September 27, 2022

6 Best Video Conferencing Tools for Business Organizations in 2023

Remote work is now the new normal. The State of Remote Work 2021 report stated that 55% of employees work more hours remotely than in the office. 

But, remote work is impossible without the right tools. Businesses need several tools to work in remote work setups. But, video conferencing tools for business organizations are vital for running their remote operations. 

Video conferencing tools help businesses to communicate with their employees and customers. It helps to remove physical barriers and align team operations.

Video calling software allows to improve customer experience and engage team members. It makes remote work smoother. 

But, for all that, you must first get the best video conferencing tools for your business.

And that is the tricky part. That is because many great video conferencing software for businesses are available in the market. 

So, to assist you, we have listed the best 6 video conferencing tools for business in 2023. Let’s choose the best video conferencing software.

How to Select Video Conferencing Tools for Business?

Video conferencing for business is different than personal video calling. Making a personal video call is simpler than connecting your entire team with video conferencing software.

Moreover, businesses need to connect with new customers in real-time. This is something that most video conferencing tools fail to provide.

Thus, you need to focus on some specific points when looking for video conferencing tools for business. Such as:

Define your requirements 

First, you must define why you are getting video conferencing software. 

Do you want to improve team communication flow? Do you want to provide a live video chat feature to your customers? Or do you want both features in a tool?

Once you know your needs for video calling software, you can better find a suitable solution. 

Suppose you want video calling software to improve customer experience. In that case, you need software to interact with your customers from your business website. 

Make a budget 

The video calling software market is huge. There are both free and paid tools available in the market.

So, before looking for the right business tools, create your budget. This way, you can find a suitable video conferencing solution without putting too much pressure on your financial resources.

Simple user interface 

Always select video calling software with a simple and easy-to-use interface. If your software is difficult to use, your team members can face issues.

Also, you must provide training and a demo to your team before using the complex software. It is an additional expense for your business.

Thus, get software with a user-supporting interface. Look for a visual and easy-to-navigate system in your software.

The best strategy here is to get a demo session for your team before getting the software. This can help you understand whether your team members can work around a new tool or not.

Customer support 

No matter how simple video calling software you get, issues can occur in your software at any time.

Thus, ensure that the video calling software vendor provides real-time customer support. Always select the vendor that offers several options to get customer support, like email, phone call, or chat.

You must check the vendor's policy on customer support before buying the software. Further, you can check past customer reviews and testimonials to know more about the vendor’s customer support services. 

6 Best Video Conferencing Tools for Business in 2023

The video conferencing market size is growing every day. According to a report, the video conferencing market size will touch $22.5 billion by 2026. 

In this huge market space, a few software is useful for businesses to make video calls. Most video calling tools are ideal for personal use only. 

But this doesn’t mean that businesses have no video calling software available. So we did some research and found these video conferencing tools for business perfect:

1. Consolto

Consolto is the best video conferencing tool for business-customer conversations. It is a simple platform to connect with your customers.


Alt text: Consolto video conferencing tool 

It is not a simple video calling software. Instead, Consolto has a widget that you can install on your website. After that, your customers just have to press a button to conduct a video call with your sales, support or consulting teams.

You don’t need any other business management software with Consolto. This software has mini CRM, appointment scheduling software, and many other features.

The main objective of this software is to reduce business automation stress. This tool allows you to book appointments, live via video chat, and do much more. 

You can store your customer database within the platform. No need to maintain an Excel sheet or get cloud storage. 

The software enables you to reduce the sales cycle. You can complete a customer journey faster with personalized video calling solutions.

Moreover, it is super simple to use. Even your non-technical team members can work around Consolto without any hassle.

If you want to improve team collaboration and provide a better experience to your customers, book a free demo session with the Consolto team today.

Key Features 

  • Built-in 2-way scheduling (similar to Calendly + Zoom's meetings)
  • Built-in live-messaging that's saved on the customer-profile.
  • Document and image transfer, audio messages.
  • Screen sharing to better sell your products and services.
  • Smooth integration with third-party software like PayPal, Zapier, etc. 
  • Share ClickNTalk links with clients and partners for instant communication. 
  • Receive payments within the software.
  • Call recording and storage on the customer profile itself. 
  • Built-in contact forms to receive feedback from your customers.


  • All-in-one live chat, conferencing and appointment scheduling.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple interface.
  • A 7-day free trial.
  • No downloading is required.


  • Good for businesses only. 

Price: A 7-day free trial. Smart plan for $8.2 per seat/month. Clever plan for $16.4 per seat/month. Genius plan for $32 per seat/month. The Enterprise plan is customizable. 

2. Zoom

If you are looking for a broad video conferencing solution that is not dedicated to business-customer communication, then you should try Zoom. It is a free tool for basic video calling features.


It lets you share a screen with participants. You can also record meeting sessions to view later on.

You can also use polls, chat, and other fun elements to engage with your video calling participants. But, when it comes to interacting with your customers in real-time, this software has some limitations.

To make a Zoom call, you have to first create a link and share it with the participants. Moreover, participants need to add a password, and only then they can log in.

It is a long process for a customer who wants quick information from a sales agent. Besides this, Zoom has no call recording or live chat feature.

Also, the free version only allows you to have a call for up to 45 minutes. It can ruin your sales call flow when you have to reconnect with your customers after every 45 minutes.

Key Features 

  • Meeting management
  • Hand raising
  • Attendance management
  • Polls and live chat
  • Screen sharing 
  • Video chat
  • Mobile support


  • Good audio quality.
  • Works on mobile devices.
  • Good for personal calling.


  • The software updates are troublesome.
  • Video quality is sometimes bad.
  • The free version has limitations.

Price: Free forever. Pro plan for $14.99/month/host. Business plan for $19.99/month/host (min 10 hosts). Enterprise plan for $19.99/month/host (min 100 hosts).

3. Google Meet

For G Suite users, Google Meet is a great video calling solution. It is a cheap solution for small teams. If you are not interested in call recording or storing, this software can connect with 100 participants for free.


Right from your Gmail account, you can schedule meetings and participate in them. The app also integrates with much third-party software. You can also customize the tool using the app's script.

Moreover, you can enjoy smooth integration with Google Drive to store your call recordings. There is also a speech-to-text feature, which helps you conduct calls in noisy backgrounds.

But, Google Meet lacks to personalize user experience or connection with non-Gmail users. Also, it only supports up to 250 members. So, if you plan to host webinars or big team meetings, this is not your tool. 

Key Features 

  • Electronic hand raising
  • Attending management
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing
  • Video conferencing
  • Call recording
  • Scheduling
  • Real-time chat
  • Speech to text


  • Great for Gmail users. 
  • Easy to use.
  • Good for team collaboration.


  • Only support up to 250 members.
  • The free version doesn’t allow call recording or storing.

Price: A 14-day free trial. Free up to 100 participants. Premium plans start from $5 per month per user.

4. Bluejeans 

Verizon has created Bluejeans for business video conferencing. This software comes with artificial intelligence and voice recognition technologies. It enables you to take audio notes during video meetings.


There are also many fun features to keep your conversation engaging. It has polls, Q&A, chat, and screen sharing. 

Bluejeans also integrate with several productivity, scheduling, and other business tools. You can have secure communication with this software.

But, this software doesn’t offer file sharing, which is important during business video calls. Moreover, call recording is only available for paid users for up to 25 hours.

Key Features 

  • Screen sharing
  • Analytics
  • Real-time chat
  • Online voice transmission 
  • Two-way communication


  • Excellent video quality. 
  • Simple interface. 
  • Good customer service. 


  • Bad integration with landline phone systems. 
  • Glitchy interface. 

Price: Starts at $13.99 per host/month for up to 75 participants 

5. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is an excellent video conferencing software for small businesses. The Smart Meeting Assistant transcription is a nice feature. It can automate transcripts so you can take notes and share them with your team members.


You can record your calls on your system or on cloud servers. The software integrates with Google Calendar and Chrome for easy communication.

Overall, the video and audio quality are nice with this software. The only problem with GoToMeeting is it requires a stable data connection. 

You cannot get good video quality on a poor internet connection. Moreover, mobile support can cause trouble with a poor network connection. Plus, the transcribe feature is only available on the premium version. 

Key Features 

  • Video conferencing
  • Call conferencing
  • Chat history
  • Screen sharing
  • Online transmission
  • Mobile support
  • Call routing 
  • Notes


  • Good for hosting webinars.
  • Easy call recording.
  • Simple user interface
  • Good customer support system.


  • Some system glitches.
  • The mobile app often crashes. 

Price: Professional plan for $14 per organizer/month (150 participants). Business plan for $19 per organizer/month (250 participants). Enterprise is customizable.

6. Skype 

Skype is another free video conferencing software for teams with tight budgets. It is a free solution that allows you to call anywhere worldwide.


You can call your team members for free with this software. It supports both audio and video calls. You can also use Skype on your mobile phone.

Skype allows you to connect with 50 team members and share your screen with them. But Skype performance is based on your data bandwidth. So if your network is slow, you might face audio or video issues with Skype.

Plus, the software doesn’t offer call recording. It is a good solution for small team collaborations. But, when it comes to connecting with customers and making sales offers, Skype has limitations there.

Key Features 

  • Screen sharing 
  • One-to-one messages
  • Video conferencing 
  • Chat history 
  • Real-time chat
  • Contact management 


  • Simple to use. 
  • Free.  


  • Connectivity issues. 
  • Not suitable for business calls. 

Price: Free 

Have You Selected Your Video Conferencing Tools for Business?

There you go, people! You have explored the best 6 video conferencing tools for business.

All the discussed tools have some plus and negative points. For example, Skype is suitable for personal interactions. Google Meet for scheduled calls. 

But, if you want a complete video conferencing solution for business, go for Consolto. The reason? 

The software is useful for improving customer experience. Businesses can use the software on their websites and connect with their customers in real time.

Moreover, Consolto has a simple user interface that sales agents can manage without hassle.

So, you can try a 7-day free trial today or book a free demo session with our team to better understand the software.

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