October 18, 2022

Five Reasons Why Video Chat Matters In Customer Service

We live in an era of innovations. Technology has advanced tremendously today. The increase in remote working has seen the rise of on-demand, instant communication.

Customer expectations need quick responses to their queries. Their expectations continue to increase. Video is today a necessary component of the customer service toolset. It applies to all those businesses that want to remain competitive.

Companies understand that their business growth needs building and maintaining quality relationships. Video chat has become popular in business communications. The customer service field is also no exception. 

Ever thought about why video chat matters in customer service? Read on to learn about the importance of video chat in business operations.

Video Chat: Creating Customer Connections

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Customer experience leaders today have expanded video chat for customer service. It has extensive use in education, healthcare, financial services, and retail. They have also included customer support cases. 

Video chat and video conferencing encourage virtual, face-to-face communication. It saves time, boosts productivity, and promotes collaboration. You don’t need to travel constantly to communicate with your clients in real life.

Video-enabled communication with clients can improve business relations. Newer contacts are made in a much easier manner. 

Video for customer support results in a better experience for customers. It offers businesses an edge in providing faster and more effective service delivery. 

Here are some compelling reasons why video chat matters in customer service

#1.Creates a more personal connection with customers

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We cannot overlook the importance of customer service. You need to invest in a strong service team. This keeps your chances higher for improved customer satisfaction. It also reduces churn.

Businesses intensely focus on meeting customer expectations. This is because customer demands are changing at a massive rate. 

They need proactive customer service agents that can offer real-time help. The better the customer experience becomes, the more customers prefer your brand. 

78% of consumers are willing to do business with a company that gives an excellent customer experience even after a mistake. (Salesforce Research).

A survey by Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Big Box shows some interesting facts. It shows that live chat is the preferred customer service channel for shoppers in the age group 18 to 49

Customers can call you or contact you through email or social media. Live chat has become the top preferred support channel. 41% of consumers prefer live chat support over any other channel.

Your team can offer consistently high-quality customer service through live chat. Your service reps can just access a live chat widget on your website to provide chat support. 

With live chat, your customers can reach your reps immediately. They can have a face-to-face interaction with a service rep. It offers a more personalized touch. 69% of the customers prefer interaction with human agents instead of chatbots.

Video chats provide an interactive means to create a personal connection with customers. This feels much better than sending an email to a support team. 

#2. More people need remote support

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Today, more and more businesses have adopted remote work. They are offering remote services. Companies that generally operate face to face have switched to a remote work model. 

Availability of resources is necessary for remote work environments. Companies today operate with groups of workers spread worldwide. Remote teams can work effectively only when they have suitable applications. 

They need fast and reliable internet services and secure and affordable communication tools. Remote working can be made easy through the use of smart devices. Instant messaging and video chat applications add to the impact. 

Virtual workspace has become the new normal today. Hence, handling teams and keeping in touch with co-workers is necessary. Consequently, live chat has been a popular solution for many online businesses. Video conferencing is now a must for every remote workspace.

60% of employees joined online meetings more regularly in video conferencing in 2020 than in 2019. 

Global Market Insights, Inc published a report. It revealed that the video conferencing market revenue would cross USD 50B by 2026. 

Video chats make customer support or IT support easier. In case remote work people need help, they can easily connect with the support team on a video call. 

They can troubleshoot issues that are tough to communicate visually in real life. This means that they can actually show over the video what went wrong.

Video chat offers ease of use and instant replies. This makes business communication more natural. It also keeps a customer service team in one place, making the managing process easier.

#3.Fast resolution of problems

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Customers can contact your company support from any channel. They would prefer to talk to a real person instantly. This is because they can see and identify with such agents. No one wants to wait for an answer via email or connect through live website chat to a support person. 

So, why video chat matters in customer service

The simple answer is that video chats provide an instant connection. You can find an immediate solution to an issue that is bothering you. Moreover, it offers a more personal manner to connect. It makes your customers feel like your agents care about them. 

Your support team can close support tickets faster with video chats. They can handle daily issues, even in bulk.

Around 73% of customers prefer live chat as a satisfactory form of business communication. (Invesp). Similarly, 63% of visitors are likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

Video chats offer faster issue resolution. Customer service reps can diagnose the exact problem via video calls. They can offer quick and effective solutions, improving customer satisfaction.

At times, the customer wants to send in extra information, or your rep needs some more input. They can send it over video chat. Also, video chats help in a real-time exchange of information.

An important customer service metric is AHT, or average handling time of a call or a chat. Video calls help reduce AHT. This is because it increases customer responsiveness. It also reduces the time to address customer queries. The result is a better customer experience delivery.

Your company can provide video chat customer support beyond web-based requests. It will help customers with their questions faster. It also provides lets your company know the pain points of their business. 

Customers will always appreciate connecting with a service agent quickly. It helps them avoid long wait lines on their phone.

More and more check-out processes and self-serving store locations are using video chat. This helps customers to be self-sufficient. 

In the long run, it will lead to fewer employees needed at physical locations. More and more workers can log in from home as remote customer support and service team members. 

#4.Improved work efficiency 

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Companies of all sizes have adopted video chat systems for remote services. Today video conferences and chats have been recognized as a secure connectivity tool. It helps connects customers or partners. 

With video chats, missing in-person meetings from home or the office is no hassle. That is the reason so many companies and organizations have adopted this communication solution.

Here is some data to support the facts.

· 83% of enterprises with more than 250 employees plan to invest in platforms that support video conferencing. ( Commercial Integrator)

· 78% of the big companies consider video conferences part of their communication strategy. (HR Technologist)

· 62% of companies use three or more video calling platforms ( Forbes Insight)

Generally, remote sales can lower the effectiveness of teams. This is because team members cannot communicate in person daily. In such situations, video conferences or chats can be a game-changer. They allow remote customers to take part in face-to-face conversation.

An effective conversation is made up of both verbal and non-verbal signals. 93% of the nonverbal cues can be lost when we communicate via voice-only, text messages, or email.

Video chats provide a personalized experience for customers. This type of direct interaction provides a more personalized service. It also succeeds in keeping the conversation up to the business' standards.

Companies prefer video conferencing tools. This is because they help their business resolve tickets at a faster rate. These companies expect up to 25% less turnover in employees with these tools.

Remote working customer service agents feel that video meetings improve team relationships. They can enable video chat or call as a support option to observe issues in real-time directly. 

Face-to-face video chat improves the speed and efficiency of your customer support. So, it has become one of the critical KPIs for customer service: the FCR or the First Contact Resolution.

#5.Provides a winning customer experience 

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Video chat reduces the number of touch points for your customers. They now have to contact fewer points to get their problem resolved. This is an important step towards providing a better digital customer experience. 

And one more compelling reason why video chat matters in customer service.

You can use a video chat system in your business. This will help your service reps can easily identify the cause of the customer’s problem. They can offer a faster and more effective solution. 

The customer will not need to be transferred to unnecessary departments or channels. This will reduce the number of digital customer touchpoints.

This, in turn, helps your reps successfully manage customer expectations. In turn, they can hope to deliver a great customer experience. 

As a business, you can focus on your high-value customers to video chat agents. They can find a more effective resolution, leading to an excellent customer experience.

This means that with video chat solutions you can:

· Identify issues at the first go and at the first touch point.

· Provide effective solutions as they know the whole issue via visual contact. They can now reach the right solutions to the issue faster.

· Create a long-lasting relationship with a customer by adding a personalized touch.

· Add a touch of personalization as your customers can see your support agents face to face on live video.

· Better emotional connect with your brand on a non-verbal level.

Engaging customers with video chat support brings true efficiency. It improves the effectiveness of customer interactions. It helps your support team to guide customers directly. They will now not need text chat or phone support. 

Thus, video chat is important for customer service and business. It boosts the level of customer engagement. 

Consolto All-in-One Video Chat Solution for Businesses

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Consolto provides an immersive video chat solution for all types of businesses. Find several rich communication features on a unified platform. 

Customers don’t want to repeat the problems they are facing. Also, long calls make agents lose valuable time trying to understand the issue. 

Consolto provides video chat combined with co-browsing. You can have your support agents collaborate with customers. They can now assist them in real-time. This helps engages customers on a personalized note. It also helps deliver a successful virtual, in-person experience.

Consolto offers you all the opportunities to connect with your customers. You can promote face-to-face virtual conversations between your service reps and customers. You can engage with your customers directly from your website. 

Consolto is an all-in-one video chat solution to understand the exact customer needs. It results in providing better solutions. Your agents can collaborate with customers in real-time. 

Customers can guide them to the exact page where they are facing problems. They can assist customers in the right direction. It can be at the time of making a purchase, filling up a form, or resolving a technical issue.

Final Thoughts

As a business, you would like to invest in tools that help you in the long run. Customer service centers worldwide seek tools and applications that can improve customer experience.

Video chat or video conferencing software helps to deliver faster responses. It also reduces the number of support requests significantly. It helps to provide immediate help and is affordable. Contact centers with video can save more on support costs compared to other methods. 

Meet your customer expectations with Consolto and deliver a superior experience.

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