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First Award From FinancesOnline

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I am Very Glad To Share That We Received The Promising "Rising Star" And "Premium Usability" Awards From FinancesOnline!

It's been a long and tedious process. The re-branding of Consolto I mean. We started almost 10 months ago. Our goal was to improve both our brand and the usability of the videochat software that we produce.  After consulting with our talented designer, I gathered the team and stated: "It's not going to be a quick&dirty one. We're going for the home-run this time".

And BAM!

We were all very excited and intrigued to start working on the fresh new look. Meetings over meetings. Discussions and even more discussions. Change the font size here, the scroll-bar there. Color Pallets, UI, UX, Icon set, look&feel, mood, the weather (we covered everything. I mean e v e r y t h i n g).

After 10 months of iterating over design-architecture-implementation-debugging... we finally made it and launched the New Consolto on October 28th.

There's still much left to do. Our roadmap is full of exciting ventures. But we're proud of the change and looking forwards to hitting the market with this one. After the first month, I can say it was an excellent decision.

FinancesOnline's award is the bounty we got to fuel our next steps.

Join us and simply meet online.

What thrills me most is being engaged in new ventures.. Love my day job. Highly interested in web and mobile initiatives. Have been leading Consolto since inception. Reach out, I'm here.
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