Consolto Video chat personal page first steps

Before starting, make sure you have a camera and mic on your device. You'll also need access to your website's code. If you would like to embed videochat within your website, refer to the Consolto widget installation blog

Step 1: Login to your Consolto Backoffice and make sure you're availability is set to "Available".

Step 2: On the widget center, click the Personal Page and copy one of the links.

Step 3: Open the link and you'll see your personal page in action. Hit the "Call" button.

Step 4: Answer the call from your Consolto Backoffice and let the magic begin.


Feel free to setup and configure the look&feel of your plugin from the Consolto widget center.

Let us know if you have any other questions on your way to provide powerful video calls to your customers.

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