Increase Productivity with Video Conferencing Solutions for Business
Increase Productivity with Video Conferencing Solutions for Business


The right technology is one of your organization's key drivers of success. Communication issues can derail business relationships and cause major problems in the workplace.

Video conferencing technology offers countless opportunities to businesses. Today, the market is filled with several communication solutions. Each of them fulfills a distinct business need. 

You can engage remote workers across various locations. You can manage suppliers or collaborate across several departments. All that and more can be made possible with video conferencing. It is both cost-effective and efficient. 

You would like to invest in the best video conferencing solutions for business. Read on to know how this can increase your business productivity. 

What Can You Expect From Video Conferencing Solutions for Business?

Flat man work from home and have online videoconference

Businesses around the world have been adopting the work-from-anywhere lifestyle. Video conferencing technology makes it possible to do more in less time. It empowers your workers to find newer ways to collaborate. 

You can promote a deeper level of engagement between teams. Instant communication removes miscommunication. It helps build long-term working relationships.

 Companies that need secure face-to-face meetings online need high-quality communications. You can use video conferencing solutions for businesses to keep teams connected. This is especially true if your business relies on collaboration with remote workers. 

 This can come in the form of good quality video conferencing software. Your teams can have face-to-face conversations, meetings, and training sessions. This can happen even though they are thousands of kilometers apart.

 This video conferencing software offers an all-in-one communication suite. It includes video meetings, team messaging, and phone call features. Application and file sharing and task management are other added features.

 Organizations across the globe can trust such software. The reliability stems from its efficiency and productivity. This is the reason it is one of the most popular packages on the market today. 

· High-quality audio and video

· Support a vast user base 

· Scalable as the number of people increases

· Performance-oriented with consistency

· Rich functionality

· Customizable 

· Low latency

· Complete API & SDK pack 

· Easily accessible video conferencing platform

· Faster time-to-market

· Cost-effective.

· Supports cloud hosting

· Analytics as a unique feature

 As a business owner, you may want to choose the best video conferencing solution for business. 

This means you need to analyze a super-packed suite of video conferencing software. You also have to ensure that the software suits your video conferencing demands.

 You may deal with any type of business in the market. But, you would like to build connected business relationships irrespective of distance. So, now you are ready for action. 

How a Noteworthy Video Conferencing Solution for Business Improves your Business Productivity


Business executives doing a video conference

The type of business your company does determine the purpose of your communication. Every business wants to maintain effective collaboration with its workers or professionals. 

 Companies can be in various kinds of sectors. They include healthcare, education, media, entertainment, marketing, etc. The best use of business collaborative technology is the ideal deal for productivity. 

All of them need the right video conferencing solution. 

 You may choose a business video conferencing solution that is hosted on the cloud. This could be the right way to make every interaction smooth. An exemplary video conferencing solution has rich communication features. They should be able to adapt to any business or industry.

 You can use video conferencing solutions for business. Here are some convincing ways in which they enhance your business productivity manifold.

1. Removes technical conferencing glitches

Video conferencing can be made available via different applications and tools. There are many solutions available in the market. Each comes with its own distinct features. The primary aim of all these tools is to provide an immersive video experience.

 But, certain pain points get associated with video conferencing. Let us see how the right video conferencing solution can help you. It can effectively remove technical glitches associated with video calls.

Disturbed acoustics

The quality of your video conference's sound is essential for seamless interaction. A good video conferencing tool also knows how to treat an acoustic issue. 

 More than half the sound enters your microphone or ears from reflected sound waves. They are the ones that bounce from the room surfaces. Using that, you can dramatically improve voice clarity in a conference call. 

An efficient tool controls the sounds that bounce around the room. Your video conference participants will immediately hear the difference.

Complex App Login Process

Most video conferencing tools provide different ways to log in to the app and connect a call. The most common way available is dialing in a conference call participant. 

 Some web conferencing solutions make users download an app to join the meeting. The main difficulty with downloads is that they take time. Also, your employees may not have permission to download. They may not be able to install software on company-owned devices. 

 Also, client software updates are a frequent issue for meeting delays.

 Late start times lead to virtual meetings that have less value. It costs executives about 3 hours every week in lost time and productivity. 

 Sometimes, it can delay the conference calls up to 9 minutes. This is crucial to consider when interacting with several business clients in real-time.

 Research by Wundamail shows that pointless video conferences cost businesses a lot. It is more than £1000 per employee each month in wasted time.

 Good video conferencing software helps you start or join a meeting from any browser. This can be from any device. There is no need for any extra software installation. 

 You can now send a meeting code or link to meeting participants to join the meeting. Any guest users need to create or sign in to an existing account to join. Various conferencing apps provide different methods to sign in. 

 The best one will ensure your meeting participants can join in with the minimal loss of time. They can also stay connected properly during the entire call.

2. Resolve information security issues

Businesses use conference calls to collaborate and discuss the information at any time. To start a call, the host sends invite emails to the participant with the bridge number and passcode. The users can forward the mail to anyone. 

 Security is a crucial part of video conferencing. There are certain key elements of security in video conferencing. These security aspects are:

· Pre-Call Settings and Policies

A secure conference call starts with employing all proper settings. This is based on the stated security policies followed by your company.

· Call Data Transmission

 During a video conference, a crucial area of security is data transmission. This is because the data travels over various public and private networks to reach its user. So, a secure conference call is always encrypted using the latest security protocols.

· Post-Call Archiving 

Call information can be about a list of attendees, shared content, or polls. This information is sensitive, and its storage should be secure. Video conferences are often archived for later use. 

 Efficient video conferencing software provides all these three features. It uses them to the best of its ability to make the calls more reliable.

3. Maximize remote team productivity 

 Businesses rely on their remote teams for effective communication. This forms the foundation of productive teamwork. It also helps make an excellent team connection. 

 Both too much and too little communication across channels can be destructive. Efficient video conferencing tools help your business strike the right balance. You can streamline your communication to create a productive remote team environment.

Streamline team communication

People process visual information more quickly than text and audio. With a video conferencing meeting, the users can keep more information. They can understand it more effectively with video conferencing. 

You can do this by decreasing the number of channels your teams use for communication. This means there is no need to use several business chat apps. You can choose one tool that combines various chat features for multiple teams. 

Restructure your communication policy

Companies can design or redesign their communication policies. They should be in sync with your company’s remote work setting. You can also fix the channels, goals, and the number of times communication should happen. 

Your communication policy should also allow the keeping of call information records. You should also update all team members on these policy guidelines. 

4. Effective Time Management 

Video conferencing solutions for business improve the productivity of your business. They allow remote teams to take back control of time. This can be in many ways. 

This is especially important when remote workers lose track of time. This disturbs their focus, productivity, and general time management. 

There are various ways to improve the productivity of your remote teams.

Use time management techniques. 

Poor time management can cause missed deadlines, overwork, or burnout. You can arrange and organize workshops at your office. The main aim is to offer actionable tips and best practices for time management. Your employees can use them to get the best results.

 You can encourage your team members to use various time management techniques. For example, you can use a website blocker. This will make video calls more effective. It will prevent idling towards sites during a video call. 

Maximize the most productive hours

You can make your employees learn how to increase their most productive hours. For example, your organization may follow a flexible work schedule. 

In that case, you can track their peak productivity time of the day. You can record those times and accordingly divide their tasks. 

A phone usage tracker can also be used to monitor the phone time of workers. Time tracker apps and calendars can also be used to manage time.

Communicate priorities

You can use video conferencing to communicate effectively with your teams. For this, you need to set some priorities. Clearly define the work priorities related to the video conferencing system. Let your team members know about them. 

This will help your teams plan and deliver the expected output on time. For example:

 · Set the meeting agenda before the call

· Ensure internet connectivity is proper

· Ensure all participants are familiar with video conferencing features

· Consider different time zones in countries

· Select the right place to conduct a video call

· Get rid of any room distractions such as other devices or obstacles 

· Restrict use of mobiles and multitasking during the call


You can then conduct the call as per guidelines. You can encourage your team members to create daily, weekly, or monthly call summaries. Clear notes and follow-ups help build accountability in your team. This will help them keep their focus on the call outcomes.

5. Simplify collaboration

Video conferencing solutions for business can bring change to your workplace. This can be in very significant ways. One such way is by simplifying collaboration among employees and clients.

Effective collaboration among remote workers is one of the key priorities for companies. It helps keep up their productivity in a positive stream. 

You may think that you need more tools and strategies to maintain connections between people. But, the real-world scenario is much simpler.

In such cases, you can simply opt for a single online collaboration platform. A good video conferencing solution can offer you a complete package. This may include communication calls, goal setting, deadlines, progress tracking, or appointment scheduling. 

 Such software can include integration with various communication platforms. These platforms offer various tools. They can be an email account management tool or a simple leave tracker. 

 Getting high productivity levels for your workers could be your business goal. For this, you need to watch all the potential time-wasters. These can be in the form of repetitive, mundane tasks. The simplest way starts with optimizing your video conferencing calls.

For instance, good video conferencing software can automate multiple operations seamlessly. You can also invest in different software tools. They can help your team enhance communication and efficiency. 

Experience Consolto’s Video Conferencing Solution for Business

Colleagues having a video conference during the coronavirus pandemic

Consolto offers your business a video call solution to businesses. You start successful meetings with your clients or customers with it. You can use the Consolto plug-in on your website and video chat from your website.

The video chat feature from Consolto is simple yet hassle-free. It comes with an all-in-one video chat solution that helps you consult online. You can use it to expand your customer base. Start using it to deliver remote services effectively.

 You can use Consolto’s video chat feature to show off your products in live demonstrations. You will also find mobile support for video and live chat. This means you can kick off video chats with your customers anytime on their mobile phones.

 Learn more about how to save money with video conferencing for business.

Wrapping up

Video conferencing is indeed the most desirable technology in use these days. The benefits are many, and it is easy to use and implement. 

Take a step ahead with Consolto to increase your business productivity. Book a consultation today!

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