December 1, 2022

6 Best Small Business Video Conferencing Solutions for Freelance Developers in 2023

IT professionals are freelancing more after the pandemic. In fact, most IT companies are now hiring freelancers rather than regular employees. For example, Google has more freelancers than in-house staff. 


So do you also want to become a successful freelance programmer in 2023? 

Then, let’s first explore the best small business video conferencing solutions. The reason?

Video conferencing platforms can enable you to run your virtual workspace. You can meet new clients and share your work with them through this platform. 

Cool right? 

So let’s see the best small business video conferencing solutions to kickstart your freelance journey.  

Who is a Freelance Developer? 

Freelance developers are independent workers. They work with one or more companies on a short-term basis. 

Freelancers are not regular employees. They are not bound to legal or social restrictions like in-house employees. 

Companies hire freelance software engineers for certain projects on an agreed sum. Once the project is done, freelancers are free to move on. 

Most freelance developers work off-site from home or in a cozy cafe. They offer various development services based on their skills and experience. 

Developers use programming languages to create websites, applications, or software. These developers create digital business assets on their client's requests. 

Freelance programmers offer various services. The most common ones are: 

  • A mobile application development 
  • IT infrastructure upgradation support to clients 
  • Develop business websites 
  • Communicate with clients 
  • Building a personal website or portfolio, etc. 

Challenges to Become a Successful Freelance Developer

The global freelance industry is booming at the moment. There are around 1.219 billion freelancers in the world. 



Software development is the leading sector where freelancers are more seen. This industry model is perfect for freelancing. 

It requires a computer system and a stable internet connection to start offering freelance development services. Unfortunately, that’s what most people think. 

But, the reality is counter. Freelance developers must find clients, scale up their skills, and do much more to succeed. 

Here are some common challenges that freelance programmers face daily:

Finding clients 

Finding clients is a crucial job for freelancers. They must promote their services and communicate with potential clients while working with exciting clients. 

Since most freelancers work alone, it can take a toll on them to do so much work on their own. 

On top of it, traveling to meet clients worldwide is impossible for freelancers. They will not get time to work when they travel and network non-stop. 

Thus, they need solutions like video conferencing to conduct virtual meetings. It can save time for freelancers, which they can use to offer the best services to clients. 

Time management 

Freelancers have everything except time. We think 24 hours are not enough for freelancers. They need at least another 24 hours to manage work, clients, and hundreds of other things. 

Freelance developers struggle to find a balance between work-personal life. They struggle to stay available for clients while not losing their personal life. 

So, the solution here is to automate some operations. For instance, you can use appointment scheduling software to book client calls. 

It can reduce your workload in scheduling, setting up, and remembering client meetings. This small thing can make a huge room in freelancers' schedules. 

Managing clients 

When you have one or two clients, things are manageable. But when you have 10 clients in different time zones, that’s chaos. 

You might not remember instructions or feedback shared by clients. The information might get lost in the email threads. 

Thus, freelancers need a mini-CRM platform to manage client information. CRM software can store and organize all client information in a place. 

It enables you to access and share information with various clients at the right time. 

Gain competitive edge 

Today, there is a freelance wave going around the world. Everyone wants to become a freelancer because it offers freedom and independence. 

As a result, the competition bar has been raised in the freelance software development industry. 

So, to survive and grow as a freelancer, you have to gain a competitive edge. You have to offer something special to your potential clients.

For example, you can offer free video consultations to your clients. Add a video calling widget on your site to provide instant support to your clients. 

Another thing you can do is record client consultation sessions or testimonials. Sharing happy clients' videos on your website can help to attract new clients. 

Must’ve Features in the Best Small Business Video Conferencing Solutions for Developers

It is not easy to become a successful freelance developer. But good video conferencing software can help developers here. 

This solution can help to communicate with clients, manage them and gain a competitive edge. But, for all these benefits, you must first find the best small business video conferencing solutions. 

Since freelancers have different requirements than businesses, you must look for certain features in your video conferencing solution. 

For example, a perfect video conferencing solution for freelance programmers must include the following:

Screen sharing 

Screen sharing is a vital feature for remote freelancers. It lets you share your screen with clients and update them in real-time. 

You can also share a screen with clients when they are stuck somewhere. It allows you to collaborate with your client’s in-house team during development. 

Screen sharing can do a wonderful job of targeting new clients. You can better explain your services with live screen sharing. 

Appointment scheduling 

Freelancers must always get a video conferencing solution with an appointment scheduling feature. It can help them to automate the appointment booking system.

They no longer need to book clients' calls in their calendars. Clients can book appointments on their own in the available slot. 

Moreover, ensure to get a dual appointment scheduling system. This helps you book meetings with clients and reschedule per your availability. 

Instant payments

Do you provide IT consultation services? In that case, your video calling software must include a payment integration option. 

It helps you receive instant payment from your clients after providing them with consultation services. It can remove all the work, send invoices, and wait for clients' approval. 

You can receive instant payment after providing your consultation services. It can reduce your workload and maintain your revenue stream. 

File sharing 

The file-sharing feature helps keep your clients in the loop. You can share your progress details and other related documents with clients. 

The clients can share their feedback in audio or plain text formats. It can help you improve your services and build a smooth communication flow with clients.


Freelancers don’t have bosses. So they have no one to guide them when their performance is low. 

Thus, freelancers need video conferencing software with analytical support. It can help them to self-evaluate their performance.

The analytical dashboard can tell them when they are not getting leads. It can guide freelancers to improve their communication skills. 

6 Best Small Business Video Conferencing Solutions for Independent Programmers 

Now that you know what to look for in the best video conferencing solution to support your freelance work. The next important question is where you can find the best small business video conferencing solutions for freelance developers. 

Well, no need to look anywhere else. We have shortlisted the best video conferencing platforms for independent workers and programmers. 

Here you can download these 6 tools to communicate with your clients:

1. Consolto 

Consolto is a simple and affordable video conferencing solution for developers. The program has an attractive interface and powerful features. We have included all the essential features to support freelancers, such as:

Consolto's Video conferencing platform

  • Screen sharing to share your progress with clients and receive instant feedback. 
  • Bi-directional appointment scheduling system for clear communication flow. 
  • Instant video communication support to offer IT consultation services. 
  • Receive payments within the platform from your clients. 
  • Analytical dashboard to review your performance. 
  • ClickNTalk page to send meeting links to individual clients via email. 
  • CRM support to store client data under their profiles. 
  • Send and receive media files, including photos, videos, etc. 
  • 3D-sense help to highlight features 
  • Easy integration with third-party platforms like Zapier, PayPal, etc. 
  • Quick installation on platforms like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc. 
  • Rich communication platform to support freelance developers. 

2. Adobe Connect 

Adobe Connect gives you the real power of virtual reality to grow your freelance business. The tool helps to create and deliver great virtual experiences for a wide range of audiences. It elevates your training, webinars, and meetings to reach beyond your imagination. 


With powerful storyboarding and engagement design capabilities, you can transform how you engage your clients. 

Discover the true power of virtual in reaching audiences of all backgrounds and abilities worldwide.

3. ON24

ON24 is a popular sales and marketing platform for freelancers. This tool uses the latest global technology features to enhance the video calling experience. 

You can host interactive webinars and virtual events to attract more clients. There is also an option to deliver a personalized content experience.


It is a data-rich platform to offer a more humanized experience to your customers. You can also leverage artificial intelligence to provide better support to your customers. 

This tool allows freelance developer teams to grow revenue through various communication channels. 

4. Google Meet

Google Meet is a Google communication software product. It is a component of the G-suite office productivity platform. 

It allows freelancers to connect in general with clients and other people. Users can join meetings from the web or through the Android or iOS app.

It allows you to share your screen to present documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. 


Google Meet supports encryption between all users, making it a safe option for video conferencing. It allows for up to 100 attendees per meeting.

5. UberConference

UberConference is a conferencing system that runs in the cloud. Switch Communication, Inc., a private company in San Francisco, has created it. 


It was released in May 2012 at the Techdisrupt trade show, where it was named the best new app. UberConference is now a visual, audio conferencing system that allows callers to see the avatars of the other participants. 

It offers a free trial as well as a free plan. After that, the monthly price for the business plan is $10. It is appropriate for small and large businesses, SMBs, and freelancers.

6. FreeConference

FreeConference is ideal for freelancers or meetings with five or fewer participants. The company's free service plans include many tools, such as web management, call recording, and calendar integrations. 


Soon after signing up for the website, the user can host online meetings. The app has both paid and free versions. 

The free version contains advertisements, whereas the paid version does not. The app also has excellent customer service and several other useful features.

Parting Note 

Freelancing is the best way to grow in your career. You can learn more when you work with direct clients. 

In general, developers work in the background and have no direct connection with clients. This limits their career growth and professional development. 

So, freelancing is the best option when you want more in your life. With the best small business video conferencing solutions, you can better provide freelancing services. You can connect with clients and build your portfolio. 

All the 6 tools discussed in this post are great for freelance developers. But, to make better connections with clients, Consolto is the best solution. 

It is a simple and easy video conferencing tool. You can install it on your website and start interacting with your customers. 

Our platform gives you a competitive edge and a chance to connect with global customers.

The best part is that we have kept our prices suitable for freelancers. So you can get this software for only $8.2 per month. Also, there is a 7-day free trial. 

For more information, let’s connect today!

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