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Easily implement advanced video chat

Just one line of code

Work doesn’t have to be so difficult. Consolto’s live video chat solution offers developers a simple way to add live video chat capabilities to any project. Super simple to install -- just one line of code -- consolto’s solution is completely white-labeled, making it the perfect 3rd party solution for live video chat.

Extend your product offering

Today’s customers expect instant availability and live communication in their digital products. Easily extend your product offering with live video chat capabilities. Join our partners program and start generating revenue for your business from each subscription that you send our way.
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Add an additional revenue stream

We offer our partners generous compensation for the consolto subscriptions they refer to us. Join our partners program and add new revenue streams for your business by sending new subscriptions our way. You can learn more about the benefits of partnering with consolto by filling out the form here.

Win over customers with an innovative brand

Delight your customers with an innovative brand experience by embedding cutting-edge video chat technology within your website so that your customers benefit from smooth, streamlined communication with you and your reps.
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Innovative 2-way Scheduling

Top 3 ways developers use consolto to increase sales and customers' engagement

Increase revenue withVideo chat directly from your website
Offer personalized remote consulting
Add new revenue streamsBy partnering with consolto
Offer personalized remote consulting

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