Virtual Events
Virtual Events


Virtual Is the New Black

New types of events have already sprung up to replace what was considered unreplaceable. Advanced remote communication technologies are enabling remote gatherings, something that was almost unimaginable only last year. Suddenly, hundreds and even thousands of total strangers are meeting virtually to learn, network and discuss shared interests. Remotely-held events like webinars, video conferences and virtual events are filling the huge gap left in the wake of the near total ban on large-scale events. 

The Different Types of Virtual Events

Webinars are similar to seminars or other types of courses, with one slight exception -- they are by definition given remotely, over the internet. While they were around before Covid-19, the pandemic has pushed them to the front lines of education, marketing and sales. These  highly focused web conferences most often take place live, although they are usually recorded and made available for download. Users can interact with each other, and with those giving the webinar. Other advanced options include screen sharing and polls. Webinars are great for one-time events where you don’t know your audience personally. 

Like webinars, video conferencing leverages remote video communication technology to enable people to easily interact with each other, from anywhere in the world. It is the primary remote working tool that is keeping companies around the world productive during these trying times. Users just need an internet connection and to be on the same software to start video conferencing. Common features include the option to mute the microphone, turn video on/off and in-conference chat. Video conferences are the right solution for team and one-on-one meetings where you know the email of everyone you want to invite. 

Consolto’s Solution for Virtual Events
Consolto’s Solution for Virtual Events 

Virtual events are the new kid on the block. They’ve come to age during the last year as a way for large-scale gatherings to take place remotely. They use video communication that’s similar to what’s used for webinars, and video conferencing. The main difference being that the software needs to support many, many more participants and multiple sessions sometimes happening simultaneously. They support event formats that can last several days, with multiple sessions, panels and workshops grouped around the same theme. More advanced virtual event platforms enable data centralization, host branding, recording, support for multiple, simultaneous sessions and more.

Consolto’s Solution for Virtual Events 

Virtual events are bigger and have much more activities when compared to the other types of video conferencing solutions mentioned above. Beyond the workshops, seminars and keynote speakers, virtual events are filled with brands and vendors trying to promote their products and services to the event’s audience. These brands are usually set up in booths or stands that are spread out throughout the hall where the event takes place.

In most cases, the companies that participate in the events are promoting services and products that are highly relevant to the theme of the event. In this manner, one of the main value-drivers of events is the networking and lead generation take place at the brand booths over the course of the event itself. Many lucrative deals are signed at the booths or at the hotels that cater to the events’ audience. For this reason, events are considered a major marketing and sales channel. 

Consolto’s robust platform for video conferences offers virtual event organizers a simple, effective solution for handling the critical 1-on-1 meetings that take place at events. This year has already seen Consolto’s solution used at multiple virtual events around the world, in places like Portugal, Greece and Israel to name just a few.

Consolto’s solution is extremely simple to install -- just one line of code -- and doesn’t require any downloads to work. Interaction is kicked off at the click of a button, without the need for any username or password to connect. This value proposition is perfect for virtual event organizers looking for a virtual conferencing solution to allow simple, fast communication with brand booths. 

The Consolto virtual event solution is available as a personal page wherein a click on the virtual booth leads to a dedicated page featuring multiple options for communications. The second deployment option is the widget. In this format, a click on the virtual booth opens up a video chat widget that offers users different communication options to kickoff instant interactions with the booth attendees. Consolto’s solution is completely white-labeled, so booths can add their brand and messaging to the widget or personal page to promote awareness.

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