September 9, 2022

How Can Video Conferencing for Small Business Setups Boost Customer Experience?

According to a report by Hubspot, 68% of consumers are willing to pay more if a brand offers a good customer experience. On top of it, 78% of customers will buy again when they receive good CX. 

So, customers want a good, no scratch,  excellent experience. But, the question is how businesses can deliver the best customer solutions. 

One answer is video conferencing.

Video conferencing for small business organizations is a simple solution to deliver CX. 

It allows businesses to build personal connections with their customers. Moreover, they can better understand customers' pain points in real-time.

Whether you have a remote or hybrid workflow, video conference calls can do wonders to earn your customers' trust. 

Exciting, right? 

So, let’s dig into how video conferencing for small business organizations is the best way to boost their CX. 

Benefits of Video Conferencing for Small Business 

Upwork Future Workforce Report 2021 has called video conferencing ‘The Future of Business Technology.’


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Since the number of remote and hybrid businesses is increasing. Thus, video conferencing is gaining momentum daily. 

Video conferencing business solutions are not only helping to interact with customers. Today, comprehensive video solutions like Consolto enable businesses to establish relationships with customers. 

Like regular phone calls, customers can call businesses and find all the relevant information. 

Video conferencing is becoming the business management software that helps deliver the best customer experience.

Today, video conferencing for small business organizations is essential because: 

It helps to Engage Customers

Virtual chats or audio calls lack personal touch. As a result, people feel disconnected during these interactions. 

It is harder for sales reps to keep potential leads engaged in audio calls for long. Contrary, video calls offer several chances to make the meeting interesting. 

For example, video conferencing allows participants to understand one another. The facial or hand gestures are a better way to know people than plain text. 

As a result, sales reps can know when they find a potential customer losing interest in the meeting. 

They can change their tactics and use interactive tools like 3-D models and images to keep communication flow smooth yet interactive. 

Moreover, face-to-face conversations are the best way to form a long-term partnership. 

It is a Quick Solution 

In a standard scenario, customers must schedule an appointment with a business and wait to connect with the right person. 

It can take a few hours or days for consumers to connect with the brand. In an emergency, most small companies have no solution to support their customers.

As we all know, waiting is a massive turn-off for customers. 

But, video chat can cut all the wait. Customers have to press a call button, and they can in-person meet with their vendors. 

It saves Time and Money 

Small businesses don’t have a big staff at their disposal. Instead, they have a small team to handle all the business operations. 

So, they can’t send employees to various locations to have personal meetings with clients. So, it can not consume time. But also increase the travel budget. 

Thus, video conferencing can save time and money for small businesses. With a click, a person can conduct a meeting with a potential client in the USA and UK without leaving their desk. 

It helps to deal with Sudden Situation

The pandemic has shown how situations can change in a blink of an eye. We have seen how businesses struggled to switch from office to remote. 

So, things can change anytime, making it difficult for businesses to interact with customers. A video conferencing solution can prepare you for all the upcoming uncertain situations. 

You can always stay in touch with your customers with video calls despite all the odds. You can provide consistent and real-time support to your customers.


Alt text: video meeting on Consolto

It helps to Please Customers 

Video calls let businesses please customers using several tools like screen sharing and 3D models. 

Pleasing customers is difficult. Especially, for B2B buyers who want full details about making a purchase decision. 

Video conferencing for small business setups is the best to please customers. Businesses can share the screen with their customers to better explain their products and services. 

Moreover, 3D models help businesses to understand customers' questions better. 

Customers can pinpoint the image to explain their points. It can help businesses to please customers with the right answers and convert them faster. 

It helps to Build Relationships

Video chatting helps to develop relationships between businesses and customers. Organizations can better understand their customer's pain points and provide the best solutions.

When you meet someone face-to-face, you can pick up cues from their facial expressions and hand gestures. You can understand the personality of an individual better with video calls.

Virtual communication can create confusion. It is possible that you might not understand your clients through virtual chat.

For global businesses, video conferences are helpful in removing the language barrier. In written communication, language can create a problem. But, in video calling, you can communicate using hand gestures if you don't know another person's language.

Video Conferencing for Small Business Organizations Must-Have Features 

As you can see, video conferencing for small business organizations is essential to improve CX. Moreover, it helps businesses to bridge the gap between customers and employees.


Alt text: video conferencing for small businesses 

But, small businesses first need to find the best video conferencing solution. Without automation, providing a real-time video chat feature to your customers is impossible.

Today, many video conferencing solutions are available in the market. But, most solutions are incomplete.

For example, a Zoom is a great tool for communicating with your friends and family members. But, for business organizations, it lacks many features like scheduling, instant calls, etc. 

Foremost, you should analyze your business requirements. And based on that, you can select the right video conferencing software.

Here are some essential features that video conferencing for small business spaces is essential:

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is an important feature of video conferencing software. It helps you share your computer screen with your customers and explain your product features to them.

If you have a B2B SaaS business set up, screen sharing can help you make sales calls. You can show your product to potential clients with a click.

Customers can also share their screens with you if they get stuck somewhere. The customer support team can resolve issues in real-time with screen sharing.

Call Recording 

Many video calling software lacks the call recording feature. For example, Google Meet doesn’t allow you to record your calls.

The software with an inbuilt call recording feature can enable marketing and sales teams to create a customer persona. It's best when the recordings are attached to the customer profile itself.

The marketing and sales team can design solutions based on the customer's conversation. It can enable marketing teams to launch personalized marketing campaigns.

Sales agents can refer to video call recordings before creating a sales pitch. This way, they can customize sales solutions for individual leads.

This strategy will increase your conversion rate. Moreover, you can better recognize hot and qualified leads. 

Customer Database 

In most cases, companies must use cloud or on-premises storage facilities to store their customers' data.

Most customer databases are available on cloud like call recordings, customer information, and other details. This can not only increase workload. But, it gets difficult to find the right information on time.

Thus, it is important for small businesses to get a video conference solution with built-in CRM features.

As we already discussed, small companies don’t have large employee bases. So, with CRM support, companies can reduce their data entry work.

They don’t need to transform customer call recordings to cloud servers. The software can store all the customer databases. 

As a result, you no longer need to invest in the cloud or internal storage space. With one software cost, you can manage your entire customer database.


Alt text: video meeting 

Media Share

Sometimes customers want to share some media files during the video call. But, most software only allows you to access those files while you are still connected to the call.

The moment you end the call — all customer-shared files will also end. 

Thus, you need software that allows you to share media data with a video call and save it in your system. 

This way, you can access customers' media files at any time and provide a better experience for them. 

Contact Forms

Contact forms are the best way to collect customers' information and use it to enhance the customer experience. 

Business websites use contact forms to collect customer email addresses. This enables them to launch personalized email marketing campaigns. 

But, content forms only provide certain information. Sometimes customers want to share some more details to receive a personal experience.

In that case, contact forms integrated with a video conferencing feature are the best. It allows customers to fill out contact forms and have quick chats with companies from a console.

Where Can I Find the Best Video Conferencing Solution for My Small Business?

At Consolto!

Yes, Consolto is the best video conferencing software for small businesses. It is a comprehensive video chat solution with many features.

It is a widget that you can insert into your business website to improve customer experience. For example, this one console lets your customers:

  • Have an instant video call
  • Send a text message 
  • Share media files
  • Book an appointment 
  • Make payments and more. 

This software can take away all workload from your team on the backend side. It can provide a horizontal overview of your customers.


Alt text: Consolto video conferencing for small business 

All the conversation history and customer details are visible on one screen. Your team can click on a customer name, and all the information and conversation details can appear on the screen.

There is no hassle or coding trouble. You can find all your customer data on a portal. It can enable you to provide a high-quality experience to all your customers.

You can try a 7-day free trial today to better understand the software. It can help you see how this video conferencing software differs from other tools.

There are many other competitive pricing plans available. You can check all the Consolto Software prices here. After that, you can select a suitable pricing package based on your business needs.

Is Consolto Video Conference Solution for Only Small Teams?

No, this software is for everyone.

Consolto is not only a video conferencing for small business organizations. This software is for small as well as big companies.

Whether you have a small consulting business or a big B2B company, you can use this solution to provide a better customer experience.

So, to improve your revenue and sales, you must first focus on your customers' needs. For that, you must open a free communication line with them.

That's it for now! Get the best video conferencing solution and provide a phenomenal experience to your customers.

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