Why is Personalized Customer Service important for your business
Why is Personalized Customer Service important for your business


What is Personalized Customer Service?

A method that allows you to tailor your connection with each customer. The approach here is to fulfill each individual customer's goal and needs. Personalization adds a human touch sometimes during direct interaction or by sending messages.

For example - a grocer reminds you about the availability of a product that was out of stock when you last visited. Simple services like this are personalization.

According to a study, personalized customer service keeps stress at bay. Some also feel that they are valuable customers to the business.

Personalized services should be the bottom line of any business. It is helpful to the well-being of your clients, who may become repeat customers.

In a recent report by Zendesk. 81% of customers say a positive experience increases their chance to repeat purchases.

What is the need for a personalized customer experience?

Personalized customer service is more than doing a nice thing for your consumers. When done right, it may be what sets you apart from your competition.

Below are some of the positive results to achieve personalized customer service:

Improved customer relationships

Every service is built on relationships and trust. It conveys to customers that you care for them and from their interaction with your business.

Increase in customer retention

Customer loyalty should be the primary goal of every firm. Repeat consumers spend more and visit more than first-time visitors.


A repeat customer does business with you because your product or service offers value to their lives. As a result, customers feel satisfied and cared for.

Increased Sales

Customers are more like to buy from a business that provides relevant material. Some claim that they have purchased something more expensive than expected. All because of personalized experiences offered to them.

Boost Conversions

To increase conversions through personalization, always keep the customer in mind. Focus on minute details of a customer’s experience to impact their buying decisions.

Personalization influences conversions. Below is the proof:

93 percent of organizations saw conversion by personalizing SEM.

(Search engine marketing)

Data for the future

In personalization, you have to collect customer data and analyze it. The most effective way to collect data is by tracking user behavior and purchase history. These will help you identify trends and adjust services likewise.

With these advantages, individualized customer service is here to stay. In fact, it is soon becoming the norm. Businesses that execute it stands to benefit the most.

7 Easy ways to provide a personalized customer service

Here, we will learn how to make personalization a part of your customer support strategy

Interact with customers by their name

Addressing customers by their name is an important strategy of client service. Though this may seem obvious, there are many companies that don't follow this approach.

Every time you interact with a consumer, refer to them by name. Regardless of whether customers contact you by phone, live chat, or email. Customizing your response always pays off.

"Remember that a person's name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

- Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

Other ways to humanize customer service support includes

1) Employing empathy in customer support conversations.

2) Making the customer conversations feel exclusive and natural.

3) Letting the customer define their success.

Train your customer support

Training helps to improve customer satisfaction and an edge over the competitors. In turn, a happy customer becomes a loyal brand ambassador.

Use multichannel to offer customer service

In this digital era, customers expect brands to offer omnichannel services. 

    Source: Zendesk

Know your client's history across all channels. This is a key component of personalization in customer service. Having a system in place to resolve reoccurring issues, not only provide context for the agent but also helps to fix the issue quicker.

Pro tip:

CRM Software such as Consolto lets you manage client contact. It allows you to centralize interaction and gain more data about your customers.

When your customer support agent has access to all contexts. It is easier for them to drive customized conversations.

Collect and use data

Most businesses are realizing the value of data and analytics management in business. Neglecting customer data will result in an inefficient grasp of the client's journey.

Inquire about your consumers' experiences with your organization. Identify their pain points, likes, and dislikes. Use this data to make changes to internal processes, training tactics, and more.

Data from customer feedback can help to correct bad experiences in real-time.

Source: Hubspot


For example, if a consumer gives you a negative rating on a survey, reach out to them soon away to find out what went wrong.

Another option to collect consumer data is to use technology. Consolto Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, to track user activity and buying history.

Use technology to your advantage

It is critical to use innovative technologies in personalization. According to reports, businesses have embraced technology. The use of algorithmic customization has increased from 26% in 2018 to 46% in 2020. Using resources such as chatbots allows technology to do the manual work. By providing agents, with more time and flexibility to handle complex jobs.

Technology will not only free up human resources but allows the support team to build a rapport with customers.

Provide choices and go extra mile for customers

Make sure you deliver proactive customer support to stand out from the crowd. Assist your customers even when they aren't asking for help. Give recommendations and options to choose what is best for them.

Example- Offer product options for B2C and pricing options for B2B customers.

However, make sure that there aren't so many options that customers can't decide. As Accenture rightly points out, “The endless aisle sounds great until you are the one having to walk down it.”

Respect privacy

Personalized customer service is only workable if customers share their information with you. Despite privacy concerns. 83 percent of customers share their data for a personalized experience. 

Which is good news!

But, Customers expect transparency and will not tolerate data use without their permission.

Example - A pop-up window will help to inform users about terms and conditions and data collected.

What Are the Primary Advantages of Personalized Customer Service?

There are many advantages to incorporating personalized customer service into CRM. (Customer relationship management).  

It is helpful not only to the well-being of your clients. but for repeat customers and also to the bottom line of your organization.

Benefits for Customer

  • Adds more depth to conversation and increases trust and satisfaction with the brand.
  • Investigating the problem and developing a solution can have an effective impact.
  • When customers contact agents, they expect service to be quick and reliable.

Benefits for Business

  • Brands can witness ROI with personalization.
  • 93% of customers will be repeat buyers with customer support service.
  • Increases brand loyalty. Customers feel their issues are heard and resolved during service.
  • Using Analytics to predict the future result of repeated buyers.

Common mistakes in customer service personalization


Customer experiences that are excellent allow buyers to continue from where they left. It is critical to have an omnichannel approach in the current hour. Lack of personalization and continuity from one channel to the next causes friction in the customer journey.

Lack of Individualization

Personalization is basic messages sent to all customers at once. Individualization is adapting to the needs of the person.

Even as you get more specific, customers who share varied criteria are not the same. It is important to personalize. Besides, you shouldn't forget to speak with each individual.


Businesses are bombarding customers with real-time customization. Depending on a customer's location and previous purchases. Sometimes this could be a haunting experience.

For example, As you enter the dressing room of a shop, imagine the attendant knowing your name. Would you be okay with trying on garments in the back room? We have our doubts!

Too much personalization

If you are investing in personalization, do make sure you have the necessary content. Make the experiences of your consumers relevant. To start with, do a content audit. Most likely, a range of assets exists for various industries, personas, stages of the sales cycle, and so on. Make sure to segment the list to show it to the right people at right time.

Personalization that is Incorrect

Sometimes personalization attempted by businesses can lead to incorrect results. For example, a buyer's intent may have shifted from earlier visits. Thus, showing someone something they liked last week is pointless.

 How to Provide personalized customer service with Consolto

At Consolto, we make customer service better with our multi-channel CRM platform. It includes every tool you need to delight your customers like never before.

This solution enables your team to provide individualized services. Without becoming weighed down by the volume of customer queries.

Personalization and using Consolto software, improve your lead nurturing process. How? Let's take a look!

Lead nurturing is a terrific way to get more clients for your company. How can you succeed at this?

You may provide a great experience to your leads by using our live video chat service. Interacting with your customers in a more personalized manner. And engage and connect with your leads in real-time.

Re-engage customers and get them into the sales funnel.

Some potential prospects in your sales funnel are stuck and need a push to take action.

In reality, re-engaging inactive leads is pretty tough. Capturing leads who have expressed interest in your product/service is easy.

Download the analytics-enabled Consolto Mobile App. Here, you can use the inactive leads' conversation history to check on their interests and reengage them to take action.

This data assists in the creation of a database for use as a reference. Thus, developing customized messaging for your personalized approach. Integrate Consolto widget on your website. You may look at your visitors' search history. Also track which pages they usually visit, to learn more about them.

Consolto provides incredible insights into client behavior and signs you couldn't discover before. Knowing who has accessed pages on your website, and who has clicked on links inside emails you've sent. With this information at your disposal. It is simple to customize and send unique content to specific customers.

There are many platforms that can assist businesses in communicating with their clients. Provide customized services with tools that aid in improving sales and support. A good example of one such tool is Consolto.

It offers the following features

  • Handle an unlimited number of messages
  • You can add collaborators to your sales or support teams
  • Statistic data about your communication process
  • The Click N Talk page is for businesses that do not have a website
  • Communication channels such as Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, emails
  • Offers Live Video Chat
  • Personalize your brand with our Custom styling widget
  • Contact form to collect information about your visitor instantaneously
  • Voice Inbox where you can send and receive voice messages from the website.

Final Thoughts

It is impossible to overestimate the value of providing personalized customer service. The days of indifferent phone conversations where everything was business is long gone. Customers today expect excellence and a personal touch at all times.

Providing tailored customer experiences will develop an emotional connection with your customers. It makes the journey more enjoyable and profitable for both you and your customers. It encourages customers to share positive opinions about your business. This helps in earning future clients with whom you may create long term connections.

So, how can you collect data to create individualized consumer interactions?

The answer is by using Consolto. Agents can use this software to store valuable information. This software allows your team to provide the best possible service to your client.

To learn more contact us now! Or subscribe to a 7 day free trial Today!

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