January 2, 2023

Calendly vs. Consolto: Which Is The Best Scheduling Software for Businesses in 2023?

Scheduling software is one of the critical business processes that can enjoy automation solutions. Every business organization needs dedicated scheduling software to manage staff and client meetings. 

According to a study, around 11 million meetings are hosted daily. So it makes over 2 billion meetings a year. 

To manage that amount of meetings, powerful scheduling software is a must. Today, you can find great scheduling software solutions available for businesses. 

But, when looking for software with a good reputation and credibility, these two names may pop up online: Calendly and Consolto. 

Both appointment scheduling software have some great features and a solid market base. They help businesses manage and conduct meetings without any hassle. 

But, when you need great scheduling software to support your business growth, you need help choosing the best software. 

So, to help our readers, we have compiled a comparison between Calendly vs. Consolto. Our comparison can help you select the best scheduling software for your business in 2023. So, let’s get started.

What is Calendly?


Calendly is a simple and easy-to-use scheduling software specifically designed to help customers book appointments with business agents. It is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses to manage their meetings without hiring secretarial staff. 

Using Calendly, you can save your team's time and generate leads faster. In addition, you let your customers book instant meetings with your team and improve your customer support system. 

With this software, you have to deal with phone calls or emails. Once you create a Calendly profile, you have to define your available slots and share them with the people who want to book appointments. 

Now, your customers can find a suitable slot and book an appointment with you. In addition, the software can import appointment details into your integrated calendar application. 

This way, you can check all the appointments booked for a day or month on your calendar. It can help you better plan your day and organize your business operations. 

The software also sends reminders before the meeting, so you can attend all appointments.

What is Consolto?

Consolto scheduling 

Consolto is an all-in-one customer-meeting solution. As such, it combines appointment scheduling and remote conferencing (video calls, screen sharing, live chat..).

As an appointment scheduling software, it enables sales agents and clients control this scheduling software. In addition, the booking page allows potential customers to book an appointment with available agents. 

On the other hand, agents can see appointment requests on their scheduling dashboards. They can accept or reject the request with one click. 

Once an agent accepts the appointment, it will appear on their calendar. The software has a simple interface like Google Calendar, which makes it easy to analyze all your appointments. 

Furthermore, appointments are color-coded so you can see which ones are confirmed and which are not.

It also has custom contact fields you can optimize according to your meeting. It helps you collect information about your customers before starting the meeting. 

Consolto also has a ClickNTalk page. It allows representatives to create custom meeting links and share them with clients via email. 

Clients only have to click this link to start a video meeting with agents. It saves time and improves customer experience.

Calendly vs. Consolto: Which Scheduling Software Should I Get? 

At the moment, Calendly and Consolto sound like good contenders for Scheduling Software for your business. But, only one software has the qualities to uplift your business growth and manage your client base. 

So, let’s compare both software on different grounds to understand which one is perfect for your business. 

Pricing Plans

Cost is the first thing that pops into your mind while looking for business software. You don’t want to increase your business expenses with the wrong software. 

So, let’s first see the pricing packages of both scheduling software:

Consolto Prices

  • A 7-day free trial for all plans
  • Smart Plan for $8.2 per month/seat, suitable for personal use
  • Clever Plan for $16.4 per month/seat, good for small businesses 
  • Genius Plan for $32 per month/seat, is ideal for large businesses 
  • Enterprise Plan is customizable based on your business needs 

Calendly Prices

  • A forever-free plan with limited features. It doesn't include email reminders or any emails at all.
  • Essential Plan for $8 per month/seat to automate scheduling workflow 
  • Professional Plan for $12 per month/seat for higher customization 
  • Teams Plan for $16 per month/seat to improve team collaboration 
  • If you have a team of 30+ people team, you can customize your scheduling plan

Features Comparison 

Calendly and Consolto are both feature-loaded scheduling software for small and medium-sized businesses. Both software has amazing features to streamline your scheduling process and improve business communication. 

Let’s explore Calendly vs. Consolto features in detail. 

Calendly Features 

calendly features
  • Team scheduling. This software allows your entire team to schedule an appointment. It can send reminders so that everyone on your team can attend meetings on time.
  • Embed. You can embed a Calendly plugin into your website. It can enable clients to book appointments with available agents from your website.
  • Routing forms. You can use these forms to connect information about meeting attendees and your website visitors. It can help to personalize your sales and marketing strategies. 
  • Meeting poll. This feature can help you see the most booked time slots and agents. 
  • Analytics. Premium Calendly allows you to monitor your sales agents and observe your meeting performance. It is a great feature for teams that operate remotely.
  • Payment facility. You can accept payments within the software using PayPal or Stripe integration. 
  • CRM. This software has some customer relationship management software features also. But it is not a complete CRM software, so don’t expect much from it. 

Consolto Features 

Consolto scheduling

  • 2-Way scheduling. Consolto is the only scheduling software with two-way scheduling capabilities. It enables both agents and customers to manage and book appointments. Similar to Calendly, it enables customers to book appointments from your website or custom meetings link. On top of what Calendly provides, in Consolto you and your agents can book appointments with potential customers.
  • Custom forms. You can also add custom contact fields to collect information from meeting attendees and website visitors. All this information gets stored an an in-built CRM software to help sales agents access the correct information on time.
  • Multi-option meeting slots. While booking an appointment, users can provide three-time slots to attendees. Attendees can then select a suitable time slot based on their availability. This feature can save all the time that users waste on finding the perfect meeting slot.
  • Professional Video conferencing - probably the best feature of Consolto is that you get a built-in video conferencing tool. You can schedule an appointment and start a virtual meeting with this software alone. No need to integrate two tools to schedule and host video meetings.
  • Payment integration. Consolto is also integrated with payment getaways. It helps you receive instant payments for booking appointments. This feature is useful if you provide consultation services to your clients like doctors, lawyers, and others. 
  • Mini CRM. Consolto has a mini customer relationship management feature that enables users to store all the information related to a client under its name. It allows sales agents to find relevant information during video meetings to provide personalized solutions to customers. 
  • Plugin. Similar to Calendly, Consolto has a plugin you can embed into any website. In addition to appointment scheduling, this plugin also enables live-chat and instant video meetings. This is a no-show killer!
  • Analytics and statistics. You can also get stats that help you monitor your remote sales operations and calls. The insightful reports can show you how many meetings were attended and missed. 

User Interface 

Talking about the user interface, both software is great in this department. They are well-designed to help non-technical users to find their way around. 

A new user can use both software without any technical knowledge. In addition, Calendly and Consolto are also available in the mobile application format. 

It makes it easy for businesses to schedule appointments anytime and anywhere. In addition, since most sales agents work from home or on the field, it gives them the freedom to manage their appointments at any time. 

However, Calendly has a slight disadvantage in the interface department. You get fewer options to customize your Calendly dashboard according to your business branding. 

On the contrary, Consolto gives you plenty of options to optimize your scheduling software based on your business identity -- you can add your business logo, colors, and other brand elements to customize scheduling software. It can improve your brand image and establish connections with your customers. So, if you want personalized scheduling software, you must go for Consolto. 

Customer Support 

Calendly has numerous tutorials and forums about their software online. But, when it comes to connecting with the Calendly team to address your problems, this might disappoint you.

you can write them a support-request email and wait for a reply. 

It is not possible to receive instant responses from the Calendly team. Instead, you must rely upon online tutorials or other users' experience to fix any problem with your Calendly dashboard. 

On the other hand, Consolto uses its own software for customer support. Consolto provides instant video-calling support to all our customers. You can visit the website and have an instant video call with available agents anytime.

Consolto customer support

If any agent is unavailable at the moment, you can schedule an appointment to a later time. You can also use the live chat and custom contact forms to share your issues with the team. 

Our customers matter the most to us. We are always available to help our customers. Our video conferencing software has screen sharing and 3-D sense features, which enable our team members to help customers in real time.


Calendly Pros

  • It is easy to use and fix appointments using this software. 
  • The free version is great for personal use. 
  • It can integrate with many of the leading calendar applications like Google Calendar, Outlook, etc. 
  • The premium version is excellent for team scheduling for remote and hybrid organizations. 
  • It has a wide price range, suitable for all teams. 

Calendly Cons

  • You need additional software to conduct virtual meetings with Calendly, like Zoom. This alone increases the price of the remote-meeting package.
  • It doesn't include email reminders in the free plan. This feature is basic to reduce no-shows.
  • The customer support system could be more remarkable. 
  • The software sometimes shows glitches. 
  • Rescheduling meetings is painful.
  • Most premium features are expensive and available only on higher plans. 

Consolto Pros

  • It comes with integrated video conferencing software and website live-chat. 
  • Unique 2-way appointment scheduling
  • Multi-option scheduling
  • Easy to use and set up on your website. 
  • It has integrated custom forms. 
  • You can style your Consolto scheduling software based on your business colors and logo. 
  • It is secure and GDPR compliant. 

Consolto Cons 

  • It is designed for customer communication. Not for in-team meetings.

Calendly vs. Consolto: Which Is the Suitable Scheduling Tool? 

Now that you have explored the Calendly vs. Consolto comparison, you must have gotten some idea of the best scheduling tool for your business. Both software have their pros and cons. 

So, it depends upon your business requirements which software is perfect for you. If you want a complete solution to operate remotely, Consolto is the best software for you. 

That is because it is not only a scheduling software. It is also a video conferencing and live chat app with several features. In fact, it's a complete solution to establish a remote office.

You can analyze your sales team operations and generate leads using the software. Moreover, we offer an instant customer support system.

You can contact our team anytime via video or audio calls and text messages. We are also available on mobile applications.

Book a free consultation with our team members anytime to understand how Consolto could help your business grow faster!

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