also known as remote presence. This type of video conferencing system has a conference space dedicated to virtual conferencing. 

This aims to simulate face-to-face communication between remote team members. It uses VR or Virtual Reality to merge two locations into one. 

They are technologically more advanced video conferencing systems. They involve robotics installations. This type of setup uses multiple monitors to make everyone feel like they're joining the meeting in person. 

Small businesses with small budgets may not want to invest in them. But if your budget permits, you can go ahead and get a taste of modern technology for your video conferences.

Desktop Video Conferencing System

Desktop video conferencing is what you have in the traditional video teleconferencing system. Here you have all the hardware and software required installed on a desktop computer for video conferencing.

This is the most popular way of video conferencing. Using this system, your team members can attend meetings on short notice. They can get in touch with your clients and customers within a short span of time. 

With this method, you can save time and money compared to traditional boardroom meetings. Thus, you don't need to have meeting rooms with monitors and video cameras for desktop video conferencing. 

Specifically, in this system, all the video conferencing hardware and software are built-in to a desktop or a laptop.

Room-Based Video Conferencing

This type of video conferencing technology is built-in into the room itself. It helps you connect with employees and clients. This type of video conferencing allows for 2-way audio and video communication. 

There are many pre-configured room solutions for all kinds of meeting rooms. They can easily fit small, medium, and big rooms. People from distant locations can connect easily through enhanced video conference rooms.

This type of video conferencing is suitable for modern workspaces. It brings HD video collaboration into any space. It could be in the office or at home. It enables remote and in-person participants to interact in real-time. 

Basic Components to Host a Video Conference

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A well-established set up to host and conduct a video conference can help your business operate more efficiently. It also helps your business save money. So, you need to start investing in the right equipment. 

Here are some essential equipment you need to host a video conference. 

Camera or webcam 

The basic component to start a video conference is a camera. Most laptops and desktops come with built-in cameras. If your computer doesn't have a camera, you must buy a standalone camera or webcam. 

Today, many options for a smart video conferencing camera are available in the market. It can intuitively capture video images. These cameras are able to rotate and adjust their lens to capture motion and sound. This is much different from the regular cameras. 

Audio technology 

The next important component of a video conferencing system is clear, understandable audio. You may be unable to control the audio quality technology in videoconferencing calls with your customers. 

You can always ensure that your conferencing speech is captured effectively. This can be done with high-quality microphones. This can be achieved with the help of a microphone that enables everyone in the video conference to hear properly.

The latest laptops and mobile devices support built-in microphones. You can even use many personal headsets and external microphones built into them. 

You may sometimes plan on hosting video conferences for clients or large groups of people. In that case, you can use an omnidirectional microphone. 

It will provide better sound and recording quality from any location. Omnidirectional microphones have the capacity to pick up sound from any side of the microphone. It boosts your voice audio quality and equalizes the volume for your listeners. 

To ensure exceptional audio quality in your conference calls, you can line your meeting room's walls with several acoustic panels. This will help remove any echo in the room. 

Internet bandwidth

Video conferencing is impossible to imagine without a high-speed, reliable internet connection. You should have a quality internet connection to handle all data used during the call. 

This applies to all participants in the call. Weak connections can result in audio and visual lags. This can impact the quality of the call. 

Internet bandwidth is also a crucial consideration today for companies. You can have the best microphones, cameras, codecs, and other endpoint devices. But, if the internet bandwidth is inadequate or mismanaged, it can cause problems. Lags and poor connections are the common ones.

CODEC device 

A CODEC device is also an important component of a video conferencing system. The purpose of the CODEC is to digitally compress the audio video for each conferencing session. 

This compressed data is then transmitted over a network to the endpoint in a digital manner. Today various CODEC devices are available in the market. 

They can help you achieve high rates of compression. With them, audio and video can be relayed in real-time seamlessly. 

Endpoint devices 

A video conferencing system consists of multiple devices. These include a video display, TV screen, telephones, loudspeakers, a projector, and more. They work together to handle the audio and video output in a video conferencing system. 

A remote computing device can make an endpoint. It helps you communicate back and forth with a network to which you are connected. 

These endpoints are many. They can include laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, workstations, and various IoT (Internet-of-things) devices.

You can customize these endpoint devices to your client's needs. These devices can range from room-based systems to standalone desktop units. It is always better to look for a well-established endpoint system. It should have proven results with other customers.

Video conferencing software

There is now a host of different software and apps available for video conferencing. You can use them to host your business meetings. 

All you have to do to host a conference is to send out a link. The software will create a virtual meeting room with your microphone and camera. T

There are some free apps that let you host simple video conference calls. There are even more robust apps with more features.

Today, video conferencing software with various features is available. They are usually well-equipped with various features. These include call recording capabilities, digital meeting rooms, and even encrypted security. 

Matching the Right Video Conferencing Equipment for Small Business 

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There are many factors that affect the creation and set up of the perfect video conferencing experience. So, you have to spend some time choosing the right equipment. 

It is crucial to match your video conferencing equipment to every room's dynamics at your workplace. This is because it is not a size fit all option. 

Effective video conferencing involves arranging every meeting space according to your office needs. It could be at home or in your corporate office.

It includes a full range of different room types. These rooms can range from personal workspaces and large multipurpose rooms to small and medium huddle rooms. You can equip them for instant, easy-to-use and high-quality video conferencing with the right equipment.

You need to identify the requirements for each room to find the right solution and setup. 

Personal Offices 

Personal workspaces need to function on a similar level as formal meeting rooms. This is because more important video meetings take place across many locations. They also need to consider ergonomics, lighting, and audio key considerations.

A suitable solution for video conferencing can be portable, lightweight, and mobile. A quick setup will be an added benefit. This can come along with high-performance cameras and speakerphones.

Huddle Rooms

Most small businesses prefer huddle rooms. Here small groups of workers can gather together to make key decisions. Every office may have several smaller spaces for such rooms. 

These rooms require large-scale deployment of affordable yet quality video conferencing equipment for small businesses. They can look for good sound and picture quality in a convenient and cost-effective video package.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms need a flexible setup as the number of users can increase or decrease as per need. You may need a strong camera performance. 

This is needed to cover all participants. Another strong need is audio dialogue. So, you need to have the perfect meeting room package.

Factors that create the Perfect Video Conferencing

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Here is what you must consider to create the perfect video conferencing setup in your office.

· Number of people in the meeting room 

· The much required audio pick-up range 

· Type of audio devices or microphones for more flexibility 

· Plug and play set up 

· One cable connection

· Easy call setup with a laptop 

· Number of extension cables for bigger rooms

· Easy cable management and setup

· Multiple options to connect calls

· Ability to use zero-touch audio conferencing via apps

· Use arrangements to optimize sound performance, ex. carpets

· Camera setups and neutral lighting 

· Background surroundings

Explore Consolto’s Live Video Chat Solution 

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Take a step forward to digitize your small business with Consolto. We offer a live video chat solution that is easy to install and use. Consoto’s all-in-one solution can supercharge your business by transforming it into a powerful virtual office. 

You can choose the best video conferencing equipment to build better business connections. But, with Consolto, you get everything you need to work remotely. This is irrespective of the business you have.

You can use Consolto’s multi-chat video chat solution for small and medium businesses. You can offer personalized interactions to your customers with immersive interactions. 

Our live, high-quality video chat solution allows you to connect with customers. You can also take notes, record calls, and share data. You get a unified platform to handle payments. And, you can send and receive files among your clients and customers.

You can provide your customers with personal and permanent links for video and audio calls to connect with you. You can also offer support and expert service. You can do this by setting up each agent with a dedicated personal page. 

Consolto also allows you to send custom links to your customers. This can help them schedule appointments or start video calls or live messaging. 

Final Thoughts

Various types of businesses operate from remote locations. This has promoted the rapid rise of the video conferencing equipment and software market. 

Choosing the right equipment for your business is important. So, you should analyze the hardware and software for video conferencing. It forms the backbone of remote team communication. 

Give your small business a push with Consolto’s live chat solution. Contact us today for more details!

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